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    Newegg digital games sale. Many prices are beating Steam Summer Sale.

    Somehow I didn't jump on the Doom Extreme bandwagon way back and I wanted to get caught up since I really enjoyed Doom. However, I don't feel like paying full price so much later after release, but $17? I'm in. Thanks for posting this!
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    Shure SE215 BT2 $79

    Shure, Etymotic, Klipsch, Sony, for all the EIMs I've used the expanding foam has been the most effective, and something about the comply tips for the Shure's they worked the best. I would love to experience active noise cancellation with the comply foam tips. The rubber variants are garbage IMO.
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    Sony Has Announced the 20 Game Lineup for the PlayStation Classic

    That's some therapy worthy shit right there. Man, I'm sorry you had to go through that.
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    Baltimore to Pay Consultant $176,800 to Help Police Department Maintain Lotus Notes

    Not surprising at all. Migrating from Notes can be a scary thing depending on the staff skill level and available budget. If you know anything about utilizing Lotus Notes in a highly customized manner with a heavily entrenched user base, then you should have no problem understanding that the...
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990X for 1850 USD

    That image was disturbing the first time I saw it (over a decade ago?) and it still is, but still relevant?!?! Damn!
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    “Super Dangerous”: Police Chief Warns about “In My Feelings” Internet Challenge

    See, I'm all for Darwinism, buuut somebody has to foot the bill for the cleanup.
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    Orlando, FL Pulls Back on Testing Amazon's Facial Recognition

    I was thinking just that. You sir(?) have made my day!
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    AMD’s Navi Will Be a Traditional Monolithic GPU

    So (IMO) the problem is you can only really ever render one frame at a time, especially in gaming scenarios where the scene is very dynamic. I've owned and used SLI and Crossfire and neither offered a genuinely smooth experience for the really demanding games. It seems to make a whole lot of...
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    It's On Like Donkey Kong

    Played this on MAME the other evening on PC, with an arcade stick. Not going to address the fuckery. Oh wait...
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    Girl, 9, in Rehab after Getting So Addicted to Fortnite She Wet Herself

    Today's society does not understand the meaning of the words balance or moderation. On another slightly related note, I feel like I'm witnessing the end results of failed social experiments.
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    Americans Won’t Pay to Win a Video Game, but Chinese Gamers Will

    It ain't like the US by any stretch. Here you go (a bit of a read):
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    Americans Won’t Pay to Win a Video Game, but Chinese Gamers Will

    Kinda forgot about that which once taken into consideration puts a different perspective on all of this. It doesn't seem so crazy after all. Thanks for the reminder.
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    Half-Life 2 Looks Great in Unreal Engine 4

    This is cool. I'm not sure where this is headed, but I'm not interested in a HL2 reboot.
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    PSA: Amazon Raising Prime Annual Price to $119

    $119 makes it harder for me to want to keep the membership. I enjoy the ease of most returns and shipping is usually great, but I don't benefit from anything else. I don't use the digital services because Google does it all better. Haven't watched anything on Prime, music is a joke compared...
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    Anton Resists the Storm

    Hahah, this kid is so chill about it. With a flipped van behind him. Excellent find!
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    Electric Vehicle Batteries to go to Street Lights

    Well, the batteries are here already, so if you can get some more use out of them, and if it can be done at low cost, why not? You can reuse the material while figuring out how to better dispose of the resulting waste. Cant watch the video at the moment. Im wondering how much more use we're...
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    Drivers Blinded by “Too-Bright” LED Headlights on New Cars, Warns RAC

    Glad I'm not the only one to notice. It's out of control where I'm at. LED light bars on vehicles, improperly installed after market lights (doesn't matter if LED or not). It's the worst on trucks -- the lights are too high up if you're in a sedan/coupe.
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    Metal Gear Survive Official PC System Requirements Released

    Pass. But then again, I'm the guy that would get excited for my friends who loved the game, but I could never finish one or put up with playing through any of them for more than a few hours. I'm not saying they are bad games, but whatever it was that was so damn magical about them, I never got it.
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    New Xbox Elite Controller Leaks

    I love my Elite, it takes plenty of abuse and I've had zero problems with it. I hate that it doesn't have bluetooth and the dongle has to be reset (unplug/plug, or restart the computer) after a few sleep wake cycles. The Xbox S controller is close behind. I'm curious about how this new...
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    China Is Building a Solar Power Highway

