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  1. greeneye

    Post Your Workstations 2016

    Sure are. Currently really enjoying them for what is considered "entry level" bookshelf speakers.
  2. greeneye

    Post Your Workstations 2016

    How mine is currently setup for this year..
  3. greeneye

    Lindsay Lohan Sues Rockstar Over GTA 5 Likeness
  4. greeneye

    Lindsay Lohan Sues Rockstar Over GTA 5 Likeness

    If i recall you do a side mission for some photographer guy and you chase her on a motorbike while the other guy is taking pictures. She gets arrested and everything and the photographer makes a decent cut out of it, giving you a small sum (i think.. i was too distracted at how lohan it was :P)
  5. greeneye

    Videos Could Be 84% Of Internet Traffic By 2018

    If anything its because of porn! Ha 84% of traffic by 2018.. guess they forgot alot of other factors.. seems like all they did was round up with how many times people use google, go on twitter/facebook & sit on youtube.. or redtube;)
  6. greeneye

    Adjusting color via drivers vs monitor

    Even though this is probably irrelevant to your question.. If I'm using my screen/s I use the OSD to adjust Brightness, Contrast, Other. If it's someone elses screen then I just use the video drivers to adjust those settings. I do find using the drivers better for lightly 'tweaking' any...
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    Google Discloses Its Diversity Record, And It’s Not Good

    "recruit many more minorities in the future" Now he's just being racist.
  8. greeneye

    FBI ‘Grappling’ With Hiring Policy About Smoking Weed

    Pot smokers are mostly just filthy grubs. I don't think the FBI would want them to be working for them either way. If your going to do drugs, at least do something worth dieing for.
  9. greeneye

    Ordered a modular PSU off Ebay, came with no cables.

    If he didn't have a description that had said 'This does not come with cables' or something similar then he most likely shafted you deliberately. I've heard a few eBay stories but this sounds like the typical 'I only got half of what was advertised' so yes, file a complaint. Do it now then later...
  10. greeneye

    blast from the past..3200+

    Had one of those CPU's, first AMD CPU & last I've ever owned. I loved it tbh but the blue team has been demolishing the red team for almost a decade :p
  11. greeneye

    Oculus Grift: Kickstarter As Charity For Venture Capitalists

    I don't get why people are hating on Kickstarter so much. If this is how people are reacting to putting money into something with 0 guarantee then that's your problem, not Kickstarter's. I just think it's more annoying that Facebook (out of all companies..) are going to or at least planning on...
  12. greeneye

    Pole Dancing Robots

    I hope they sound like Stephen Hawking's robot wheelchair voice. But also can't tell if this would confuse people from when they are getting 'aroused' by robots and not the natural human flesh us humans are born with.
  13. greeneye

    Is Corsair Trying To Fool Us?

    Not sure about you guys but I've been setting the memory timings / command rate / frequency & memory voltages for at least a decade and this is how I've always resolved the issue. I've always read & even figured that its up to the motherboard to pick up on what frequency/auto settings that are...
  14. greeneye

    Need some help with high temps on H100i / 3930k

    That shop clearly reamed you hard to troubleshoot a simple heat issue. Anything above 85c+ isn't "Normal", it's more of a 'ohh sh**, maybe I should see if I can improve those temps.. what's causing it too hit soo high". Currently have a Intel 3820 (@ 4Ghz) with a Corsair H100i in a spare rig &...
  15. greeneye

    Post Your Workstations 2014

    Absolutely love it. Big XBMC fan myself and you've made a perfect HTPC catered for XBMC. Also very nice setup.
  16. greeneye

    Newegg finally gets it?

    giggidy that is all...
  17. greeneye

    Gygabyte is selling more than Asus.

    Anything Realtek is shit. I've had more Gigabyte motherboards die on me (Total of 6) then ASUS (0) so I know what I'm sticking with.
  18. greeneye

    Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 Demo

    Played this a few weeks ago. It's a fun time waster but not entirely as accurate as you can get but I suppose your a basic mechanic on the most common/average issues one would encounter with their cars.
  19. greeneye

    The official "clean desktop" club.

    Sure! It's pretty basic though :p Windows 7 Theme - Soft 1.8 Wallpaper - Windows Colored Recycle Bin Icon - Ellegance Icons Enjoy;)
  20. greeneye

    The [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread - Post your 10TB+ systems

    Sorry for the late reply. The Left ones are the first/original Norco SS-500's & the ones on the right are the third version (latest) of the Norco SS-500's. The second & third version have better HDD trays & even mounting system for the drives but the rear 80mm fans are noticeably louder compared...
  21. greeneye

    USB 3.0 PCI cards...has anybody tried the ebay ones?

    The molex/sata power connector helps with USB voltages if all ports are used. Those cheap chinese/hong kong cards generally have fairly generic USB3.0 controllers. So your best bet is too find the best or well known USB3.0 controller card you can find for the price. Nothing wrong in...
  22. greeneye

    The official "clean desktop" club.

