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    FS: Onyx DS Lite + M3DS Realw/4gb Microsd + Accessories

    Selling a used DS Lite, I've probably logged around 100-120 hours onto it and it is in good condition. It comes with a M3 DS Real cart with the updated Sakura Firmware loaded, complete with a 4gb MicroSd card. M3 Real is a slot 1 adapter and only needs an additional Slot 2 cart for GBA games...
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    Visual differences between Pixelshader 2.0(b) and 3.0...

    It is glaringly obvious that no matter what you say, Terra will still claim a visual difference using that link as proof, arguing with him/her is a futile effort.
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    Is There Going to be Nvidia H264 Encoding Acceleration like ATI Avivo?

    It won't really make a difference
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    More ATI Missing Vertex Texture Fetch Info

    So essentially it's a non-issue? Cool.
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    ATI claims that all of their DX9 GPUs can also act as PPUs

    Wait, isn't this thread supposed to be about something positive?
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    New Radeon Series Lacks Full SM3.0 Support

    Can't any of you find ANYTHING more important in your lives then bitching about something you can't do anything about, for hours on end?
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    A South Park Moment

    Let me just be the first to say, Congratulations on your first locked/deleted thread.
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    "The market is screaming for a solid third supplier....We are that company"

    And guess what, that card will have 8 pipelines, it's not going to be going against the top of the line
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    Pics of X1800XL / X1800XT / TSMC Announcment / ATI AVIVO Preview

    That's the floppy disk connector, can't tell whether it would get in the way or not
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    81.xx drivers give 7800 series 20%+ boost in performance with no IQ loss?

    I'm pretty sure OpenGL already has native multi-threading support. Does it say anywhere specifically the gains are from multi-threading, or are they just assuming that?
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    "The market is screaming for a solid third supplier....We are that company"

    S3 is not making cards for the top-end, only midrange and below
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    The real reason behind Crossfire shortcomings?

    The R520 will not have the same limitations, only lower cards will
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    Go 7800gtx

    damn my mouse....
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    prerelease benchmarks r520

    So you don't believe him? Wow, can they ever tell the truth, or does there have to be another secret motive in every statement they make?
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    hehe. Nvidia powerpoint presentation on crossfire...

    Wow, what a gigantic waste of time
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    prerelease benchmarks r520

    I didn't realize my comment was so offensive, seems completely tame to me, but thanks for your heartwearming response. Anyways, do you actually think you're right, and can take the stance that you are when doubt is being cast on the article from so many different sources? Do you, personally...
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    prerelease benchmarks r520

    And likewise to you about negative news, neither of you are right until the card gets actually released, neither of you
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    HDR coming to HL2 & Source Engine

    Are you saying an effect can't have a high and low quality level? If it's not the highest level, it doesn't count?
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    6.8 Ghz on CES 2006

    It's amazing how some people look at this and still believe it *could* be real.
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    Catalyst 5.8 has shimmering problems too...

    Don't forget to mention the leagues of Nvidia users who said they saw no shimmering, and are now jumping on the bandwagon to bash ATI for an issue they said didn't exist, since they had no explanation and cannot hold any guilt. But enough wasted words.
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    S.D.G.E Technology

    They're a budget motherboard maker who make tons of wierd products I haven't seen a single person buy or use, mostly just motherboards that can support basically any hardware configuration (AMD and Intel, every known socket) with add-in cards
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    How is ATI's Current situation diff then Nvidia's 2 years ago?

    And market cap is a very fickle way of determining the size of a company, those numbers were switched around 2 years ago. It still doesn't change the fact that ATI has both more employees and is much older than Nvidia
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    How is ATI's Current situation diff then Nvidia's 2 years ago?

    It's amazing the amount of people who actually believe ATI is the smaller of the two companies...
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    and things get worse for ATI.........

    I think the problem really is that people don't use the vendor specific forums for vendor specific news, this forum would be a lot more cleaner if stuff was posted in the correct areas so you don't have to sift through so much bs to get what you want. I think it's just that some people want...
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    and things get worse for ATI.........

    Whoa, what? Is that a sensible comment I see? can't be....!!
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    and things get worse for ATI.........

    But you're obviously not aware of where ATI was as a company before the R300, you know, when their stock was at <4 and thier profits were less than a third of what they are now
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    and things get worse for ATI.........

    Is everybody an analyst now? I can tell you haven't been following ATI as a business for more than a year.
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    ATI is bluffing? R520 48 pipes

    Wow, like this thread wasn't made on purpose to annoy everybody. And somehow moderators aren't locking or deleting these threads.... oh wait, there goes one...
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    The sky isn't quite blue for ATI right now.

    And does anybody care? Every company in competition with another steals ideas, if this is a new fact of life to you I suggest you get out of the house more. Funny you question someone else's age when you make childish statements like this one
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    ATI says: R520 may or may not be faster than 7800GTX during investors meetings

    What? The reason the FX sucked in 32-bit precision was because NV allocated a pathetic amount of registers for 32-bit work, if they didn't waste space using fp16 it would have no problem running fp32 at an equivalent amount of speed, the only negative being it takes more transistors to run fp32...
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    R520 core pics

    How exactly do you "make" something cheaper?
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    who is sick to death of the R520 not being out.

    I'll take the gullible option, any company can keep consumers on their toes with sweet sweet words and promises
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    R520 to be 16 pipe, 700mHz core???

    What? There aren't any pipes hidden on the GTX, it has a max of 24 pipes, so that means all of the 32 pipe cards have to be coming from a different line of silicon in the foundry (which by itself costs tens of millions of dollars). But, not every chip coming out can have 32 pipes, so they use...
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    R520 to be 16 pipe, 700mHz core???

    Then you're setting yourself up to be disappointed when they don't do that. People said they were stockpiling faster cards in every generation past the NV30, and they never did. Doing this would just waste money, not make it
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    R520 to be 16 pipe, 700mHz core???

    This is like the 10th time we've heard about how many pipes the R520 has, just wait until it's released for crying out loud. Where did you hear this, having a 512-bit bus is unfeasible
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    R520 ready for production!!!

    Which is then covered in this thread
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    What the Falanx is that? Mail200

    Is it just me, or does anybody else stop reading once they get to this line? :confused: Bitboys does make GPU's for phones and handheld devices you know
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    So the "big" 7800 is a quadro after all

    I think you would be better off spending that $5k on something more useful
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    R520 yields not looking good...

    Net income was way down when the 5800 actually arrived on store shelves, it went from 180 million to 90 million during the year that had the delays, and it still isnt anywhere near the 180 million it was
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    R520 yields not looking good...

    Well atleast their market share is up