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    BenQ BL2710PT made a pop sound and distorted image

    The pop was a bad capacitor probably. Most likely in the power supply. I'd send it back while it's new so no hassles.
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    FS:Astro A40 Headset/Roku 3

    PM sent for A40.
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    Dell U2414h

    If you don't mind 1080p max resolution you can go with nVidia GPU but if you want to do more and with Display port you'll need to go AMD. An R290x is killing it these days on triple setups and display ports. My GTX770sc would not do ANY display ports and only HDMI outputs to get my 3 U2414H...
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    780 SLI Surround + 1

    Use this configurer. Might help you but my GTX770 card is not wanting to work on my 3 Dell U2414H Display port Monitors even though the configurer shows it should. I'm using the latest non beta driver. 334.89 WHQL
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    small frame/bezel 24" monitor?

    I bought three of them for my driving sim cockpit. Soon as I get the computer built I'll be powering them up. Hopefully this Sunday. They are VERY thin bezeled. I'm very happy with the look. BTW, these monitors do not have DVI connectors. They are HDMI and Display-port. Also Display-port daisy...
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    ATT Severely Cuts Prices for non-contract family plans

    Well I just signed up and if it works out like I think with my union discount I should be just over $100 total with 2 lines. AND I increased my data by 4gb total. :D
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    Help me understand "De-Lidding" Haswell processors

    Go here and pick several videos to watch. The main thing is make sure you get all the contact cement off both the...
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    i7-4770 + H100I: Something's gotta be wrong...

    You're going to have to delid that chip and get that damn apoxie out of the way so the top can actually make contact with the chip and let the thermal paste work like it is suppose to. That or send the damn thing back for another one.
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    GTX 780 SLI power requirements

    Should be no problem. Most power consumption calculators don't take into account transfer loss of power supply converting AC to Dc so that 544 is actually only 500 at the DC side. Yes, you have plenty of power in the AX850
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    WoT - World Of Tanks - Post your User

    Just started on the 13th of March. Love the game. Would love to platoon up in some in any tier. Teamspeak or Skype. I'm getting better each day even if they can't all be wins! Stats and tanks so far. I have only sold off some Tier 1's, the locus, and the RamII... maybe one or two more I...
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    WTB: GTX 570

    I have two EVGA GeForce GTX 570 1280 MB I bought in 2011. Been running them SLI since. I might be temped to sell one or both to start an upgrade. I still have the boxes and stuff.
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    Auto Racing on a PC. What is accurate?

    Love the PVC setup. Well done! I use to race LFS a lot but have since left the driving sims. Most of my old teammates race in iRacing now and they love it.
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    EA Gifting Free Game to SimCity Players

    This is the one I meant to comment on. Love it. and the chick is smoking hot too!
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    EA Gifting Free Game to SimCity Players

    Love it. Chick is smoking hot too! :D
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    SimCity V (2013) - screens/artwork and information

    Played for 3 or 4 hours last night with no server issues. Played 6 hours on an off-line city and have seen several of the traffic, port, and casino issues mentioned. I hope some future updates will fix the weird stuff. Overall I really like killing the hours playing the game. ;)
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    Ultimate HTPC Build Guide

    I did the build in my signature just over a year ago using Assassin's guide and had NO problems at all getting it up and running smooth. I use it every day for recording shows, downloading movies or just watching TV. ;)
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    NAS & Backup

    Coming soon... March. These should take care of your back-up needs. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO NAS or Local Cloud. There is nothing to it really. ;)
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    My build

    I'm not a pro or anything but a dual Xeon setup would be long lasting and very powerful. Should be some smart people coming on here soon but I usually see the most powerful setup rigs from those into multiple (3+) screen gaming. Gotta add THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!!!
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    Help recommend me a power supply

    This guy has the right idea but I'll add GET THE BEST YOU CAN AFFORD. Bad power will destroy other parts in the computer.
  20. N CORSAIR Professional Series Gold AX1200 $210 after MIR/coupon

    Looks good, been wanting one for the next build. ;) Thanks
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    Time to upgrade my network...

