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    Monitor help

    Alright I give up it's time for a LCD. Any recommendations? My current CRT is 21in so I am looking for something bigger. 24in is probably as low as I am willing to go. A 16:10 aspect, fast response time, HDMI (for console use if I ever get around to buying a PS3/360), and component cables will...
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    What game would you like to see revived?

    Star Wars space sims.
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    Crytek: Piracy Ratio Is About 20:1

    IW did bring up piracy actually. They said about 70 percent of the hits their authentication server receives is from pirated copies. It was on one of the developer's blog. I think the headline was "and they wonder why no one makes PC games anymore".
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    Verizon Extends 50/20 Mbps Service To All Customers

    Sigh I wish that Verizon would hurry up. Unfortunately I live in a city so I doubt I will be seeing Fios anytime soon. Also the Fiber NDT (I think that is the name) costs 1.2k. (Current Verizon employee)
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    Valve’s Doug Lombardi On PC Gaming

    I think he is saying if you look at PC gaming worldwide and include everything. (Remember NPD doesn't count certain retailers like Walmart, doesn't count etailers, digital distrobution, subscription fees, and is US only) That the amount of money changing hands matches if not beats out all the...
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    Lame Sauce! No Forced Unleashed for PC

    Their is an N-Gage version???? WTF.
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    Red Alert 3 trailer Looks better then C&C3 on release. However that October release date scares me. 6 months away and still no word of a beta plus this being an EA game. Granted they actually did a good job of supporting C&C3. Each patch was pretty solid granted I...
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    What are your favorite Asian based websites,for buying region free games from ?

    I buy from and also hemiyashop. Hemiya is only for my Japanese PC games.
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    PC games of 08
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    Call of duty 4 Hardcore/realism multiplayer

    Hardcore COD4 has nothing on ETQW, Crysis, and UT3. Still it's good fun. Problem is that it more or less breaks the weapon balance. All of a sudden that MP5 you are using is deadly at long range.
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    PCs Losing Their Relevance in Japan

    The PC industry doesn't really need to worry. However I have heard of this before. I remember reading an article from an Austrlian news site that mentioned that Japanese teenages/kids know about as much about computers and their parents do.
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    Shader Model 3.0 required games?

    Unreal tournament, GOW PC, and Crysis support SM3. Bioshock and R6V is just pure laziness.
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    Is it just me, or does everyone else just not care about realism in games?

    ^^^The only thing stopping realism is the gamers. They don't want realism for the most part. Have you ever been on say the Company of Heroes forums and seen how much they all can't stand realism. Hardware plays a part but gamers want Hollywood realism. I was hoping this topic would be about...
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    3007 help.

    Thanks for the info. Would you recommend the 3007? I am open to more suggestions. I am mainly getting it for the HDCP support.
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    3007 help.

    Alright it was between the 3007 and the 2407 and I am just wondering if Crossfire/SLi supports dual DVI ports?
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    Why You Cant Get iPods at a Discount

    ^^^While you are right about everything else you are dead wrong about the ipod. This applies to cell phones, computers, printer, ipods, etc. It costs Best Buy close to retail price if not retail price on most of these items (since this is about ipods I will use them as an example.) That is...