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    Creator of the GIF Sets Record Straight

    Popular culture defines the meaning and pronunciation of a word. Its never the whim of just one person.
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    How Tech-Savvy Are Kids?

    When command lines replaced punch cards, No one who had used punch cards called me "savvy". They said I was "having it easy".
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    Rockstar Games Offers Printable GTA Maps

    I must be a weirdo because I ALWAYS put the maps on the wall near where I am playing.
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    Landline Households Shrink Dramatically

    That's me. We only just got dsl 1.5mb 2 years ago. I LOVE MY LAND LINE!
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    Apple Drastically Cut Its iPhone Orders For Next Quarter

    I have not liked Apple since 1979. I have a deep respect for Wozniak, but I have despised Jobs ever since he set the price on the first apple computer. I could give a shit about what they sell in this century.
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    Netflix Q3 Earnings A Return To Profitability

    Good for them. I've almost forgotten I used to get actual DVD's from them. In the actual mail.
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    Steam Big Picture Mode Beta Kicks Off in September

    You are all missing the point. The steam UI can be fully controlled with a game pad without having to install additional software such as xpadder or joy2mouse. SHEESH! That is the point!
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    Paragon Releases Image Backup for Windows 8

    I use paragon. I like it because the free version will rebuild raid arrays.
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    Broadband: U.S. Consumers Pay More For Less

    Yes, but its offset by my dirt cheap electricity and gas.
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    Apple Ordered To Publicly Recant Galaxy Copycat Claim

    I haven't liked apple since the day I learned I wasn't going to get my apple II for "about $500".
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    Film Industry Making the Transition to Digital

    Just like I still "dial" a phone number.
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    Are You A Cyberpunk?

    Is he wearing parachute pants?
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    Kodak Park Had A Nuclear Reactor

    I thought you were in Rochester!
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    Piracy Doesn’t Affect U.S. Box Office Returns

    I know people who watch the movie in the theatre, download the torrent as soon as its available to watch on their big tv, and then go out and buy the DVD/BluRay combo pack when its released. What people really want is for studios to release right to their home theatres.
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    GeForce 196.75 drivers out. 300 series drivers listed.

    Now that we have that sorted out, any word on performance or lack there of?
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    8 Google Wave Invites

    Mother may I?
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    FS: My 3dfx Collection/Video Cards

    bump for looking!
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    FS/FT: Call of Juarez Bound in Blood

    What system is that on? If its 360 or ps3 I'll take it.
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    Getting screwed. Could use some help.

    Now you know that you should never apply for rebates until you are satisfied that the product works properly.
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    WTB: Intel lga775 CPUs - need large qty

    This guy pays quick. Gonna go leave some good heat for him right now.
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    WTB: Intel lga775 CPUs - need large qty

    Here is a bump and a pm sent.
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    FS/FT: Blackberry 8800 Unlocked

    what are your terms and references?
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    SAMSUNG Spinpoint 1TB $79.99 Shipped at New Egg

    You have to know how to copy and paste a coupon code. :p
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    Watermarked Movie Soundtrack Can Pinpoint Pirates?

    All this wasted effort coming from the same people who hand out handy, pirate-ready DVD screeners ready for ripping and redistributing?
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    Q6600 only runs at 2.4 ghz

    Did you try going back to the old configuration?
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    Microsoft SideWinder X8 Mouse (w/ BlueTrack) Revealed

    I am currently really enjoying my wireless logitech mx1100 with 3 thumb buttons and dpi switching. OT: I have been eagerly awaiting the X8 since last year. I've been checking Amazon daily to see if I can get one.
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    Hot? LBP for PS3 ~$37 shipped

    The price is hot but I just can't bring myself to order from a site with feedback that bad. :eek: So....its not hot for me :(
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    Hot? Refurb Acer Netbook, Win XP, 1.6 ghz atom, 120GB HDD. FS, No Rebate

    I can't find any info on what acers refurb warranty is like. If its the same as the retail one then its a good deal to me!
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    OPEN BOX: MSI X58 Platinum MOBO $150 @ Newegg

    That's what I was thinking. I mean, they are a pain in the ass for almost no usefulness.
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    4 sticks of Double sided DDR2

    The memory timings in your BIOS probably got hammered. Have you tried just one of the 1gB sticks? Tried resetting the CMOS yet?
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    RAID Migration -> ICH10R to NForce RAID

    You have a six terabyte raid array? That's huge. Backing that up is going to be fun!
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    New Samsung 23" (16x9) with higher resolution

    So its nice AND cheap? I almost regret buying my 24" monitor for $300 in July.
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    Libraries Celebrate National Gaming Day I need a new hobby! That's just to mainstream for me.
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    TV Tuner that supports Vista 64-bit?

    ChrisTV has a driver that works with most TV tuners.
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    Gordon Freemen at the LHC

    Maybe he does when he is not wearing the hazard suit!
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    Will Google Become A Game Publisher?

    That's what we used to say about TV commercials 30 years ago.
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    Its not. Its on the same level as Superman N64 or Aquaman. I am shocked that a sequel was ever greenlighted.