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    FreeNAS - Temporary Storage for VMware ESX Cluster

    I have an ESX Cluster with three hosts running HA, and I want to shuffle around some stuff on my storage, but I'm a little short on free-space. I've run into some file locking issues where only a single hosts can RW any particular datastore with another much older storage product, causing...
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    Leveraging LAN desktop storage

    Maybe look at greyhole?
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    Critique my FreeNAS build list, please.

    If you're going to be using it for 24/7 work, I'd consider a drive that is built for that. You of course will pay more. Here is the data sheet with the drive specs...
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    Saturating Cisco 2960s stack with iSCSI traffic; move to 3560g? 4948?

    FYI the 4948 hasn't dropped any packets at all since installation. Seems to have solved the issue.
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    Saturating Cisco 2960s stack with iSCSI traffic; move to 3560g? 4948?

    That is helpful and congruent with what my google-fu is showing.
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    Saturating Cisco 2960s stack with iSCSI traffic; move to 3560g? 4948?

    I imagine for some of you this would be a fairly basic question; I deployed a ESX cluster a few years ago on a 2960s stack. HP G6 dual quad core, each server with 8 1gb NIC's. HP P4300 storage It was relatively low traffic and seemed to work well from what I can tell. I've since added a...
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    Drobo 5N or this

    Maybe one of those Seagate NAS units then. The drobos are okay too, but they don't come with disks. I'm not sure transplanting disks between a broken drobo and a repaired one (or ANY prebuilt NAS) will work. I'd also encourage you, if you haven't already to establish a backup routine for your...
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    Increase iSCSI Performance over 1 GB Ethernet?

    keep in mind TCP overhead, which can be 10% of your total 125MB/s. From my experience LACP doesn't scale like you think it will.
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    ZFS/nexenta instance failed drive question

    On nexentastor it appears to be finishing the first resliver. The second disk, even replaced, is currently idle.
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    ZFS/nexenta instance failed drive question

    I have a 16x1TB server in RAIDZ3. I had a disk throw a write error, went ahead and replaced it. I am aware that the rebuild does take a long time, probably 5-7 days. We're on day 2, and we lost a second disk Question is, do I go ahead and replace it now, or let the first disk finish? I...
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    napp-it all-in-one build question

    Supermicro site says unbuffered (which is NOT registered) I've recently done a similar build and didn't have any issues with MBD-X9SCM-F-O. The OS compatibilty matrix is a bit useless. You might check online to see if anyone else has...
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    SAS drive worh it for raid 5

    Backups are better. RAID5 != data protection, it is for uptime and capacity. Does your workstation have onboard intel ports? They may support TRIM in RAID configurations. Maybe in sequential reads, but otherwise very much no. Depends on the controller, but probably not at all close. The...
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    Need Help with Pci Expresss x4 raid controller card.

    You might spend as much on the right RAID controller as just upgrading your motherboard and CPU, to get a chipset that supports SATA III. Something to consider.
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    Small SSD running OS running into space issues?

    Just an FYI, I set my page file to 1024MB, but i'm careful not to be one of those 400 tab people in chrome, etc. I also run 16/24/64gb of ram in my various computers. Also, you can generally right click on the "Libraries" in C:\Users, for example if you're using the "admin" user, your music...
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    RR 2720 and 2680

    If you have enough expansion slots, it shouldn't be a problem. What happened to your other card?
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    Recover from a RAW partition?

    Sounds about right. Take the time to teach your friend to backup, use dropbox or some other solution.
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    VMware ESX; cheaper datastor for archived guests?

    Greetings. I think this is a pretty straight forward question. I have three servers in a VMware ESX 5.0 cluster. Each server is presented say, a dozen different datastore's of an HP Lefthand SAN product over iSCSI. Each server can access each datastore and different VM's on the same...
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    LUNs dropping in Nexenta

    Have you tried passing the LUN's through regular gigabit? I do the same thing (nexentastor with VT-D passthrough on ESXi) but I just use the E1000 adapters and don't seem to have any issues. I know that won't get you 700MB/s, but stable is better than fast sometimes.
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    Installing Win7 on a HDD setup for IDE mode in AHCI mode

    I think I misread, I read "partitions" as "separate drives", meaning three separate hard disks. I've run into situations where if you leave your data drives plugged in, windows7 may steal 100mb from the data drive while you're reinstalling and turn it into the boot partition, making it...
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    i5-4670k actual temp?