    Meh, this seems like a waste of effort, and my main reason was pointed out by phase_italy -- how well could this possibly work with heavy traffic? Put that effort towards explaining wtf a Plumbus is and what it does and or can do in layman's terms.
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    NY State Bans Vaping Indoors

    I suffer from cluster headaches, luckily it's only during early fall. What I've read in a few places is that smokers are highly likely to suffer from these types of headaches (if you can really call them that). I wasn't a smoker but it was everywhere growing up, and I enjoyed arcades when I...
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    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - Launch Trailer

    Oh WTF, really? I had no idea about any of that. Enjoyed the game and completed it, but improving the graphics a bit would have been nice. Now to take a couple min to watch the trailer.
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    Activision Uses Matchmaking Tricks to Sell In-Game Items

    Glad I was in before microtransactions. This shit is out of control.
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    Internet Explorer Bug Leaks Whatever You Type in the Address Bar

    This all day. Didn't read the article or try the proof of concept (no time, I gotta tackle some NetScaler issues, fun fun fun). So, the search as you type feature is fk'd it seems.
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    Man Who Hacked Lottery Sentenced To 25 Years

    Wow, thanks man, I'll stay the fk outta Maryland! NYC isn't that far behind. Yeah, if you're $130k+ with no debt, no child support, you should be able to afford a $500k home, even if you have to go the FHA route. It think $150k+ with a child or two to be comfy.
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    Menat Is Street Fighter V's Newest Character

    C64 emulation! Woooo, you are hardcore! Gotta one up ya and have my youngest (20mo, and 6yo) play some learning games on a TI 99/4a emulator if such a thing exists, like dad used to. lmao! I think I'll really try to find that! I also still pull out MAME64 to play SSFII all the editions...
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    Menat Is Street Fighter V's Newest Character

    Sheeeit, I picked up SFV a few days ago. I'll never put down the fighting games. (Legrand68, Izucrazy?!?! lol) My son and I love to beat each other up in Tekken 7 and talk smack. I've got Mortal Combat on deck as well. I must have at least three or more current games from each genre on hand...
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    Man Who Hacked Lottery Sentenced To 25 Years

    Now I have to go googling about this state, because I always wondered about Maryland (is it a nice place to live, etc).
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    What's your fallback card?

    Running 1080ti with a 980ti as a fallback and random AMD *70 cards as fallback for that (hope it never comes to that).
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    Steve Jobs Made the iPhone Because He Hated Some Guy at Microsoft

    I hear ya. Managing device syncing was/is my least favorite thing to do.
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    Steve Jobs Made the iPhone Because He Hated Some Guy at Microsoft

    Holy shit, how did I forget about the HTC Touch Pro 2?!?!? I had one and liked it, but wished it slid out juuust a little bit further, and there was something about the memory and some other thing was gimped by Verizon.
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    PlayStation 4 “Is like a Five-Year-Old PC”

    Didn't stop me from fully enjoying the shit out of Uncharted 4 which I completed last night. Oh man, that's a beautiful game. Looking forward to the next God of War.
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    I Hate Bixby - You Hate Bixby - We All Hate Bixby

    Ha, I come across this after finding out about Bxactions from friend and checking for updates only to receive a 384MB update for primarily Bixby. I have yet to set that thing up and never plan on doing so. Need to check that app out to remap the button and call it a day. I like the idea to...
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    Tekken 7 (Steam Key) $41.99 @

    Title says it all! ;)
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    Intel Core i7-7700K $10 Off

    Yup, grabbed one for $299 last week, and it's $299 today. I don't know about the rest of you but the MC near me is nice enough that I don't mind the 25 min trip to the store when I have to pick up a few things.
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    Amazon Patents Shipping Label with Built-In Parachute

    Never knew that. That's pretty cool. I'll stick to Amazon lockers for the small stuff, don't need my cables being delivered to a general vicinity... :)
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    Apple Should Probably Just Build a Mac Tower

    This is pure fuckery right here. Apple does what it wants with its designs with the consumer base having no real input besides the hundreds to thousands of dollars spent per product (I know they have some <$100 items), and no matter how limited the expandability is, how poor the durability is...