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    Ryzen 5000 with ddr4 3000 on x470

    Thank you that is a very good point. I'll start to play with it some.
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    Ryzen 5000 with ddr4 3000 on x470

    I used the awesome hsf from the 2700x and it doesnt even get warm when 100% load. Like, the thing is cold lol.
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    Ryzen 5000 with ddr4 3000 on x470

    I can't overclock the ram.............. I bought the 2700x when it was new and RAM sucked back then. It is overvolted just to reach 1500MHz. TheSlySyl is right though, it is so much faster with the 5600x that I don't care about the ram. It works and I can mine and game at the same time and...
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    Ryzen 5000 with ddr4 3000 on x470

    I just wanted to get everyone's thoughts on this real quick. I won a newegg lottery and now have a 5600x to replace my 2700x. It is going into a x470 with a 500 capable BIOS. I have DDR4 3000 RAM in the system and didnt want to swap for 3600 since prices really suck right now. I couldnt find...
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    first AMD K6 CPUs - the ES / black version

    No, but your tv remote now has a faster cpu.
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    Comcast Customer Discovers Huge Mistake In Company’s Data Cap Meter

    Same exact thing happened to me. They charged me overage fees every month for almost a year until i finally had to cancel my service and switch to comcast business since their network is totally separate in my area. I could even see the other user's modem listed on my account when I checked...
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    Hurricane Joaquin From The International Space Station

    I live in downtown SC. I went exploring on my bike during the hardest of the rain and got a few cool pictures. Mostly just property damage and it didn't feel at all dangerous downtown because it was all standing water and not moving.
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    Controlling Car Pollution At The Quantum Level

    Darnit. I clicked the wrong thread. Ignore me.
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    Controlling Car Pollution At The Quantum Level

    Day 1 DLC is why I haven't purchased Evolve. I may be interested in a few months when it is on Steam for $10.
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    Without Drugs, What's The Point of Bitcoin?

    Without drugs, what's the point of house music?
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    FCC net neutrality comments needed Kyle, if you see this, can you please post this on the main page if you haven't already. The FCC public comment period for Net Neutrality has been extended until Friday. Be polite but give them an ear full. Click the link for "Protecting and Promoting the Open...
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    Sorry Dell, Holiday Shoppers Want a Mac

    Odd, I ordered a dell laptop for my GF yesterday. I didn't know I was supposed to get her a mac book.... Crap that would have cost me about $1500 more.
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    Kindle Fire as wifi repeater?

    Has anyone ever tried to use a kindle Fire as a wifi repeater? If it can be done it would be awesome and double the value of the device to me. Thanks!
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    Need network round robin software for a call center

    Thanks but I am not looking for a CRM solution like JitBit or a dev platform like Bugzilla. I want a very light weight app that can be run on the workstations and they can use to see who gets the next case that comes in. I would write one myself but my VBS is rusty.
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    Need network round robin software for a call center

    I am trying to setup a triage group in a call center so that they can tell what engineers have already been assigned cases. Ideally I would have a simple network app that they click each time they assign a case and then the next name is displayed. It needs to be networked as the triage group...
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    Photo hosting appliance or software

    I currently utilize phanfare for hosting about 20GB of images online. The site serves to both provide solid backups of my original photos and also to host them on the web with compressed and original quality photos easily available for download. There are also nice security controls. The...
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    SSD RAID 0 build

    I used to be a gamer but now I am mostly a boring engineer and I have been out of touch with recent SSD tech. For my work I heavily utilize virtual machines that I have been running off of a pair of raptor 10K rpm drives that have served me well but are starting to show their age. I am looking...
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    netflix and ps3

    Roku does support full HD. I just rented Watchmen in HD from Amazon and it was great. It loads and plays streams faster than my computer on netfix and the quallity seems better too. I also can stream netfix HD content when available.
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    [PC Game] Defense Grid for 5$ on Steam.