    Are you sure its mounted correctly?
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    What's the best out of the box RAID5 setup?

    Maybe you should work on that. A drive pool of 16TB mirrored to another drive pool of 16TB is much better than any sort of RAID setup, with or without parity. In general, RAID sucks. I'd suggest drive pools in different machines that mirror your data. I'd suggest a couple of really simple...
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    HDD not detected

    Is the hard drive listed in available disk drives in device manager? you may just need to format it or assign it a drive letter in disk management (in computer management administrative tool)
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    Installing Win7 on a HDD setup for IDE mode in AHCI mode

    I would highly suggest unplugging your data drivers and re-installing windows on the drive you want it on. Change from IDE to ACHI, reinstall win7, then re-plug the drives once windows is setup. The data should still be there available to you, though you may have to assign it a drive letter...
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    Cheapest 12 port SATA controller?

    It will probably work fine as long as it supports the NAS os you want to use. I would internet search the HBA card model number with the OS you plan on using to see if anyone else is running it.
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    Best 24+ Drive Setup

    You could hook your supermicro HBA into a SAS expander, and then plug all your drives into that. It would let you get by with a motherboard with a PCIE slot for the HBA, and another for the NIC(s). You need a manageable and feature rich networking switch to take advantage of anything like...
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    HDD not detected

    Is there 2 jmicro controllers in your device manager in control panel? Or any devices with missing drivers?
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    ZFS Very slow scrub performance

    Just curious, whats the command to do this?
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    Cheapest 12 port SATA controller?

    You can add a SAS expander powered from the power supply to do this. (It's why they have a molex connector AND a pci connector; either is just for power). I'd suggest using as short as possible cables. Any reason you cant use the motherboard ports ?
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    SAS to Sata cable for old Savvio 10.2k hdd

    Read what you wrote; SAS to SATA. Not SATA to SAS. Unfortunately you learned it the hard way. The good part is in general the cards can be really cheap. I've got a supermicro one craigslist up for $30 that no one is interested in for whatever reason. In general there are many inexpensive SAS...
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    2500k upgrade

    I'd buy some more RAM. Never hurts unless it hurts your OC.
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    Upgrading from an SSD to a newer model - worth it?

    I'd say no. I have just added additional SSD's (of capacity I want) to an existing system without reinstalling, then migrate some data to them as needed.
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    VMWare I/O - Need some [H]elp

    Full backups would serve you better than the "Redundancy" that raid5 provides. RAID5 also takes a pretty big hit on certain types of IO.
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    3930k and 64GB Ram - Bare with me

    Everything on mine works fine. Sleep mode, etc etc. But I don't OC.
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    VMWare I/O - Need some [H]elp

    You can put any HDD or SSD on the rest of the intel ports, and migrate VM's, data, or programs over to them. It sounds like to me you're running out ouf IOPS on your 1tb disk, so spreading out the work over other disks would remedy this issue. There will be very little real-life noticible...
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    Asus Z87-WS and IBM M1015

    No reason it shouldn't be. Are you just making a big JBOD or what?
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    How many of you use NAS?

    I have two personally, and many at work. I build them all in general. A raspberry pi would have very limited function, though power efficient. If you have any parts on the shelf, even a pentium III can act as a NAS, assuming you can get SATA ports to it. There are lots of cheapo...
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    Thinking about Synology - Talk me out of it

    These were originally the same project, but freeNAS split off as they decided to ditch 32 bit processors. NAS4Free remains 32bit capable, and in general works better on older hardware. FreeNAS if you're 64 bit capable.
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    RAID 5 Questions / Intel Onboard

    If you have the hardware laying around to have a NAS it, its def worth it. ZFS RAIDZ/Z2/Z3 arrays can't be expanded non-destructively as far as I know. You can do mirrored pair extending or just not worry about striping data and have a good backup routine. In general, yeah. Hitachi Drives...
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    RAID 5 Questions / Intel Onboard

    I am assuming you're talking about the least expensive 4TB seagates. I would advise against those seagate drives unless they re on the card's HCL. They may be for the areca card. It's not best practice to mix drive sizes in the same volume on a RAID card. You could pick up two new 4TB drives...
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    RAID 5 Questions / Intel Onboard

    You can, and it will probably work, assuming its something in the Seagate Constellation ES2 / Hitachi Anything / Western Digital RE series. I do have a frankenstein at work that has a mix of hitachi ultrastar drives and seagate constellation drives (though I remember its running ZFS now so it...