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    Free Logitech z5500 speaker set

    Dang it, Im in Alpine and have to fly back to Sacramento, but if we were driving I would totally get these!
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    Sold - PS5 Digital - lightly Used

    Wow thats an amazing deal
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    FS: Steam Deck 512 GB + Accessories

    Its a beauty bump!
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    FS: AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs, Motherboards, Memory, 6900XT and 3080 TI

    So sad I missed out on all these deals!
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    FS: ASUS Z390 ITX, EVGA 2080 SUPER

    Bump, pmed, hoping for dips in the mobo!
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    FS: (BNIB) WD 2TB HDD USB3/Portable

    If he doesn't want it. Got PayPal ready
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    FS: PNY GTX 970

    I just bought a brand new one on Wednesday. :((((
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    For Sale: 2 EVGA GTX 680 4GB

    I pmed earlier, didn't get a response, but I am still interested.
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Complete Bundle - $9.99 (-75%)

    Anyone wanna sell me there games? Forgot to jump in on this. PM me!
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    WTB Razer Makos

    I know this is a long shot, but I have been wanting to try these out since release and missed out when they had them on Woot due to being broke. Let me know! Thanks.
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    240GB PNY XLR8 SSD + 16GB (2X8GB) PNY XLR8 DDR3 1600 $127.50

    Site got drilled, couldnt get in on that awesome deal. :(
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    WTB Case. PSU. DDR3. Blu Ray Drive. Maybe a 2500k

    As said above, looking for the following Shipped to 53545 Heatware under MoMurda Cases- ATX and Micro ATX cases, good quality, windows are nice but not necessary. Need the ATX for a budget build for my uncle so nothing fancy, but I would like for it to look sleek. PSU- Looking for a...
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    [H]ard Sff Club

    Play any newer games on it?
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    [H]ard Sff Club

    How much was it?! Pretty nice for being so small! I like the way they lay everything out in the tiny case.
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    ASUS Matrix OR Poseidon - CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON!

    Game until I can not game anymore!! And then game some more.
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    Nation’s First “Craigslist Transaction Safe Zone” Created

    Hey I just moved to Janesville! Haha Both are fairly small towns.
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    FS: SteelSeries Wireless H Gaming Headset

    Thats nice! Bump for you.
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    Shadows of Mordor

    This game is amazing!!
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    FS: 2500K, 2x EVGA GTX 780 Classified

    Where were you two days ago?!?! :( Bump.
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    The OFFICIAL post pics of your SFF thread...

    Stevo thats an amazing build! How much total cost? And what games can you play and what resolution?
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

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    FS: M3A2, H60, ST45SF-G, ST45SF, SG05 and 660Ti SC

    Where's the button for the 360 adapter?
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    PHOENIX, AZ - LANBASH 11 7/27-29

    Any news on these coming back!?
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    [FS] Playstation 4

    Why must I always be poor! Bump for great price
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    amazon/crucial ballistic 16 GB 4x4

    I hate all of you
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    f/s: verizon samsung note 2

    Wow wish I had a damn job! Would love to try this out. Bump for you!
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    FS: FT: XFX 290x, GTX760, GTX660 3gb, PS4

    Bump for an awesome deal on that PS4. Lucky bastard!! Haha
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    WTB IO Shield for Asus M4A88T-I Deluxe mITX.

    My first MITX board. Loved it! Bump for you.
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    2600k $145 Fry's in store (San Jose CA)

    Anyone want to sell me their 2500k? PM me!
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    FS: Thief steam code and other games

    I shall take it!!
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    FS FT Xbox One

    Interested in a 7950?
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    FS: 240GB Intel 530 SSD & Asus UL20FT Core i3 Laptop

    Bump for a sweet SSD, price, and that awesome crankshaft lamp!!
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    MSI GTX 670 For Sale! Cheap! Check it out!

    Why did I have to buy that 7950... :( Great price!
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    Asus 7950 is $245 AR, and Gigabyte 7950 is $199 AR (Newegg)

    I caved. But bought it from amazon