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    FS: Ryzen 5800X and B550 AORUS PRO AC

    I have a AMD Ryzen 5800X which I used briefly until my 5950X came in. I also have a B550 AORUS PRO AC Motherboard that is 100% new (Newegg Combo) not ever used. Want to sell both for $600 shipped; pretty good deal if you check the pricing on both the items. I have heat...
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    Philips Momentum 328M1R 31.5" 4k 120Hz

    I don't understand a thing you just wrote. What do you mean by this sentence? Anyone else looking forward to this monitor? I have a widescreen; but its only 100Hz, looking to step into 120Hz and HDR; and higher res for productivity work. This new philips seems like the only option and its not...
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    3900x issue

    No thats great to test the undervolting limits; however we're just saying you might not find a traditional floor where the processor stops working; because the CPU is very aware of its power situation and will adjust itself and stretch clocks out if it doesn't have what it needs; doing so...
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    3900x issue

    Keep in mind that zen 2 works a bit differently from what I understand; you might lower voltage and your clocks might look still ok; but your performance will be dropping. This is due to "clock stretchers". Be sure to benchmark as you drop voltage to see when your performance starts to drop off...
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    3900x issue

    That sounds like many other's experiences; although many think that boost voltage is too high; and it is currently being researched by AMD. Are you running a fresh copy of windows? I'll be interested to hear if once you get steam and all of your normal programs running if your chip still drops...
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    3900x issue

    That's reassuring to hear; but do you also agree that there is still definitely an issue? Der Bauer's latest video talks about how ryzen 3000 is incredibly efficient at idle; and can even acheive idle at 0.2 volts; yet at stock settings in windows are seeing high idle frequencies associated with...
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    3900x issue

    Same here on my 3900x & Aorus Master.... I was just going to leave this CPU at stock and just focus on memory overclocking; but it is out of control from a voltage perspective. I've tried all the supposed "fixes", changing cpu volts from auto to "normal" (this did reduce voltage by a tiny bit...
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    Intel Teases Its New Intel Graphics UI

    I might be remembering this wrong; but I remember back circa 2006-2008 or so when Intel ran its mouth about how they would put NVIDIA out of business in graphics with larrabee, decade+ later and they can't even compete. Would be nice if they did though.... GPUs are way too expensive. somewhat of...
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    Tesla Launches $35,000 Standard Model 3

    In addition to Auto Wipers, there is still a physical button to engage wipers (I don't know why everyone continues to report that it doesn't.) It is also context aware, so the second you hit the wiper button, the OSD section shows you wiper speed options. And yes, you can use muscle memory to...
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    Microsoft Launches New Surface Devices

    Surely is.... If you have no need for GPU operations, should be a good performance upgrade from a cpu processing perspective. If you are a user that has an interest in graphically accelerated programs and bought this thinking it the 8th gen i7 graphics would be at least as fast if not faster...
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    Microsoft Launches New Surface Devices

    The issues nobody is talking about: -The i7 in the SP6 no longer includes iris graphics which should result in it being only ~50% as fast as the previous gen for graphics -They no longer include Windows 10 Pro and are only providing "Home" (Why is it the Surface "Pro" then?) -Still no...
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    Valve Is "Very Aware" of Half-Life 3 Jokes, Hints at "More Things" Coming

    Put up or Shut Up is how my BS meter is wired. Don't run your mouth until you have reasonable evidence to support your claim. Same issue I have with Elon Musk lately, despite being a fan of his accomplishments.
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Official Launch Video Leaks Out

    Wow... its like you stepped right out of 2012... Let me guess.. iPhone user that hasn't even held an android phone in 6 years?
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    Alita: Battle Angel Official Trailer

    The eyes actually aren't as creepy as the teaser from a few months ago... they look slightly less bulgy than before and slightly more realistic.
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    Meet The 10 Winners of GoFly Phase I

    I agree with you. I hate to be a skeptic, but a lot of these designs are just bad... 50% look like they won't actually be able to fly; or wont have the stability to make the VTOL transition from lifting off the ground to forward motion. 75% look incredibly dangerous to the rider or at the very...
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    Developer: “There Is Absolutely No Adoption for the Windows Store”

    Good to hear; you can see how microsoft has scared most people away from the store in general so that we don't even realize these options exist... Does it identify somehow when browsing the store if it is a win32 or uwp app?
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    Developer: “There Is Absolutely No Adoption for the Windows Store”

    Windows store should just sell freaking conventional "win32" apps in their store and help people manage their licensing through it. I'd buy programs off of there if it was the "full featured" version, helped me to reinstall it easily on a new computer and give back to the original developers...
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    Elon Musk is Building a Cyborg Dragon

    Since cyborgs are a mix of real life augmented with robotics? Wouldn't a cyborg dragon insinuate that dragons are real?
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    Samsung Gear VR Lens Mod for HTC VIVE

    Good to see you are on hardforum as well. I read your post on reddit when you posted it :). In my video I did mention that removing the screws on the outside was unnecessary, but makes it possible to get at the tabs at a slightly better angle.
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    Samsung Gear VR Lens Mod for HTC VIVE

    Wow! This is me!..... Was casually reading hardocp then saw my own video! Whodathunkit!?
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    How do we give gamers first crack at new cards?

