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    Epic Mystery games

    Show of hands on how many of us have gotten free games but have yet to even install them?
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    eBay asking users for their Social Security numbers ahead of rule change by IRS

    Give your SSN to Paypal, Ebay, then Craigslist, Offerup, Mercari, FB marketplace. Im sure they will all keep your info safe....right?
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    Unless things change, first zettaflop systems will need nuclear power, AMD's Su says

    World wants to go electric but can we power it cleanly without nuclear?
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    LG Ultragear 27" OLED 240hz 1440P 27GR95QE-B

    Could it be the fan?
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    LG Ultragear 27" OLED 240hz 1440P 27GR95QE-B

    SWEET! thanks again for your help!!! Its an option for those that might not be able to get the frames @1440p
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    LG Ultragear 27" OLED 240hz 1440P 27GR95QE-B

    Thank you for the response. OUt of curiosity if you wanted to play 1920x1080 does it shrink the screen or stretch it out? I saw an Asus that shrunk from 27" down to 25" with bars around the image just to achieve 1920x1080. I just thought it was a cool feature.
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    LG Ultragear 27" OLED 240hz 1440P 27GR95QE-B

    Has anyone tried HDMI 2.1 cable instead of DP? Watched a review about it so just wanted to get some more opinions on it.
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    Shoes that make you walk 250% Faster

    Cool concept for people in NYC but Id be afraid of trying to stop within 4ft and I roll into an intersection while a car decides to run a red. You would be helpless
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    AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D $299.99

    In case you missed other deals. Same dealer as on Ebay
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    WTB RTX 4090.... worth a try!

    Would that apply to a response or only if you have a for sale thread up? I mean the guy could have just PMed him a price.
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    WTB: Ryzen 5800x3d

    You just missed the $300 deal a few days ago but its $330 right now on ebay
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    Meta threatens to pull news from Facebook in response to Congress bill.

    Facebook should probably pull Facebook and it can go the way of myspace
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    Voice Assistants Dying, Alexa $10 Billion Loss Expected in 2022

    Alexa barely understands anything I ask unless its "turn on lights". I asked for Beastie Boys songs the other day and it kept showing me movies with the word beast in it.
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    LG quietly launches 27" OLED monitor with 240hz refresh rate

    Cant wait for the reviews!
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    LG quietly launches 27" OLED monitor with 240hz refresh rate

    People that use 42 are in it for the immersive experience of single player games so frames and input lag arent their #1 priority. These people mostly suck at FPS games. One size doesnt fit all.
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    LG quietly launches 27" OLED monitor with 240hz refresh rate

    Thats the great thing about choices. You couldnt pay me to play at 4k but 27" 1440p is like a perfect sweet spot.
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    Are you camping out / lining up for an RTX 4080?

    Is this really a question? Only a fool would camp out for one. If it was $800 then hell yeah I probably would.
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    MicroCenter confirms GeForce RTX 4080 US pricing, from $1200 to $1549

    Ive said the 4090 price isnt too crazy given inflation and all but the 4080 price is bonkers. Nvidia smoking that good shit if they think people are gonna pay those prices for a 4080.
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    Facebook Parent Company Meta loses record $230B in one day.

    facebook should go the way of Myspace.....zuck fuckerberg
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    Nvidia has "Unlaunched" the RTX 4080 12GB

    rename it the 4080 bastard edition
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    5800X3D Desktop Replacement

    You probably start most sentences with "back in my day" while yelling at kids for being on your lawn.
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    Wtb 5800x3d

    $375 on Ebay right now in case you cant get one on here
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    WTB: GPU with Waterblock 3080ti/3090/3090ti

    Oh man you have been here since 2009 so you are so much smarter than me..... My point remains and is still factual....sorry you cant comprehend.
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    WTB: GPU with Waterblock 3080ti/3090/3090ti

    The 4090 is priced $100 more than the 3090 was when it launched. People act like its $500 more. Cant wait for the reviews!
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    5800x3D - How can it be tamed?

    5950x will get you more frames than the 5800x3d in bf2042 cause its hungry for GHZ. I think BF4 and BF5 will get a big frame boost from that 3d cache
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    Microcenter: 5950X $499.99

    Price will keep falling and Ill bet you can get a used one on here once the upgrades start.
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    Nvidia : Market Manipulation

    I stopped watching jay and his clickbait videos many months ago. Hes frankly become more and more annoying. Also nvidia is using simple supply and demand which isnt manipulation.....its business 101.
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    5800x3D - How can it be tamed?

    The 5800x3d isnt the end all be all of chips.....some games see a huge boost while others dont. My 5600x gives me those frames in BF 2042 as it doesnt really benefit from the extra cache.
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    AMD to Host Livestream Event to Unveil Next Generation Ryzen Processors August 29th Monday

    That way more than reasonable imo. One of the reasons I got off Intel on my last upgrade was their endless need to change sockets.
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    Team Group 2TB SSD $109

    Now lets get the mx500 down to this price so I can buy 2 :)
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    [DEAD] [H]OT - 5800x3D -$377 + Free shipping.

    You are 100% correct 50% of the time.
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    [DEAD] [H]OT - 5800x3D -$377 + Free shipping.

    New amd chips dropping in a month so I wonder if this will be $349 MSRP.
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    5900x $329

    MC has had em for 399 but in store only.
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    5900x $329

    I really dont want to buy a new CPU, mobo and ddr5 at retail pricing or even higher at launch so I need something to last about 8-12 months and then do a full upgrade.
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    5900x $329

    I want a 5800x3d but this sure is tempting.
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    WTB 5800X3D

    PMs replied
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    WTB 5800X3D

    PM me a price and if you want the 5600x as a partial trade or not thanks