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  1. OliverQueen

    HEVC/H.265 Encoding

    You ask for advice & get abuse.... This site used to worth visiting for advice when required but seems like since Kyle & majority of the staff left, it turned to crap. Please delete my account Mods.
  2. OliverQueen

    Do you think monitor price reflects Quality?

    Could say the same about all panels BUT you need to remember that a lot of the big brand named panels are just rebadged HiSense or other OEM that supplies the same panels they use in their lower priced own displays to the big brand names who put a premium mark up on the same unit with their badge.
  3. OliverQueen

    HEVC/H.265 Encoding

    I am seriously running low om storage at the moment across my Plex servers. I haven't got funds at moment or in the foreseeable to buy larger drives so looking at converting from H.264 to H.265. I know that both the RTX 2070 & the Intel iGPU of the i7 8700 in my desktop are both very efficient...
  4. OliverQueen

    Windows 10 seriously!

    Couldn't put it any better. Since W10 was released my phone has been a lot quieter than I can ever recall it being! I would have to say that support calls have halved over previous operating systems. Most are not even for problems nowadays but to find where things have been relocated. I haven't...
  5. OliverQueen

    Chieftek is back?

    from memory, i was paying almost £80+VAT for the Antec version at trade in single units & £5 less per unit in 10s. that was with a 300w psu (also from memory). The Cheiftec case wasn't much cheaper if I recall correctly in the UK at the time.
  6. OliverQueen

    Windows 10 BSOD after Windows 7 upgrade, please help

    THIS!!!! No matter how much you hate resetting everything up to how you want it, if it means that you get a machine that works instead of flogging a dead horse for weeks on end & getting nowhere. There are times where you need to bite the bullet & just do what is required. You can back up data...
  7. OliverQueen

    Getting an ATX power supply (24 pin) to run an old MB

    No, you are incorrect (as Grebuloner has also pointed out in the post before mine so it is way more than "2 machines"). I have worked on thousands of Dell machines over the past 30+ years & have seen non-standard PSU pinouts on motherboards ranging from Socket 7 through to S775 boards. I used to...
  8. OliverQueen

    Intel's Plan to beat AMD

    Intel don't need to do anything really to keep afloat as long as they keep providing Apple with processors. The only way Intel would be in any real trouble is if Apple decided to go to AMD for the CPU's - which could happen as the GPU's are generally AMD products in the Pro ranges.
  9. OliverQueen

    Getting an ATX power supply (24 pin) to run an old MB

    Was just about to say that Dell have propitiatory pin outs on most of their PSU's & you are lucky that you didn't blow the motherboard protection diodes! Have seen this happen plenty of times in the past with less knowledgeable staff that thought they could take a non-Dell PSU & install it in to...
  10. OliverQueen

    Windows 10: Why can't I disable Windows Defender?

    Nor do I as it means more money for me sorting them out locally!!!! I use Defender purely because it comes with the OS. I also routinely run Malwarebytes scans as well & nothing is ever detected. Can't remember the last time I had an infection on any of my own machines or seen MWB or Defender...
  11. OliverQueen

    Getting an ATX power supply (24 pin) to run an old MB

    Never had a problem with backwards compatibility back in the day when the 20+4 ATX board connector was launched using it without the additional 4 pin plug connected. I wouldn't have thought it would stop it from firing up with shorting the pins out as you say as done that literally 1000's of...
  12. OliverQueen

    Frag [H]arder RGB 24pin power cable! :)

    Does it have a SATA connector still to power the LED strips ;)
  13. OliverQueen

    Super noob question

    Download the files & copy to a USB Stick. Your TV should have a USB port on the side/back of it & select that as the Source (either on the remote itself or from the Media Player that 99% of "SMART" TV's have in them.
  14. OliverQueen

    Anyone here old enough to understand this ?

    It didn't (66Mhz) but the people the "joke" is aimed at wouldn't realise that (nor probably would the woman in the cartoon). I was using BBC Micro systems at infant school in the late 70's & remember playing Elite on them in the very early 80's. First DOS based PC clone I worked on (physically...
  15. OliverQueen

    PCIe 8X slot Graphics cards

    ok update time. what I ended up doing after giving up with getting the onboard ATI card working with anything other than the Basic Driver, I bought a 8x to 16x connection cable and it still refused to work with a gt640 card I had laying about. Probably not enough power through the socket for it...
  16. OliverQueen

    New build, Ryzen 3600 getting 95.5c max temps

    No it isn't as most of the people that have had the issues are people that have been building systems for more years than most of the users on this forum have been alive! Even after reseating heatsinks & other coolers, the same temperature issues are present. Strange how ALL their other systems...
  17. OliverQueen

    PCIe 8X slot Graphics cards

    The GT620 I will be putting in if I can get a 16x card installed (just want a proper resolution & display!) is a low profile card but have no low profile bracket for it. If I could get away with a solid adaptor to go from 8x to 16x instead of the cabled type, I would simply remove the mounting...
  18. OliverQueen


    Plex & stream it from you machine at home to save storage space on the iPhone. Plays every MKV file I have fine over WiFi or 4G
  19. OliverQueen

    PCIe 8X slot Graphics cards

    Just been up in to the loft to check the slots & the plastic shroud that Dell (it is a PowerEdge 2900) puts around the expansion slots will stop a physical 16x card from being installed without removing most of the other bits to take the shroud off (if it isn't glued on that is knowing Dell &...
  20. OliverQueen

    PCIe 8X slot Graphics cards

    there is nothing behind the slots as it is a server board & a plastic shroud sits around the slots anyway allowing full length cards to be installed if required
  21. OliverQueen

