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    Image of McAfee Endpoint Encrypted Work Laptop Takes Down ZFS?

    I dont know what the issue is but my laptop is McAfee Endpoint encrypted and I dump images of it regularly to a ZFS pool for backup. I use R-Drive Image and just let it compress the image, nothing specific. I am doing it specifically for backup though, no conversion or reimaging process. My...
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    Please check my logic on storage solution decisions

    1 - Personally... I prefer RAIDZ2 over mirrors unless you are talking about a VM data store. Mirrors for plain simple file storage make no sense, you take the hit of efficiency (Dont get greedy, 50% is fine? WTF does he do for a living? Give him a 50% income tax and lets see....) and you do not...
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    I need an advice on a suitable SAS/SATA HBA

    Yes, most people consider it required. But it will work without it. Ive never heard of the G2020 and G2030 so I dont know? The specs seem fine.
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    I need an advice on a suitable SAS/SATA HBA

    What _Gea said. Works great, very affordable combo.
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    I need an advice on a suitable SAS/SATA HBA

    It doesnt "require" it to work, it is strongly recommended to get the full benefit of ZFS (and most file systems really) but many people run without it. There are more affordable boards that have ECC. I use a Supermicro X9SCL (might be an X9SCM) both of which I would call affordable, with a...
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    Uber Is Recruiting Old People As Drivers

    Someone has never seen the Simpsons obviously...
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    ZFS drives, what's the current choice?

    The one Toshiba I had (bought to use only as an off site back) crapped out way too fast as well. Bearing failure, made plenty of nasty noises on its way out.... I dont know the model number, warranty was expired so it when to the drill press then recycling. My vote goes to WD Reds, I have 8x...
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    Awesome, not at all surprised that you're steps ahead of me. I look forward to it!
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    Hey Gea, the Pushover feature is awesome, thank you so much for adding it. I was wondering if you could expand it to notify on S/H/T errors as well? And maybe Smart info failures? I ask because (at least in my experience) I've never had a disk just fail and go offline with ZFS except for...
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    OCZ to Unveil New TLC-based SSD Series at Computex 2015

    Take a pill :rolleyes: Toshiba should have googled "OCZ opinion" or something before buying, and changed the name. This is exactly the sort of response people are going to give now, especially in these circles. Its like a car company coming out with the Pinto II, the name is a joke forever.
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    Amazon Offers Free Same-Day Prime Shipping On Orders Over $35

    Its the same as Newegg, IMOH even easier than Newegg.... Type in hard drives in the search field Select filters (brand, 4TB+) Select prime only (because why anything else?) Results Newegg's site is worse the few times ive used them.
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    Amazon Offers Free Same-Day Prime Shipping On Orders Over $35

    You know there are filters on the left hand side right? Including an option for "4TB & Above" in the hard drive catagory? Including being able to filter by brand, rotational speed, physical size and can even filter by if the drive knows how to use a website....
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    Crashplan 4.2 drops support for OpenSolaris

    Me personally (not the OP) I only have it on my OpenIndiana box, so no Windows clients involved currently.
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    Crashplan 4.2 drops support for OpenSolaris

    Nooooooo!! One of the reasons I love CrashPlan is it runs right on my OpenIndiana box. It is currently backing up, so I wonder when it will kick in for me...
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    RAID Strategy with 8x 6TB Disks

    Its important to note that its not just two drives. In theory an eight drive RAID10 can have four drives fail, but they have to be the "right" four drives. If one drive fails and then its mirror fails, there is data loss. If one drive fails and then another drive that is NOT its mirror fails...
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    Got a 5.6gig file and an 8gig stick, wont fit, wtf?

    Or can read in read only mode and corrupt the partition table after a correct and safe removal :rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    Suggestions for a new backup strategy

    Look at Crashplan, seriously. It runs on OpenIndiana for me, another person mentioned FreeBSD works too. Most importantly for your situation, they do a seeded backup option. It costs extra but helps the terror factor. Its a 1TB drive, which would work for the 600GB of documents you mentioned...
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    Seagate Selling Affordable 8TB Hard Drives

    You could go with Crashplan and do their seeded backup option. I just seeded 940GB to my Crashplan account and it all went great. Not a huge help if you are constantly adding lots of new data to your backup, but solves the issue of the initial backup...
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    Would you buy a Corsair USB drive off eBay that is being shipped from Hong Kong?

