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    LG 48CX

    I am really torn on this TV as a monitor vs some other current and future monitors. I have a Radeon VII and a Threadripper 1920x CPU. I've been tinkering for fun with an LG UN7300 43 inch TV as a monitor and 4k is cool, running 3840x1620 ultrawide is cool sometimes as well. Seeing some reviews...
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    New Sony XBR X950H

    I have been eyeballing the LG 49NANO85UNA. It is like the 48 inch CX OLED on a budget at around $680. Has the same video processor in it as the higher Nano 9 series LG, 120 Hz 4k with VRR, local dimming (unfortunately edge lit not full array), HDR, and HDMI 2.1. Seems like a winner and could...
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    LG 48CX

    What is that top one elvn?
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    LG 48CX

    Seems like good news "LG has already confirmed that its 2020 OLED TVs will arrive with HDMI 2.1 and 100/120Hz refresh rates." Hopefully this also applies to the 48 and they are not dropping features on their smaller TVs like Samsung did with their QLEDs.
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    55" LG C8 (€1,099) vs 55" Samsung Q9FN (€1,149)

    To avoid worrying about burn in get the Samsung. It should also support Freesync so that will give you a benefit over an OLED as well. I have a C8 at home, but it is my main TV and all we use it for is TV and Movie viewing. It is pretty rare for us to play games, but if we do it is normally only...
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    144Hz Monitors pointless/useless?

    Sometimes it is nice to crank everything to max settings, but you have to wonder if you are even able to tell the difference. For instance shadow detail. I have never sat and looked at the detail of a shadow of someone (or NPC) I'm trying to shoot in a game, so player (or NPC) shadows are okay...
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    Classic World of Warcraft Content Progression Revealed

    You didn't like Mists of Pokemon Farmville either? That was when I truly quit wow the first time, for all but the last months of the expansion. I think the game is best played in the last 4-6 months of an expansion, then you can see all the content quicker and easier and spend less monthly fees...
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    "Captain Marvel" Trolled the Trolls with a $455M Global Launch

    That is the same review copy and pasted over and over... I actually saw the movie and while I kind of liked it, on the whole it was pretty bad. After so many super hero movies lately a lot of parts seemed like a setup for the audience to cheer and enjoy, but ultimately just fell flat. I was in...
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    Activision Blizzard Layoffs May Cause Key Talent to Leave

    Amazon game studios is already a thing. Corporations outside of the game industry want a piece of that pie.
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    The HTC 5G Hub Will Bring Cloud-Based Virtual Reality to the Home

    I am ready for that 5G Pixar lamp
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    What's new in the Ultrawide monitor world?

    From what I've read of Nvidias freesync "gsync" support, you are better off having the 144 Hz model. That and a new firmware supposedly makes the response time amazing.
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    What's new in the Ultrawide monitor world?

    The height of a 34 inch ultrawide is the same of a 27 inch monitor. Nothing ultrawide exists at the height of a 32 inch right now that I know of. I believe the 38 inch ultrawides are the height of a 30 inch.
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    Samsung Unveils a Folding Smartphone

    I'll buy the "Pixel 5 Origami". This seems like a technology that the first generation looks cool, but you probably don't want to own it until 2nd or 3rd generation. Unless you are a rich tech junky that is, then have at it (someone needs to support it so we get gen 2, 3, etc.)
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    What's new in the Ultrawide monitor world?

    Shorter. Even if it is wider your vertical screen real estate would be reduced. So if you played a game 16x9 aspect ratio you would just be rendering less and 1920x1080. There is a 1440 super ultrawide in the works though, but it won't be cheap. I think it is literally 5120x1440 which is two 27s...
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    The Official MSI Radeon VII 16G Product Page Is Now Live

    I thought it was 250 Watt
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    LG 55C8 problem in Game Mode

    So you notice this issue on a very specific 5% and 10% test, but when playing games do you actually notice the oval shape? Almost all IPS screens I have used over the last decade or longer have had some form of glow in the corners, but I never notice it when gaming so it isn't a concern for me.
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    AMD Radeon VII Interview with Scott Herkelman @ [H]

    So I should sell my Vega 56 or X-Fire it with Radeon VII?
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    Future 38" IPS panel 98% DCI P3 144Hz HDR 600

    That is what I thought. Knew it seemed fishy when the guy I replied to originally seemed to have extreme and impossible expectations.
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    Future 38" IPS panel 98% DCI P3 144Hz HDR 600

    Are current OLED TVs, QLED TVs, and other HDR certified TVs 12 bit color panels?
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    HRE Wheels and GE Additive Collaborate to Create the First 3D-Printed Titanium Wheel

    Those rims probably cost 1/3rd the price of my car, but if I won the lotto I'd toss them on there anyways. For funsies
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    Going from 2560x1080 to 2560x1440 has had a bigger impact on performance than anticipated.

