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    RX 7900 XTX Total Board Power

    I've found on my setup with the XT and 3 monitors, 2x 1080p 60hz and a 1440p 144hz runs about 90w, but if I drop the 144 to 120 it goes down to 30w. I believe it depends on what the blanking time the monitor reports and it seems most monitors don't send a "standard" rate, which causes the vram...
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    Anyone get their Steam Deck ordered?

    I got mine last week, haven't had more than a few hours to play with it, pretty impressive so far. Also I just saw this posted, looks like all q3 emails are out:
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    Anyone get their Steam Deck ordered?

    Got my 512gb email today, order complete.
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    New Ender 3 V2 Owner Checkig In....

    It took me 2 tries to get the screen done, make sure the DWIN_SET folder is the only thing on the sd card when you put it in the back of the screen.
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    New Ender 3 V2 Owner Checkig In....

    I got a v2 as my first printer last month. Did the bltouch 3.1 from creality and couldn't get their firmware to work at all, 4.2.2 stock board and it would just beep at me when I tried to flash it. Ended up finding the smith3d firmware and guide and it works great...
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    A "[H]ard" surface mouse pad?

    I used the XT for quite a few years, lost it in a move. Picked up an Icemat and have been using it for well over 15 years now.
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    How did you purchase your Nvidia 3xxx series card? Owners vote only please.

    I finally said hell with it and ordered a whole pc, ended up getting what I wanted (5900x and 3080). Took 3 weeks from order to delivery, hate to pay for the privilege for someone else to put together my pc but my old 970 really wasn't happy at 1440p.
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    i9 10850k for $390

    I too was tempted, but since I can't buy a gpu anyway I will keep waiting on the 5900x. I'm still rocking a 4790k and a gtx 970, without being able to buy a gpu it would just be a waste.
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    Paper Launch for AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

    10+ In stock at microcenter here in MN.
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    FCC Votes to Change How It Handles Consumer Complaints

    So all our taxes are going down right? If you have to pay them to do their job, no reason they should get the tax money too.
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    Looks like adding it to the override fixed it. In the edit scsi_vhci.conf I added scsi-vhci-failover-override = "STEC ZeusRAM", "f_sym"; After a reboot I see 2 paths, and proper enclosure/slot information on the lsi sas2/3 controller. Additionally the disk only shows once in the...
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    I definitely want to use multipath, I want to use the ZeusRAM as a write-log for a pool. Do I select both copies of the disk when I add it to the pool? In testing I only selected one and my sync wire performance seemed to hit a wall around 100MB/s, which was quite a bit lower than I expected...
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    Not sure why but multi-path doesn't seem to be picking up my latest addition, it configured the rest of the sas drives on the same controllers and enclosure as the zeusram, but it is listed twice. Not sure how to edit the config for it to be recognized. c22t5000A72B3007B073d0 1 via dd...
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    Latest Windows 10 Preview Includes Updated Start Menu, Windows Ink

    The change I am most looking forward to is the clock being on all taskbars when you are running multiple monitors.
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    Centralized SSD Datastore - what OS?

    I'm quite happy with napp-it.
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    Have SDD gotten more reliable in the last couple of years?

    I went through 4 patriot torx rma's before giving up and buying a samsung, been great so far.
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    3rd Party SFP's

    We were recently quoted $4000 for a 40G QSFP Juniper optic from one of our suppliers, we countered with a $350 10gtek price listing, they went back to Juniper and got it down to $400. Depending on your supplier there is probably quite a bit of wiggle room.
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    Edge Router Lite vs Edge Router X

    I recently bought an ER-X to replace my ASUS RT-N16 that died. I've deployed multiple ERPoe‑5 units for various projects. One thing to note about the ERX, it has a small issue when it power cycles, it acts as a switch on all ports. There is a fix for it on the ubnt forums that re-writes...
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    How do sites like Facebook know so much about your browsing and how do you stop it?

    If site A and site B has an advertising company in common, they can easily put together your exact habits.
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    Windows 10: Your thoughts so far?

    Whatever you do, if you have the cisco vpn client installed make sure you remove it first. If you don't you will end up with no "network connections" and have to roll back to uninstall it as it can't be done in win10.
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    Microsoft Rolls Out Windows 10 Build 10166

    No, I've tried from a few different 8.1 pro workstations. It isn't a huge deal, just curious what could be causing it.
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    Microsoft Rolls Out Windows 10 Build 10166

    It's local, the windows 10 is running in a xenserver pool. I have no problems connecting to win 8.1's that are in the pool. Also the xencenter rd console works fine. I can ping it no problem, etc. It is on a domain, but I don't even get to the point where it asks for credentials...
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    Microsoft Rolls Out Windows 10 Build 10166

    Remote desktop just doesn't connect, I've tried all combinations of firewall settings, turning it off, etc. I've google'd it at few times and there seems to be quite a few people with the same issue. None of the fixes I've seen have helped since they are mostly just manually opening the...
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    Microsoft Rolls Out Windows 10 Build 10166

    For the past 3 months or so every build I've tried has had a broken remote desktop. I can't seem to be able to remote desktop TO the win10. Curious if it's the setup I have (xenserver) or if it is just broken. I want to say it broke around build 9860.
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    Backup solution for ESXi 5.5 (free) for home network

    I have had very good luck with ghetto vcb, set and forget. Works with free esxi.
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    Piracy Could Cripple Indie Film Business In Five Years

    Pretty sure it's greed killing the industry, not piracy.
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    Cisco Network and Switch for CCNA Practice

    I have poked around on for a bit, there is a decent mix of equipment that you can access for free. Just remember to save your configs locally as they do get wiped regularly.
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    4+ Node Servers -- How do they share disks?

    Another thing to think about with shared chassis servers like the c6100, when you can share power supplies and fans across 4 servers you gain in efficiency.
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    ESXi 5.x VM Backups

    I've had great luck with ghettoVCB ( It works with the free esxi and is easy to configure.
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    Can't connect to ESXi server

    After 60 days you loose all the pay features, and you put in a "free" key. You don't get vmotion or any of the good toys for free.
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    Vmware Upgrade questions

    We got hit with that e1000 issue last week, windows 2012r2 seems to trigger it quite frequently.
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    External hard drive dead?

    I had an external that died and was clicking, put the drive internal and was fine. Turns out the power supply flaked out.
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    "You need to format the disk in drive P" error

    Check your SN on the wd rma page, if you are still in the 5 years you will get back a newer model.
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    Deus Ex Human Revolution - $6.99 @ Amazon

    I got the augmented on this deal, when I activated it on steam it says: Deus Ex Human Revolution Augmented Edition + Tactical DLC (Digital Retai) So I guess you get one of the DLC's
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    PowerColor HD7870 2GB Eyefinity 6 Edition

    Unless you have native DP monitors this could get expensive pretty fast.
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    Ivy Bridge TDP of 95W instead of the promised 77W ...

    Techspot is saying 77W
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    Free $2 Amazon MP3 Credit

    Got it, thanks!
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    Best Gaming Mouse Pad

    I have owned 3 different ratpadz throughout the years and loved them all. For the last 5 years I have been using an icemat. The only complaint I had about the ratpadz is they were rough on my wrist, which at the time with ball mice the roughness was great for tracking.