    No, just because I dont understand why anyone would? Order off Amazon, Amazon could forget about the order for a week, accidentally send you a toaster, wait for you to return the toaster and then send you the USB drive and still have it to you before that Ebay one gets to you.
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    The End of the Swipe-and-Sign Credit Card

    Thats not the chip card per se. Thats the tap and go card that has an RFID tag/chip inside it. Chip card doesnt necessarily mean RFID at the same time although it is starting to. I have a chip enabled debit card and a chip+pin Visa that also has RFID on it. The RFID is a new thing, before it...
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    Declaring Email Bankruptcy

    I just got that forced on me. Evil hateful thing, that EAS or at least my employers implementation of it. At some point its apparently going to delete my 8.5GB PST unless I upload all that. Ironically, very similar industry to yours but from a vendor standpoint.
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    WWE Announces Its Own Streaming Network

    For the three people with internet who watch WWE?
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    Google-Backed 23andMe Ordered to Halt DNA Test Service

    Anything that is used in a diagnostic process generally counts. Monitors used to display X-Rays/CTs/etc count, since they are used for diagnosis. Same with the workstations connected to said monitors, and the servers that store and process the images. Mammography monitors are extra fun. The FDA...
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    The Navy’s Newest Warship is Powered by Linux

    Meh, I wouldnt have issues with a warship running Windows. I've seen servers running Server 2003 that had over 1000 days uptime, running critical applications for hospitals. Many others had 600+ days too. Closed network, locked down workstations, and too important a system for anyone to want to...
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    Any data on the target pool? Snapshots, etc? How full is it?
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    Canadian Government Wants To Unbundle TV Channels

    Yes, because US hospitals always have zero ER wait and all the ERs have crystal chandeliers and the floor is heated marble. :rolleyes::rolleyes: And when I travel to the US for non business purposes (I am a Canadian working in US healthcare) I and anyone I am with has extra insurance to...
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    MasterCard Joining Push for Fingerprint ID Standard

    The US isnt even running behind the bandwagon of chips in credit cards, so any sort of biometric data for credit cards is probably about 40 years away.
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    ZFS Very slow scrub performance

    I like "iostat -exn" for that. Look for high wsvc_t and high asvc_t columns or any drive that is generally different from the others.port Example here from my NAS on which a drive took a dump the other day. It had a wsvc_t of 272 as well but that went away when I rebooted and removed that pool...
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    Twitter Killing Off Spam Accounts

    Killing off spam accounts? You mean, there are twitter accounts that ARENT just spamming nonsense?
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    PC for boss

    After having SSDs as the primary hard drive it will be a very very frigid day in hell before I go back to a spinning disk. Any spinning disk.
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    California Abruptly Drops Plan For RFID Driver's Licenses

    Of course, it can just be put in a sleeve to prevent it being read. I carry my Nexus card (RFID card for crossing the border quickly) everywhere with me, in its copper sleeve. BC has an Enhanced Drivers License that is RFID enabled for crossing the border quicker than with a passport but slower...
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    The (eTail) World is Ending NOW!

    I wonder what that does to Amazons SLA, I think they aim for 99.999? Or maybe 99.9999 is their target.
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    Moving storage server

    Another option... Buy a Pelican case with the foam slots. Get 20 antistatic bags. Pack the drives in the Pelican case and put that in the truck or bring that with you.
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    Tumblr Starts Hiding Porn from Search and Tag Pages

    Hahahahaha Yeah, its mostly the guy in control in the average marriage.... Hahahaha (wipes tears).
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    PayPal Accidentally Gives Man $92 Quadrillion

    My employer once owed me I think it was $22 billion for driving 80 km in my personal car. SAP has some sort of mental breakdown about miles vs kilometers, or something :rolleyes:
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    ESXi 5 datastore - NAS or local RAID

    I have Plex running on a VM, all media stored on my NAS (ZFS box which also does the datastores). No issues with Plex, runs great.
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    What is the BEST OS for home media server?

    I like 2003 Server for my Plex server. Usually <1GB RAM usage on my ESXi box. No issues so far, had over 100 days uptime until recently.
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    FAA to OK Gate-to-Gate Use of Personal Electronic Devices

    Finally ill be able to read my Kindle when I really want to.
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    Bitcoin Receives Cease and Desist Order in California

    From? I dont think anyone can actually buy gas, pay utilities, get groceries, etc with bitcoin.... The basics of life. Yay, buying some computer parts from one or two websites.... Freedom indeed :rolleyes:
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    Spielberg, Lucas Predict $150 Movie Tickets

    Id pay $100 to see a movie.... As long as that included two tickets. And four beers. And reclining chairs. And that price includes food, delivered to me. And theres no kids around. And theres privacy screens so the wife and I can get...