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    Destiny: The Taken King Refer a Friend

    Looking for a new refer-ee that plans to get Destiny: The Taken King or has purchased in the last few days - to participate in the Destiny Refer-a-Friend promo, where we team up for the promo quest series/line. :)
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    Destiny: The Taken King Refer a Friend

    It appears that the last person mscoolmusic, did not intend to purchase the Taken King as they have not responded to messages here on Hardforum, PSN, or Therefore I will be generating a new code to someone that plans to get the Taken King soon or has recently (last few days)...
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Counter-Strike: Global Operations (CS:GO) I consider this the true successor to CS 1.6 over Source and CZ. DOTA 2
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    Should I wait for President's Day Sales?

    This is a general question to savvy shoppers on Hardforum. Should I just stop browsing and wait til Presidents Day? Or should I still follow the daily deals announced here as well as on Slickdeals etc elsewhere Any other good sites besides hardforum and slick to get the heads-up on deals? *...
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab3 - 8" $149

    damn, would have pulled on this.
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    Where do you install all your games?

    Thank you all for commenting! :D I think I'll invest in a new 2TB just to hold all my games.
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    Steam 2013 Thanksgiving sale is here! runs from November 27 to December 3

    Got Rome 2 & ShadowRun. Great thread! Thanks.
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    (Amazon) Crucial M500 960GB SSD $439.00

    Just wondering, anyone think Cyber Monday will drop the price on this even further?
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    (Amazon) Crucial M500 960GB SSD $439.00

    That ssd is more important.
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    Where do you install all your games?

    This may sound stupid but, for those of you that buy a lot of games on Steam. Do you just reserve your boot drive for all your games ( especially those with an SSD )? Or do you install them on your 2nd 3rd 4th drives? I have a 500mb Samsung drive not a SSD as my C drive.
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    What's closest to the fUNC 'Surface 1030' these days?

    I'm an original fUNC user, the moment they debuted I got one during my counter-strike 1.3 days. I really like the Steel Series mousepad. SteelSeries 4HD Gaming Pad I like it so much, I've owned 5 func pads. Maybe someday I'll get another one someday but I've been happy for a while now with...
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    Sony Pulse Elite Playstation/PC headset

    This is an amazing headset. Favorite headset ever!!!!!
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    x series - 6 $ humble bundle weekly

    So let me get this straight it is 6$ for all those games? o.O
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    Total War: Rome 2

    Guess I'll wait for the Steam Winter Sale to reconsider Rome 2. Sounds like I can skip a lot of gripes and not have to deal with all the patching and changes if I just wait it out.
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    Chromebooks flooding Craigslist

    I was just curious if anyone could fill me in on why Craigslist is filled with Chromebooks? I'm guessing in the next 3-6 months the average price for any chromebook will be 100$ Its already around 150$
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    Total War: Rome 2

    Guess I'll wait.
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    Total War: Rome 2

    Ya guys think that there would be a good deal for Rome 2 during the winter sale?
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    Neverwinter MMO, 100% FREE! :)

    Are the character models still - dated looking & ugly? I think I've become spoiled by all the mmos that recently have come out and the new ones in the horizon.
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    TERA (The Exiled Realm of Arborea) Discussion Thread

    Hi All ~ Just found this Tera thread. I curently play on Lake of Tears(highest level is 37 zerk) and Valley of Titans (highest level is 30 priest) If any of you all want to join a guild on Lake of Tears, I'm in a casual 60 and the academy guild I helped set up for leveling/questing etc...
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    ASUS/BENQ LightBoost owners!! Zero motion blur setting!

    absolutely love this thread, I've been struggling with motion blur on an older tv/monitor samsung lcd for a while now since I started back into gaming with - CS:GO. Attempting to focus on a moving body over and over while trying to shoot has gotten tiring and frustrating. Going to buy one of...
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    Can any of you think of new genres that can be introduced into PC gaming?

    I would love to see - battletech: crescent hawk's inception ~ redid. It as a RPG -slash - thing mechcommander. You started off as a infantry man, you end up getting/finding your first beat-up uber puny mech. and set off to incorporate other people you meet into your unit, whom are ACTUAL...
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    Can any of you think of new genres that can be introduced into PC gaming?

    You must be out of the loop. Check-out the Crysis Total Conversion. Mechwarrior : Living Legends
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    hp to sell touchpads on ebay (December 11th.)

    Looks like no one wants to pay an extra 50+ for the 32gb they are still sitting on ebay.
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    hp to sell touchpads on ebay (December 11th.)

    16gb vs 32gb? I've read some arguments but I thought I'd ask here as well to see if I've missed anything.
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    Darksiders $5.00 - Steam Daily Deal

    so basically any xbox controller will connect to a pc and play without any added install?
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    Purchase BF3 from Origin and get Dead Space 2 for free.

    I got pirates! from a third world country. It worked great! :D Already preordered BF3 through newegg :/
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    Missoni for Target now live

    Is this thread serious? I call troll job.
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    Amazon is having a PC day it seems for Gold Box Deals.

    Seagate scares me.
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    OCZ vertex plus 120gb (Indilinx) $108 after $20 rebate: scorching hot

    Based on 2k3eblade Limp Gawd, 6.0 Years Comparison: Is this SSD worth buying still?
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    OCZ vertex plus 120gb (Indilinx) $108 after $20 rebate: scorching hot

    I have another question: What are the chances of seeing a deal as good as this - or better for 120+ gb ssds... over the remainder of this year?
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    Acer Aspire TimelineX AS4830T-6642, anyone have one?

    Makes sense, the good thing is the ODD in this gets used immediately to make back-ups and recovery disks. Portability, I made sure to get a Swiss Gear backpack and weight & size.. well I rack pull 500lbs - so weight is not an issue :) Thanks for adding to the discussion I think it will help...
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    Best Upgrade for Laptop. RAM or SSD?

    Thanks to all that contributed to this discussion. If anyone else has anything to add I'd be happy to hear about it. I just find it confusing how some places state SSDs actually diminish power and other people state other wise. I do realize that the Tom's Hardware article was from 2008, and...
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    Best Upgrade for Laptop. RAM or SSD?

    Acer Aspire TimelineX AS4830T-6642 * Main usage, School, notes, document/essays writing, web browsing/social media * Main reason for purchase: The battery life had at least over 7 hours for many people * Pricing : versus the Macbook Pro and Toshiba Portege - I went with this for price and...
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    Acer Aspire TimelineX AS4830T-6642, anyone have one?

    Just fyi but I bought this and hopefully it comes in tomorrow.
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    OCZ vertex plus 120gb (Indilinx) $108 after $20 rebate: scorching hot

    my biggest question is how much battery life should I expect to lose by using a ssd on a laptop?
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    Just installed S.T.A.L.K.E.R. for the first time, two questions

    Yes, thats the first thing I did, install the complete mod! :) I'm such a gear whore, I even ended up editing the game so I could carry more items I found so I could just stick them in storage chests everywhere hahaha. Nothing like sitting in the bushes in pitch-black with night-vision on and...
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    samsung galaxy s2 vs htc sensation vs evo 3d

    Couldn't I just buy it and jail-break it for T-mobile?
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    Corsair HS1A analog Headset $49.95 & shipping + $10.00 rebate

    I used to live 4-5 blocks as well from this place. It's a relatively small non-commercial establishment. Ya got a few guys walking around in an old building, there's racks with various stuff, a few old glass display cases ~ got's a very 80's feel to it. It is legit. Probably one of the only...