    This game was simply awesome. I am eagerly awaiting the next installment.
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    FS: WD RAPTOR 74gb

    Ditto on needing to know if it is the 8 or 16mb. Also, how many years of use does it have on it?
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    Bandwith monitor in a virtualized environment

    MS Virtual PC but migrating to VMWare soon.
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    Bandwith monitor in a virtualized environment

    1) lose ? DD-WRT is not yet ready for the WRT-610N so logging at the router is not an option yet. I am just looking for an app like net monitor that runs at a level low enough to capture all traffic on the NIC and not just the IP of the host machine.
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    Bandwith monitor in a virtualized environment

    I run many Virtual Machines and connect to many different VPNs at the same time from within them and I need a way to monitor total bandwidth usage for all Virtual Machines and the host server. Ideally I would be able to install one program on the host server to accomplish this as the Virtual...
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    WARM?? Enemy Territory Quake Wars 4.99 @ MC

    For those not near a microcenter, $10
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    UT3 $11.99 on Steam & Free Weekend

    I was having trouble downloading so I tried different locations. Under Settings in Steam you can change your download location. I live near Miami so that is working well for me. 1000KBps but it stops completely for a minute every minute. Also, if it disappears from your games list, go into...
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    COD4 MP trash in the wind

    I wasn't blaming anything. Just wondering about what tweaks people are using since that would seem like an obvious one.
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    COD4 MP trash in the wind

    I had a hard time thinking of an accurate title for this thread. In COD4 multiplayer there is lots of debris on most maps that looks like paper flying around in the wind. Most of the time I don't notice it but often it can trick my eye into thinking that I saw player motion. Since this game...
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    COD4- most addictive game since CS 1.4

    Yes, very fun.
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    Laptop not charging or running off wall plug...

    Yeah. Your power cord may be dead. Check the light on the brick, if it is on then the problem is more towards the laptop. The most common places are either where the cord comes into the power brick on the laptop end or where the cord goes into the laptop. At this point, either the cord can...
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    Laptop won't use speedstep after XP SP2

    I have a Dell 5150 and it has XP SP2 on it. It has a 3.2GHz P4 that runs like a toaster full of wool. I downloaded the speedstep drivers from Intel's website but when I run the installer it says that it is not compatible with my OS. The description for the patch say WinXP SP1. I don't have...
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    sony PSP worth it?

    Does anyone else in here have a hard time sending video to the PSP? I use PSPvideo9 and it locks up every time I send a converted file to it using either the video9 interface or the windows gui. Does anyone know of a simple way to convert video (and DVDs) to the PSP? All of the wizzard based...
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    Plantronics has Audio 90 analog stereo wired headset on clearance for $9

    Does it only have the standard PC sound inputs or does it also have the smaller ones for cordless phones?
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    COD4 For PC $30.90 @

    I got one. I chose USPS shipping because I don't like having to wait for two weeks.
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    $34 AR CORSAIR XMS2 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800

    CORSAIR XMS2 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 For $34 after $40 MIR and free shipping. I have always gotten my corsair MIRs back quickly.
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    X-Fi xtremegamer mic and Digital out

    I got a new X-fi extremegamer and now I can't seem to figure out how to use an analogue mic and digital output to a 2.1 speaker system at the same time. Even if I got that thing I don't see how I could use the mic. Even my 8...
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    Command and Conquer 3

    Thats because everyone has been busy playing it. Seriously, try the demo. Its an awesome game with sooo much scope. Its not just ballance, the sides have genuinely unique units.
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    Are quad cores totaly useless for gaming?

    Supreme Comander. End thread....
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    Does 2 MB of Extra Cache really alters OCing?

    Not an issue for my e6420. I have had it up to 3.6GHz just messing around. I haven't tried higher but then agian I have never had it fail to reach an OC either. No idea what my ceiling is.
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    Difference between Old SB Live! cards and X-Fi cards

    I can't bring myself to replace the soundcard in my sig.....Keeps rockin. I use the digital output so that takes care of the analogue SNR issue. The only thing I have noticed is that FEAR multiplayer overwhelms this card with too many noices at once and it starts to get choppy.