    PCIe 8X slot Graphics cards

    Never heard that before. Are you pulling my leg or being serious?
  22. OliverQueen

    New build, Ryzen 3600 getting 95.5c max temps

    This has to be the tenth or so person I have seen this week across various sites having issues with their Ryzen 3xxx processors hitting 95C under load. Not all these people can be making mounting mistakes & the people have been using a variety of different coolers from the stock Wraith through...
  23. OliverQueen

    PCIe 8X slot Graphics cards

    Thanks to AMD not continuing with drivers for their legacy graphics cards (ES1000), I am stuck with the Basic Display Driver within Windows Server 2012 which is doing my head in having to look at a bland & stretched image on the monitor attached to it!!! I need to find a PCI-e 8X SLOT capable...
  24. OliverQueen

    What is the purpose of chipset drivers?

    Should always be the very first driver installed on a new OS installation & restart the system before installing any other driver. It does make a difference even nowadays to performance & some of the motherboard components are still not autodetected & installed by Windows Update either...
  25. OliverQueen

    If you buy a cheap CD Key...

    I don't ever recall paying for any of the System Builder software!!! I got Office 2000 free of charge from it, as well as Windows 2000, Was nice looking packaging they sent it out in as well. Never paid a subscription either to the System Builder programme.
  26. OliverQueen

    Need HelpDesk software suggestions

    I don't know if they are still around but Virtual Office ( was one that was highly respected a few years back (I used to work for them a long time ago). The parent company Ideal Host will also configure it to suit your requirements including handheld...
  27. OliverQueen

    O365 people, please go vote against MS's planned browser hijack

    Have to admit Edge built on Chromium is growing on me much faster than I anticipated! Actually less resource intensive than actual Chrome. Still don't agree with being forced to use certain Search Engines though. Can't see it happening in Europe though as they tried that with IE back in the day...
  28. OliverQueen

    i9-10900X or i9-9900K

    But the larger capacity NVMe drives are generally faster than smaller NVMe drives due to the way the memory works. You could partition the larger drives in to smaller drives & still get better performance than the smaller drives at less expense& using less PCIe lanes in the process.
  29. OliverQueen

    The "All the Things that Have Gone Wrong During Builds" thread.

    I wouldn't know where to start over the past 30 or so years! One that sticks in my mind was back in the old Socket 7 days with the i430TX chipset. Intel's flagship consumer chipset at the time which supported up to 128MB (yes MegaBytes!) of RAM (4 x SIMM's or 2 x DIMM's on the same board from...
  30. OliverQueen

    Monitor drops HZ after sleep

    For the fan issue, pull the power cable out! The fan will not spin then guaranteed!!!! If it does, KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!! As for the refresh rate issue, I would install the driver you say you have via Device Manager (right click the monitor listed under Monitors, update driver & direct it to...
  31. OliverQueen

    Wrist/palm support rests and cushions - your preference?

    No problems with the height etc. I make sure that my arm are level with the keyboard & wrist rest when my elbows are on the arm rests of the chair. Even if it means propping the keyboard up on something to make it level if the desk I am at is a different height to normal. I haven't needed to buy...
  32. OliverQueen

    Monitor drops HZ after sleep

    Looks like the fan issue is a design "feature"
  33. OliverQueen

    CBS Makes Star Trek: Picard Pilot Free On YouTube 'For a Limited Time'

    It is already "free" on many online sources ;)
  34. OliverQueen

    Take care : for people from EU buying from UK !

    The first two links you supplied are almost 10 years old!!!! Things have changed in that time. The last link does not even start to come in to play until the 31 December 2020 (11 months time!). The only thing that is going to change really once 11pm GMT tonight when Brexit actually happens is...
  35. OliverQueen

    nice 4 bay x86-64 NAS w/ecc ram OMV5

    "2 1gb nics, 4 usb3 ports, 4 3.5 hdd bays, and an internal 2.5 bay with a 256ssd that runs an OS. " As per original post. Shame it would cost too much (& too high risk with the shipping companies) to ship to the UK, as it would be perfect as a Plex server
  36. OliverQueen

    Seriously Microsoft?

    right click the far right end of the "ribbon" & select "Use Simplified Ribbon". Removes the oversize icons on the ribbon. Cannot say I have noticed too much as the resolution I have the 4K monitors set to makes things look smaller than what they usually are even with 150% zoom set in Windows itself.
  37. OliverQueen

    Wrist/palm support rests and cushions - your preference?

    I am more than happy with the ones that came with my Corsair keyboards. They do the job I want them to do and are not uncomfortable nor make your wrists "sweaty" like some of the material covered gel ones can. They can also be wiped "clean" with a multi-surface anti-bacterial wipe unlike the...
  38. OliverQueen

    Is an SSD RAID 0 worth it?

    I bought 2 x 256GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD drives with the intention of RAID-0 them, but found after doing so that there was no point in doing it as there was no difference in performance at all. Boot times were identical as were all real world usage. Benchmarks that I ran obviously showed that the...
  39. OliverQueen

    Linus from Linus Tech to Possibly Retire

    There is only one decent YouTube Tech presenter & that is LYLE (not Kyle) from BitWit. Steve at Gamers Nexus is good at what he does but has the charisma of a brick! LTT is just a complete waste of bandwidth TBH & he just loves to brag about what he has been sent this time to video with storage...
  40. OliverQueen

    WTB: Windows Server Key & W10 Pro key (see inside)

    Thanks all for replying & thanks Blue Fox for resolving my issues. Please close thread Mods.