    Still barely/no changes too mine for easily over a year.. maybe 2 :p (Desktop resolution is 2560x1600)
  23. greeneye

    Apple Wins Patent For Solar-Powered MacBook

    The idea of letting your laptop get some sunlight is as smart as sitting out in the sun all day naked waiting for melanoma. But instead of giving it cancer you will be killing your components with the heat.
  24. greeneye

    Possible to fix a broken plastic interface on SSD drive?

    Mine did the same thing but with the actual SATA connector side. As to what cyclone3d said, I had tried super glue & a SATA cable.. but that didn't work at all. Now it just sits in the cupboard I'm afraid. I can still use it on somethings like a HDD Dock but I have to make sure its wedged in a...
  25. greeneye

    PS4 Error Corrupting Save Files

    When someone looks up "Sarcasm" in the Dictionary, this will be the definition.
  26. greeneye

    Dell 24" 4K Ultrasharp

    Well when ever I hit up a store locally the person at the counter always asks me a few questions as to why I purchase that item or multiple of them. HDD's & GPU's are the most common for being questioned. Also owning a Dell U3011 the 1600p res on 30" is the perfect combo tbh.
  27. greeneye

    In Win Tou Tempered Glass Case

    I love looking at my own finger prints, this case might be perfect for that!
  28. greeneye

    Dell 24" 4K Ultrasharp

    Pretty much this. Too big of a res for a tiny size screen. Also saying to your local store "Need 3-Way SLI to power my 24" monitor":rolleyes:
  29. greeneye

    Why did AMD introduce a botched solution in the name of 290X

    Rofl, 1+ to this. Just like the many other people in the world I've owned far too many GPU's in my time & I think AMD & Nvidia are doing quite well for performance to price ratio on the latest gen. I've been a dedicated Nvidia person since the 6600 series but I want AMD to do well in their GPU...
  30. greeneye

    Some questions about Seagate 3TB hard drives

    I've had more then 5 ST3000DM001 die on me in the same year (2013). The toshiba DT01ACA300's are better since I started buying them mid last year (2012) and they have been running perfectly fine. I have WD Red's & Toshiba's (DT01ACA300) in RAID5 arrays together on a 9261-8i card and its been...
  31. greeneye

    Some questions about Seagate 3TB hard drives

    Edit: Nvm, found it.. This link does it properly. Can't stand that noise that the Seagates make.
  32. greeneye

    The [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread - Post your 10TB+ systems

    Not as kool as the majority of these setups in here but slowly growing & realizing that once you start you can't stop (expanding your storage that is). The system on the left is my File Server. This stays at home all the time & is now using my old setup I had a few years ago. Current...
  33. greeneye

    Flooding Threatens Thai Hard Drive Production

    Agreed. Been trying pretty hard to not buy anymore drives since I've built a few arrays and they are all doing great. I still think 3/4TB drives are far too high but I suppose there aren't even 5TB's and people will pay higher for better quality/compatible drives & they know this..
  34. greeneye

    Will the push to ultra high res displays kill PC gaming?

    Why would it kill PC Gaming? If it kills PC Gaming then it would definitely slaughter consoles since they use a mid-range GPU that fits the budget for production. I run a Dell U3011 (1600p) and the difference in frames is huge for me but I love the screen resolution and wouldn't ever look...
  35. greeneye

    ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition

    I could have sworn I saw this board (Black Edition) 9 months ago from an announcement.. a bit late if its only getting released Q4 2012... Considering the RIVE is a big pos...
  36. greeneye

    Someone Is Probably Getting Fired Over This Xbox One Video

    Lol if anything the kid works at some store that has this in stock but won't be released till the actual date and decided to take it home for himself to 'test'. Other possible explanation is that the mother/father works @ MS and took a console home to test and possibly thought 'my son would...
  37. greeneye

    Best wireless gaming mouse?

    Been using the Razer Mamba for at least 2 solid years and can't really fault it but I've been through 2-3 of them and out of the 2 they had developed particular sounds when in use. Scroll-wheel & left click both squeak when you use them and it does become annoying. But the precision & battery...
  38. greeneye

    Intel Core i7-3910K LGA2011

    Intel stole that thunder almost a decade ago.
  39. greeneye

    Microsoft Freed Millions Of PC From Criminal Botnet

    Might be useless to you but companies & individual users will be very grateful for there efforts. At least this will be another positive tick in the Microsoft box of the things they helped out with or accomplished. Also Microsoft wouldn't hire every single person to do one role for a new...
  40. greeneye

    Raid reconstruction (expanding) is taking a very long time!

    Nice RAID card, we are the same ;). Your problem sounds like its trying to shuffle the data around alot more. I know the expansion on a RAID6 setup will take a little bit longer since it has 2x drives in Parity. I also wouldn't listen to the estimated time all that much, mine always goes a...