    Chances are pretty good that depending on the game(s) you play there are quality setting you won't notice if you drop them for more FPS. For example since you are playing at a higher resolution you can drop anti aliasing from 8x to 4x, or whatever your AA settings are. There could also be a draw...
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    Volkswagen is Planning a $23,000 Tesla Competitor

    I'm just curious in what ways the STI is more satisfying to drive? The R has Dynamic Chassis Control so you can tweak the ride. Are you going between Standard/Sport/Comfort/Custom modes or did you set it and forget it (maybe in comfort)?
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    AMD Q3 2018 Earnings Release

    Most stocks normally hit their old highs eventually unless the company truly isn't doing well. Pretty sure with Ryzen 2, Epyc 2, and even possibly some graphics card options next year I think we are in for a good 2019.
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    Google Pixel 3 Clear Glass Mod Looks Magnificent

    Google should just sell a version like this. I'd probably pick it up.
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    Berkeley's Jumping Robot is Back

    When is this technology going to be in a vehicle I can jump around the planet in? Maybe just jumping around town will suffice.
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    Elon Musk's Flamethrower Tested

    Did anyone else see the hottest (mirrored) Adidas logo when they lined up to show the varying distances each could "throw" fire?
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    Intel to Outsource Chip Production to TSMC

    Is this where AMD has their parts produced?
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    NVIDIA Controls AIB Launch and Driver Distribution @ [H]

    I think what you don't realize here is how Nvidia and AMD work with game developers in different ways. A game developer may try to cut corners and write sloppy code to get things done sooner. Nvidia hand holds and tweaks their drivers to maintain performance until the developer can get around...
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    Court Rules on Merits of IP Address Identification in Open WiFi Case

    I always wondered with these types of cases are they upset you downloaded it once for yourself, or for distribution to others? Then if the case was they were mad you distributed it to others they would have to prove you gave an entire copy to one person. If someone downloads 10% of a movie from...
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    Tick Tock - #BeForeTheGame

    I didn't read anything about immersion or realism from anyone concerning ray tracing. Just watching the demo it was night and day seeing the reflections of fire in puddles on the ground and in windows. This isn't really a huge game changer as far as pushing types of games or anything like that...
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    #QuakeCon2018 Keynote with DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal

    Doom is Doom. Why would you want Doom that plays like another game?
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper Gen 2 Full Specs and Availability

    I got a 1920X with a future upgrade in mind. The 2950X looks appealing, wouldn't even need to overclock it for games if it Turbo boosts up to 4.4 GHz. That would probably be better than my all core 4.1 GHz overclock I have right now. So do I build a micro atx machine for my wife with the 1920X...
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    Scumbags Gonna Scum

    I remember being at Quakecon that year. I might still have the NIC port with all the super glue on it somewhere in my garage from after the console met the hammer.
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    Seminole Tax Collector Begins Accepting Bitcoin as Payment

    With Credit cards and debit cards people can do a charge back and the money gets taken back from the Government account. Probably creates all kinds of headaches where they mark someone as paid, and then have to reverse that. So with a Bitcoin payment they get their money and there is no option...
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    Amazon Warehouse Employees Pee Into Bottles to Save Time

    Imagine being disciplined over accidentally mailing a bottle of pee?
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    Unreal Engine and Vulkan Better Suited for AMD

    AMD driver programmers are more "by the book" or "do it the right way" than nvidia's "make it work" or "bandaid fixes". This also applies to game Developers where AMD will tell the developer they need to write their game correctly compared with nvidia who will just patch a driver to bandaid fix...
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    Litecoin Emerging as the Next Dark Web Currency

    Or the opposite. There isn't much that crypto can do that cash can not. Only Crypto is faster on a worldwide basis.
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    Threadripper Pays for Itself Using Cryptocurrency Mining @ [H]

    Mining Monero is a good way to not pay taxes on cryptocurrency. It is a privacy coin and if you find private ways to spend it then there is no way for the government to know you have that kind of income unless you make a video and post it on the internet or something similar :p Additionally...
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    AMD Q4 2017 and Full Year 2017 Financial Results

    So since they were profitable Q4 that means it is time to sell and then buy in again? I never understand why stocks drop after good news like this. Maybe short term day traders versus long term holders?
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    NVIDIA Big Format Gaming Display

    When Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are supporting G-sync or some other framerate smoothing technology then we'll know it has caught on. I personally think this has been an untapped market for ages. Sony tried to do it with a Playstation TV/monitor thing years ago and it didn't work out. I think...