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  1. Chikia12187

    WTB: pre-built PC for 6 to 700 dollars

    Did he find a rig yet?
  2. Chikia12187

    [USA-OR][H]Galax HOF 1080ti 3 fan's[W] Paypal

    oc idealy and lack of access so it is rather rare!
  3. Chikia12187

    [USA-OR][H]Galax HOF 1080ti 3 fan's[W] Paypal

    Item:1080ti Galax Location-Portland, Oregon Shipping Yes/No:Yes Reason for selling:Liquidating collection of 1080ti's contact-PM or Price:$1275 Or best offer shipped Item 2:1080ti Galax Location-Portland, Oregon Shipping Yes/No:Yes Reason for...
  4. Chikia12187

    For sale:Jdm Rare Air freshners new Portland, OR Will ship

    Hey guys and gal, I'm wanting to sell my inventory of air freshners in order to complete the build of my new rig. I am asking $25 each I have the following scents available Squash (very popular) After Shower White Musk Angel Pure Relax
  5. Chikia12187

    FS: Asus POSEIDON GTX1080ti H20 or air or both cooled! NIB from RMA

    this is a screaming deal! if I didn't pick up the 1080ti hof by galax, id pick it up in a heart beat!
  6. Chikia12187

    B&h is offering a bundle deal

    it wasn't bud because someone actually got the package for 899
  7. Chikia12187

    B&h is offering a bundle deal

    Case is crapola
  8. Chikia12187

    B&h is offering a bundle deal
  9. Chikia12187

    Gpu heaven

    Hopefully the bidders are trolling this guy
  10. Chikia12187

    Gpu heaven
  11. Chikia12187

    Wtt:asus poseidon 1080ti 4 jordan

    I am willing to put my Poseidon 1080 ti for a pair of Caps and gown jordan 11 retro in size 12 and cash on your end. Located in Portland, OR ps. Need the shoes before the 10th since that is the day of my Bro's Bday. Value on your Jordans:$250\-275 Value on my card:$875\-925 or best offer...
  12. Chikia12187

    WTB: 16gb DDR4 3200+

    I have a pair of tridentz rgb 3733 mhz 2x8 gb
  13. Chikia12187

    WTB: ddr4 ram

    I have some geil forza evo 2 x 8 gb 2133 mhz
  14. Chikia12187

    WTB: Cheap GPU for my son's build

    Maybe, we could talk the guy down
  15. Chikia12187

    WTB: Cheap GPU for my son's build

    Check out your local offee up bud. They have good deals from time to time. Mean while, ill keep an eye out for some good deals
  16. Chikia12187

    WTB: i7-8700k, Z370 (Asus Maximus X Hero or similar) and 16gb 3000mhz+ ram

    For the ram, are you looking for 2x8 configuration or 16 gb single module?
  17. Chikia12187

    WTB:Msi Lightning X or Z 1080ti

    Hey fam, Im currently looking for the Z or X to add to my collection. I am paypal ready or I have my Asus Poseidon 1080 ti for trade. Thanks!
  18. Chikia12187

    FS: 5x 1070Tis, 2x 1080Tis, Misc.

    Awesome prices! Glws. Do you have a Msi Lightning X or Z for sale by any chance?
  19. Chikia12187

    RX 470 4gb For 150 Bucks: To Good To Be True?

    Try using a better psu to see if it goes away
  20. Chikia12187

    Not just GPU Prices are STUPID High

    Need more info n pics would help bud
  21. Chikia12187

    Not just GPU Prices are STUPID High

    He needs help lol
  22. Chikia12187

    EVGA GTX 1080 FTW $600 (shipped) at Newegg

    Thnx for heads up
  23. Chikia12187

    1080 ti Asus poseidon starting at 1 penny

    Hmm does that impact the card at all if whoever buys it decides to go with water cooling?
  24. Chikia12187

    "Speechless" other than creative?

    gif hosting
  25. Chikia12187

    6900K vs 7820X ?

    Is micro ctr similar to frys electronics?
  26. Chikia12187

    Asus Prime X370-PRO Restart/Shutdown issues

    Great news mate!
  27. Chikia12187

    Craigslist finds

    Strix 1070 for those bro n sis out in the bay
  28. Chikia12187

    Craigslist finds

    Could be hot ?
  29. Chikia12187

    Craigslist finds

    Believe it or not, there are a lot of steals on cl! You simply gotta be patient
  30. Chikia12187

    Photo shop or ?

    Very observant bud!
  31. Chikia12187

    What is bottleneck

    So democratic is attacking reps?
  32. Chikia12187

    Photo shop or ?

    I stumbled across this post, so I figured my fam over here at H may be intrigued
  33. Chikia12187

    Free copy of destiny 2 with purchase of gpu

    Oh yeah, you're right
  34. Chikia12187

    Joined the delid club!

    Any diy bud?
  35. Chikia12187

    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    If this game wasn't rocket science, I'd give it a shot. No thanks $80.00 for a shot at rocket science!!