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    Will's Toolbox PC - Sponsored by Thermaltake

    Great Job Will!
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    EVGA X58, i7-920 CPU, 6GB Corsair XMS3 - bad motherboard, what next?

    Unfortunately, any MB replacing from the X58 chipset will be costly. Most used and even NEW boards are selling for a lot from eBay and even other venues. I have a dead EVGA X58 SLI3 MB sitting here also. Selling the 920 is also not going to get back a lot of money, they sell for around...
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    XFX R9-290A-EDFD

    Is there anyone here running the XFX R9-290A-EDFD? This is the Double D model. If you are, who is running water blocks for this card. I've been getting a lot of mixed information on this card. On Swiftech's site, it says that this model is Ref. Design and has blocks available on there...
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    Gigabyte GTX 760 OC Windforce

    hey Guys, Just wanted to bring up a older thread, I bought 2 Gigabyte GTX760 4GB just a few weeks ago and notice that when I ordered them (on Amazon) they said Rev 2.0, but when I got the cards, they said Rev 2.1 on the box and cards. Looks like Gigabyte did a refresh recently. The PCB from...
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    Hero vs Formula vs Mpower z87

    I have the MPower Z87 board and its a great board for the money. The features are nice, while I don't use all the features available its nice to have.. I have it paired with my 4770K. I initially had issues with the BIOS, but a quick update solved my problems.
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    EVGA Dark (New X79)

    This looks to be a great aesthetically looking board, but in the recent years, we have seen more problems with EVGA boards. This is coming from someone that has used multiple EVGA boards from the P67 to the Z68 era... I hope they have fixed most of the minor bugs that are in the BIOS like...
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    760 SLI or single 780?

    ^^ That is also true... The new AMD cards that plan to be out in a few months look very promising from the specs we have seen pop up on the next. That is of course assuming they are correct.
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    Corsair Air 540 "Crush"

    Looks pretty cool... I am tempted in giving the rigid tubing a try soon. I can see so much potential with it...
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    Nvidia GeForce 326.80 Beta

    Ill probably try to update this tonight and see if I still have issues with the GTX770s in SLI.. I was getting major stuttering issues.
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    Corsair 900D on air ?

    Seems to be a pretty big case to use for air cooling. I am sure you can find a much better case that is smaller that will be just as good for air cooling... IMO, seems like a waste to use the 900D for air cooling. You can look at the 650D or even the 600T for air cooling..
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    ASUS Official X79 Motherboards Support Thread

    Does anyone here have the Sabertooth X79 and running TRI SLI??? I know the board says it supports SLI and Quad SLI, but due to the PCIe layout, I want to see if anyone is running TRI SLI..
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    760 SLI or single 780?

    Single strong card gets my vote.. thats the best option IMO.
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    Nvidia GeForce 326.80 Beta

    Can anyone confirm if they fixed the SLI issues for the GTX770s??
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    Bought item from seller with 120+ Heat, no contact for a week

    how long has it been since you paid him??
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    Sleeving recommendations

    I've used the MDPC-X line of sleeves and I have to say, its great to work with.. I've also used Paracord and Kobra stuff and the MDPC-X stuff tops out at the top for me still. While it isn't cheap, but you do get what you pay for.. I still have some left from a batch I had bought and plan on...
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    INWIN D-frame build.

    Very Nice!!! I really like this case...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Great, thanks for the info... I was just playing around with the thought... I've had these dells sitting here for a while. They were my old set-up before I went to dell U2410s. I have a extra gaming PC here and thought it would be cool just to set-it up that way. Looks like I am going to...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    For those that are running 5 monitors in P mode what sizes are you guys typically running?? I have 5x Dell U2011's here and I am wondering if its worth to game with those screens. They are only 1600x900 Resolution.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Thought I would add to this. Here is the set-up in my room. Middle - Dell U2410 Sides - Dell 1907FP PLP mode in my office I have 3x Asus 24" LED. need to get a picture of this one later.
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    Monsoon Fittings?

    I have these in my LanPC, Works great. I haven't had issues.. the monsoons are good, but they adatpers and angle fittings are a bit pricey, its the same thing with bitspower. I have used compressions from, Bitspower, XSPC, Monsoon, Koolance, Swiftech and of all of them, I like bitspower the best...
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    bundymania - Watercooling Parts & Systems Gallery

    Nice!! You always get the best water cooling toys!
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    AMD A10 5800K - Thoughts?

    The A10-5800k is a decent CPU, I have one and it works great with my HTPC and I have the 6670 in it for the hybrid crossfire mode and can play some games in medium settings.
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    Upgrading to a 680 from 480 worth it?

    I went from TRI SLI GTX470 to SLI GTX670 OC edition with GTX680 PCB and it made a huge diff in performance. I also upgrade my system that was running 6950 in crossfire to GTX670 SLI and made a good performance boast... Now I have GTX670s in both systems and for gaming its blazing fast...
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    Crossfired 6950s versus 670

    My 6950 were Crossfired and never had issues... As along as drivers are updated 99% of the time I haven't ran into problems..
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    Crossfired 6950s versus 670

    I've been running watercooled 6950 2GB for over 2 years now, Never had issues with drivers in both my Intel and AMD systems.. I recently upgraded also to the GTX670s, then my wife got my a second one. Now I have have the GTX670 in SLI and both water cooled. Best cards I have used so far...
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    GA-H61N-USB3 & I3 2100T

    Hey, Thanks for your reply, I guess I should have added that I already have some of the items listed. I've been making small purchases over the last few weeks. Originally I was only going to use this as a hackintosh, However one of my buddies said I should just add windows into the dual...
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    GA-H61N-USB3 & I3 2100T

    Hey All, Not sure if there is anyone familiar with Hackintosh or not but I am building a Hackintosh and also running a full version of Win7 Pro in the same system. Dual OS Some of the parts I am using are: GA-H61N-USB3 ITX Mobo i3 2100t Chip (for lower power and heat) DDR 3 1333...
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    Need PSU Suggestions

    You can pick up a decent OCZ or thermaltake 500watt PSU pretty cheap. I have used both brands and never had any issues.
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    NZXT Switch 810 Air Cooling?

    The switch 810 is a great case... air flow for both air cooling and water cooling has shown great results. If you do a google search you will find allot of info on it.. I have considered the 810, but I can't give up my beloved 800D just yet..
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    XFX - RMA Nightmares

    Wow.. sucks to hear you are having such a bad experience... I own quiet a few XFX cards (10 to be exact) and I have had 3 RMA's. All within a 2 week turn around time. Excellent service on my part. But its been little over 1.5 year since I have had to deal with RMA. Sucks that CS has turn...
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    Antec Case & PSU Combo Lucky Draw!!!!!

    Great products by Antec. There cases are also top notch. Great design without going overboard.
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    Project: Bar/LAN room

    Wow.. nice Job!!
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    7 Radiators, 50 Fans, and a lot of love = The BBBB

    Wow.. Nice Color.. I have my TH10 custom painted as well, However I used House of Colours Royale Burple and left the inside white as well. But you have the Extension. I only have 3 Rad's in mine. can't wait to see more pics..
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    Matte Black & White

    Sweet Mods..
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    new system X79 sabertooth - sleep = bluescreen

    I have the AX series PSU in my system with my Sabertooth X79 System and have no issues, I know that the Sabertooth X79 had some issues with the intel drivers with SSD's esp if you try to raid them. Asus used Enterprise Intel drivers with the X79 board for the Intel ports and have been known...