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    Perl Programming Language Turns 25 Today

    #!/usr/bin/perl print "Happy Birthday\n";
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    Yamaha Front Surround System + $60 Newegg GC $150

    Probably. I placed my order at about 8:30 AM. No indications at all that it was OOS.
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    Yamaha Front Surround System + $60 Newegg GC $150

    If you tried to get this deal, check your inboxes or your order status on NE. I thought I got this yesterday, and got notice that the order was voided today, AFTER my card was charged. Pretty pissed about it now. Might take a week to get my money back.
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    Micro Center (in store) Windows 8 Pro Upgrade Preorder $38.88

    When I went to pick up my copy yesterday, they had copies on display in-store for the same price, so I'm guessing you don't really need to pre-order to get the discount if your local store has copies to spare.
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    What Do "Normal" People Think Of Windows 8?

    Having worked level 1 tech support, I'm not at all surprised. :o
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    EA Unwittingly Handed Out Free Games Yesterday

    On the plus side, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is actually pretty good.
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    EA Unwittingly Handed Out Free Games Yesterday

    *walks away slowly, whistling an airy tune while holding 13 games in his arms*
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    Dell to Offer Windows 7 After Launch of Windows 8

    This has happened before, and it isn't a good sign, really. I remember working for Lenovo when Windows Vista launched. Not long after, we offered a Windows XP image gratis.
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    Apple: iPhone 5 Defect “Normal”

    You're Holding It Wrong 2: Photographic Boogaloo
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    So what are your thoughts on the Wii U?

    Based on the launch window line-up, I'll wait.
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    Project Glass Is Not Enough. Google Patents Smart Glove

    I love my Power Glove. It's so bad!
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    No Booting To Desktop In Windows 8?

    Just started giving the Windows 8 Enterprise evaluation a go. The "GUI formerly known as Metro" takes some getting used to, but it's not bad per se... just not really optimal for K+M.
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    Machine Pours Shots Each Time US Wins a Medal

    BBC's coverage of the Olympics has been AMAZING because it's a non-stop, unadultered access to everything the games have to offer. I directly blame NBC for a lot of the ill will being thrust upon this year's Olympic coverage.
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    Versus XIII Canceled ...

    Update: FFvsXIII NOT cancelled. Haha. CEO Yoichi Wada was like, "What are these rubes talking about? Oh? An internet rumor you say? Good heavens."
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    Only 3% Of Laptops Use SSDs?

    The first time I put an SSD in one of my laptops, it was like I had been living in the dark and my eyes were exposed to a bright, pure light. It's an absolute necessity for me now.
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    Saints Row 3 - $9.99 Amazon

    GTA4 with a double order of crazy and some oven-toasted hilarious on the side
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    (PSN) Dyad

    Oh yes. Every stage and every trophy challenge has its own leaderboard. 52 total.
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    (PSN) Dyad

    Cleared the main game and I'm running through the Trophy challenges now. This game is seriously challenging and addicting. It's odd because if you focus too much on any single aspect (node color, lance extensions, obstructions, etc), it gets more difficult than it is. There's a natural...
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    (PSN) Dyad

    Please tell me somebody else is playing this game. Played it for a couple of hours and I'm pretty sure I saw through time itself... For those wondering what Dyad is:
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    $99 Android based console on Kickstarter

    Such is the case with venture capital, backers are not guaranteed anything. If any of those involved want to remain a part of the industry, they will try their best to deliver, however, there is technically no legal obligation to do so. There are a few instances of Kickstarter projects going...
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    $99 Android based console on Kickstarter

    Speculation right now is PS1 and under.
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    $99 Android based console on Kickstarter

    Doubt it. Almost everyone I know that is getting one have no intentions on using it for the Ouya gaming marketplace, opting instead to use it as a Streaming/Emulation box.
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    Android Based Video Game Console Kickstarter

    Anyone interested better move fast. Looks like the spots to actually get a unit at the base price are limited to about 6000.
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    Android Based Video Game Console Kickstarter

    It don't see it really shaking up the console market, but i do see a strong community forming around it.
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    $99 Android based console on Kickstarter

    It will definitely breed a nice community. I'm not sure if it will be a commercial success outside of this KS effort.
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    Jimquisition: Xbox 360 and PS3 Are Just Very Crap PCs

    PS3 for exclusives, Vita (PSP) for JRPGs, PC for everything else. That's how I roll.
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    EVO 2012 - July 6-8, 2012

    I believe in Mike Ross.
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    Anyone having issues with PS3 update 4.20?

    160GB PS3 Slim here. Updated via ethernet and running just fine.
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    Voyager 1 Approaches Boundary of Interstellar Space

    01010000 01110010 01101111 01100010 01101100 01100101 01101101 00111111 00100000 00111010 01110100 01110010 01101111 01101100 01101100 01100110 01100001 01100011 01100101 00111010
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    35 Clint Eastwood movies, $35

    "All I have is a piece of hard rock candy. But it's not for eating. It's just for looking through."
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    E3 2012 General thread, Live Streams and Info.

    Man, Watch_Dogs could be freaking amazing. Will keep this on my radar.
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    Curt Schilling Blames R.I. For Troubles

    You can't spend a Call of Duty-sized budget on development and only pull down a million copies. You just can't. These projects got too big for their britches, especially if they were planning on asking for an additional loan to make a sequel.
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    Satellites To Use Kinect To Dock in Space

    It's going to suddenly jerk 45 degrees and crash in a fiery blaze.
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    HOT: Monoprice 8320 only $5.98!

    Wow, so these are both the cheapest and hands down the best ear-bud style headphones I've ever owned. I also have pretty big ears, but, oddly enough, if I twist it, the little lip that sticks out actually fits perfectly in the curvature of my ear, forming a nice secure, tight seal. Now I can...
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    Diablo III Hacking?

    I highly suggest to use the authenticator and set the account to prompt for it on EVERY login.
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    Biggest Tech Failures of The Last 10+ Years

    It's somewhat unfair to anchor other "Android tablets" with the disastrous TouchPad and Playbook. Also, seeing the Dreamcast on that list makes me so salty. PSO and Jet Set Radio all day everyday.
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    Most Popular Video Games Are Dumb

    Things that are massive popular are also emotionally simple and intellectually pedestrian. News at 11.
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    EA Stock Soars On Buyout Rumors

    I, for one, welcome our bouncing pudgy mushroom creature overloads.
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    Game Sales Continue Slide, Fall 25 Percent in March

    Not including digital sales makes these numbers less and less accurate over time.