    I always see people complaining about miners; but how come nobody is upset at NVIDIA and AMD themselves? They are the ones who are failing to meet the market demand. Why does it matter who they are selling the product to whether gamers or miners (sometimes they are the same people)? It is those...
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    Facebook on Data Collection: You Agreed To It

    So.... how do I download all my facebook data as a zip file? that sounds interesting... where do I get this?
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    Epic Games and 3Lateral Introduce Digital Andy Serkis

    Anybody else unimpressed? Especially since this wasn't a realtime demo or anything, they ran 3-4 passes to get the data for this, and it still was uncanny as hell. Why aren't his eyes moving? geez.. This is as far as we've gotten from the Nvidia Adrianne demo in 2006? Other than texture...
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    HTC VIVE PRO in Pre-Order

    I have the Vive and the Samsung Odyssey (surface book deal) I love the Samsung Odyssey displays.... (same as vive pro), and love the vive tracking... I wish I could have used the samsung headset with vive controllers... Alas... doesn't work that way. Thus I preordered the Vive Pro (I also am a...
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    Tomb Raider Games Are Getting Free Remasters on Steam

    Same. If it doesn't actually look substantially better, and the only change is a lighting engine... I'd rather just play the original version for nostalgia sake.
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    Traffic Engineers’ Epic Fail

    Why narrow the whole road? can't we use speed bumps anymore? Agreed there is probably a design issue with this road, but couldn't it be solved by a few speed-bumps and an active speed sign that tells you the speed you are going? don't need to tear up the whole area and limit side road parking...
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    Robots Keep the Homeless Away in San Francisco

    Wow, I'm flabbergasted that so many people here don't seem to understand the appropriate response to panhandlers and the homeless. You should almost never give anything to panhandlers in the street, you are enabling the problem by doing so. To donate or make a difference, you should be donating...
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    A Clever Tesla Owner Is Using His Model S to Mine Cryptocurrency for Free

    Pretty sure this is fake.... note that there are no GPUs installed, nor power connected, not to mention, the fact that you would need well over 4000 watts (could be 6000 watts if those PSUs are 1500 watts) to power that many cards if they were all hooked up, which means it cannot run from a...
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    Guy Documents Nearly a Year of Quality Problems with His Tesla Model S

    I wouldn't consider the noise in the video a "creaky door", all doors make some amount of noise. Majority of people just turn on their radio and don't notice any of the rattling. I mostly say I should be more picky because I bought a model X last month, and there are a few minor issues with it...
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    Guy Documents Nearly a Year of Quality Problems with His Tesla Model S

    This guy seems way too sensitive to rattles, was this his first new car or something? The car door squeaking seemed like a normal sound, along with the AC fan "whine" that he had to demonstrate from OUTSIDE the vehicle, the minor refraction or "bubble" as he called it on the windshield seemed...
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    MegaBots Really Happening....Finally

    Don't pass off scripted garbage as a real fight. We aren't stupid. Don't BS us. It would have been more impressive if they just actually talked about how they built them, and the design choices, remote controlled them so they could really fight for reals, and if it was lame, then so be it. Like...
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    Szechuan Sauce is Back for One Day

    So.... what are the chances of getting that Indy Double Whopper again? That thing was delicious...
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    Boeing Will Pay You $2 Million to Build a Functional Jetpack

    I kinda want to say that this is a bit of a farce.... I don't think you can create a safe personal flying device for use in crowded areas around the general public... too many variables to cover. Want to use blades to fly? You are going to chop off someones head, not to mention Flying takes...
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    iPhone X: Apple Unveils the “Future of the Smartphone” for $999

    Usually there is some sort of infrared led at work as well to see in the dark. (at least I'm pretty sure thats how samsung does it)
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    iPhone X: Apple Unveils the “Future of the Smartphone” for $999

    Wow... curved glass to the edge, oled, swipe up for app drawer, facial recognition for password, this feels like the note7 from last year. I really hope we don't start to see a bunch of people saying apple did it first, because this is literally apple copying samsung and there is no denying it.
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    Ivy Bridge vs Ryzen IPC?

    I agree with you, but only if you are coming from the perspective of a person who ONLY relies on the performance of his computer for playing games. Throw other types of workloads, especially parallel ones like video encoding, data processing, or even spreadsheet manipulation, and ryzen looks...
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    AMD Threadripper Prices Undercut Intel's Core i9 by as Much as $1,000

    Yes, R7 1800x wasn't that great of value especially compared to the R7 1700, just to be clear the value I was mentioning was the 16c TR for ~999 (hopefully 899 IRL)
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    AMD Threadripper Prices Undercut Intel's Core i9 by as Much as $1,000

    I'm expecting early price breaks like they ryzen 7 1800x saw (regularly ~100 off msrp), such a great value for the number of cores I'm actually surprised to see the 3.4 base clock and 4.0 ghz boost. I'm thinking water might be the way to go on this one. I'll be ecstatic to drop my video encode...
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    Programmer Automates Data Entry Job, Ponders Whether to Tell Employer

    I think you said the exact right thing here... "He is being paid to do a task" Is the task being done? If so, he has fulfilled his obligation. Whether this is ethical or not depends on a lot of things, such as: -Has the employee been asked to report how much time he is spending on said task...