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    NOD 32 @ newegg $25

    I'm comin Elizabeth... I'm comin!!!
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    Network drop cost

    The vendor I (have no choice but to) use does the same. They'll do whatever we want, but the meter is running.
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

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    Sexy Asus 3870X2

    Echo that. WTB rear exhaust.
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    Intel To Double Notebook CPU Shipments By 2011

    Story could also be titled: 'Expect identity theft to double by 2011'. :rolleyes::p
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    A WoW Graphical Update?

    Current info mixed with speculation is that in the next expansion there will be some updates to textures, lighting, etc, and other minor upgrades. Probably along the same lines as the transition from original WoW to BC (possibly a little more). There is no evidence that it will be as substantial...
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    Early Tri Core look

    I'm guessing that he was saying joe average consumer or desktop workstations, as opposed to enthusiasts. Although I don't agree with the terminology that they're pushing tri-core. I think it's just a smart way to recoupe defects. Lemonade and all that.
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    MS Adds 84 Games To BC List

    Gah, how did I miss this? Going to go dig MW out when I get home tonight! :D
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    MS Adds 84 Games To BC List

    I wish they would get Morrowind going on it, but I'm pretty confident it won't happen. Alas. :)
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    An Apple Store At 3am

    They get paid more to work at night, with only a few (herbally mellowed) customers. We should all be so lucky.:p
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    $10 off any game 29.99 up @ BB

    Going to use this for Mass Effect. Thanks OP.
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    Google Plans Service to Store Users' Data

    I would be all over this as a 'safe' and remote location to store things like backups of music, pics, etc. But the fact that Google will have their little eyes all over everything I own really turns me off. Undecided. On a different thought, what's to keep people from using this as a their...
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    Greenpeace Criticizes Microsoft, Nintendo

    Your Wii needs to be greener.
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    Halo 3 Legendary @ Amazon $59.99 NR

    Well I bit. Was going to buy it anyway eventually, why not get the extra swag if its the same price. Thanks OP.
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    Sony CEO Talks Blu-ray, PS3

    How'd that work for em on the $599 PS3? Price wins.
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    RIAA, MPAA Trying To Influence Presidential Candidates

    Nation, make no mistake - DRM is the most important issue of our generation.
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    After 1, it's 2, than 3, than 4

    I was going to post some kind of smart comment, then I saw this and died laughing. I salute you sir.
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    Your favorite console controller...

    Echo. D pad is horendous, but everything else is top notch.
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    House Passes Broadband Statistics Bill

    Hundreds of AT&T lobbyists are mobilizing to begin gerrymandering.
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    Microsoft Sued Over Minor Subscribing To Xbox Live

    How about I sue this guy for wasting my tax dollars?
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    Intel Video card rumor <

    More competition is always good. I hope they put out something killer so we have fewer one sided generations.
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    Blu-ray Camp Claims HD DVD Group Misrepresented Data

    This would actually be quite hilarious if there weren't millions of us waiting on the outcome. :rolleyes:
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    Newegg / [H]ardOCP AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition Drawing

    1. Move out of the land of 939. 2. Phenom
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    Corporate back up solution - suggestions

    We backup 400GB to a LTO3 nightly, Exchange fits neatly on a 72GB DAT (for now). And we do a weekly backup to disk on both as well. Tapes are clunky, but mostly reliable in my limited experience. Hard disk backups and shadow copies make life much easier when users do something stupid. The...
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    Have you ever purchased any XBLA games?

    Option for less than 5 games? I bought Castlevania SOTN. Awesome.
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    Helpdesk Ticketing Software

    Thanks for all the feedback. I'm starting to slowly look into all of these. So far I've only tried Spiceworks, but I'll try to check into everything mentioned.
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    Helpdesk Ticketing Software

    What do you guys use? We're big enough now that we need to get some sort of simple ticketing system going so we can track things and assign stuff out to others who might be on another shift, etc. Open source is great, paid is ok too as long as it's reasonable. Windows is preferred over Linux...
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    EA Acquires BioWare, Pandemic for $860M

    This is the worst gaming news in many, many moons. Bioware is everything that EA despises. I think I'm going to puke.
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    EA to BioWare: "You will be assimilated."

    No no NO!!! My hopes for the remainder of the Mass Effect trilogy are destroyed. :(
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    Mozilla Plans Firefox for Mobile Web

    Using Opera on the BB, but can't wait to see Firefox.
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    Decent WAP for SMB

    What would you guys recommend for a WAP for a SMB based on the following criteria? I need to install 3 at the main facility and one at a branch office. I definitely don't need Aironet quality - a good reliable D-Link or somesuch would be much preferred. Need: WPA2 (radius not required) G...
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    Cert's for IT's?

    Short version: if the guy who is hiring you has certs, he will want you to have certs. If he doesn't, he won't care. Certs can also help you get past the useless HR buzzword screening. They're good to have if you have the applicable knowledge to back them up.
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    Target Not Going “Blu-ray Only”

    It wasn't a quote from an Exec or something, it was a press release. Target is selling BD in stores. They're also selling HDDVD on the website. The press release, with the phrase "exclusive product", would have you to believe that Target has dropped HDDVD altogether. So while you could...
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    Target Not Going “Blu-ray Only”

    Still haven't learned their lesson. Stringer and crew need a nice open shareholder revolt to hopefully return this once proud company to some form of decency.
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    Test Your Knowledge of Online Scams

    I found it ironic that I had to click on a TinyURL to take this quiz... 8/10 I missed the MySpace :rolleyes: and Paypal, both of which I don't use. Engrish is your make friend very much.
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    Google Sued Over Tax Exemptions

    Agreed, happens nearly everyday. Look at every single one of these foreign auto plants in the southeast - they all went to the spots where the local government ponied up the most tax breaks. As much as I think Google is Skynet, there's nothing out of the ordinary here.
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    Apple Stores To Charge Entrance Fee

    I'd like to introduce you to our newest product... the iRan!
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    Stolen Device in Ohio Contained 859,800 IDs

    Was rhetorical, but I like this answer.
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    CEOs To Blame For Data Breaches

    Very few of them understand that IT should be the next big major liability - if our idiot politicians ever come to understand this and enact major consequences for data breaches.