    Early last year I bought a ASUS RT-N56U router. Love it! Works great and a great GUI to setup with. Last fall I bought the same Motorola SB6141 modem to get rid of the cable modem charges. My speeds picked up even though my service is regulated. Now it runs at or just over my max cable provide...
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    Need tablet recommendation from tablet experts

    By all means research the products well but remember that 90% or more of people reviewing a product are generally stupid to real technology and create most of their own problems with new gadgets. I have a Nexus 7 and if a 7 size tablet in Android format is what you like there is NONE better...
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    Logitech finally releases mech kb!

    Had mine a few months now. Works like a champ and feels good too. :D No more double ghosting key punches like the K90
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    LG Optimus G

    I have some for the wife and I on the way thru my works premier discount for AT&T. Handled the one at best buy and it seems real nice and FAST!
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    Asus RT-N56U - new firmware - deummm!

    Mine sure works good on the update I put in after purchasing. That's been a while though. Guess I'll have to give this a try.
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    [Microsoft] Windows 8 for $14.99

    I got my Product Key as soon as my payment was accepted. It's still downloading now.
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    Mechanical Keyboard Suggestion.

    There are a lot of good YouTube videos with reviews on Razer and many other brands. Also some comparison test that feature key clicks and features. Try it you might like it. ;)
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    Minecraft Will Not be Certified for Windows 8

    Ding Ding....we have a winner. Just because it's MS or APPLE even doesn't make it great. Vista sucked as well as Windows ME :p I'll be staying with Win 7 as long as possible as I LIKE what it does and how. That freaking Apple controlling operator crap windows is trying to copy is NOT for me...
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    Get 2nd GTX 570 or single GTX 680?

    My two 570's handle all I can throw at them. I won't be going to 680's but maybe when the 780, or 880 whatevers come out I might move up. That will include more CPU, MB and stuff too though. :D
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    Best Off The Shelf HTPC With Blu-Ray?

    Don't waste your time with the overpriced under componented stuff posted here so far without also checking out this guys stuff. His support before and after the sale is above the rest.
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    Best HTPC Mouse/Keyboard/Remote Thing

    I've had #3 Lenovo N5902 Enhanced Multimedia Remote the for 3 months now. It kicks the others ass....Why? Because at it's size it just WORKS...every time I need it too. ;) OH...I think the newer NON-ball mouse controller is leaps and bounds ahead of something you have to clean to keep working...
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    Using 2 Tuners in WMC

    I got the 3rd cable card from Time Warner in my area, and this includes a Army base, and the tech they sent was a computer geek, ... like most of us, and the install went real smooth. I still have to use my WinTV 2250 to get the channels 1-70 and the new WinTV 2650 for the Digital content...
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    500gb HDD - $59.99

    Shipping is extra but my shipping would have been only $10.50.
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    Comment on my HTPC Build

    Looks like a pretty good build. I went from a larger foot print case like your building (to the one in my signature) to save some room but gave up a lot of versatility better pwr supplies and such. I've kept the old case and will make another HTPC for the wife - kids - living room in...
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    Hook up 2 computers to the same TV?

    If the tv has multiple HDMI inputs you will only have one computer up at a time for viewing but should work with no problem. Maybe if the tv has multiple tv input (PIP) "picture-in-a-picture" capability you can see both computers. I've not heard of that though.
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    GALLERY! Show off your HTPC!

    Hey Ninja, It's pretty sturdy. Got it at wally world and I think it was rated for 60" tv. I have a 55". It's over 50Lbs empty. The metal rails and such are stout. It would take some good rollers for them to last. ;)
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    GALLERY! Show off your HTPC!

    Cell phone pic and I'm a gonna have to spank the wife for letting it get dusty! :D HTPC is on bottom left and specs in my signature.
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    Going to HTPC

    While your at it make the setup of your new HTPC EASY. Spend the $20 here. Also read this thread. My system is at the bottom of page 277. Good info from Zangmonkey. ;)