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    Human Error Caused Self-Driving Car Crash

    haha true. Trying to spread the blame i guess
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    Galaxy S7 Rumored To Launch In US On March 11

    Liked what Sammy did with the S6 but was not in the position for a new phone then. Hope they don't take too long to launch in the UK
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    Microsoft Only Sold 99 Xbox One Consoles Last Week In Japan

    Not really surprised. Wonder how the price of the PS4 in Japan is like?
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    People Keep Coming To This Home Looking For Lost Phones

    Very strange, once is understandable but this many? This makes alot on sense, probs a house near by, and having turned GPS while going past this house a number of times.
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    TigerDirect Clearance on Ebay

    Some nice deals on there, thanks
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    ASUS MG279Q Black 27" 144 Hz 4ms 2560X1440 LED IPS Panel, Freesync - $469

    This looks so much slicker than my U2711 :/
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    Facebook COO: 'Likes' Can Help Stop Isis Recruiters

    haha yeah, still waiting on that dislike button
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    Penthouse Not Going All Digital

    There will always be a novelty to it i guess
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    World's First 'Gamer Hotel' Opens In Amsterdam

    does this really need to be a thing?
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    Cool Kickstarter of the Day

    Concept is cool, execution is ugly
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    Drone Autonomously Lands On Moving Car

    This is cool, the future is cool
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    Netflix Price Hike For Grandfathered Members Coming Soon

    Still a good price imo
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    Google Paid Apple $1B To Be Default iOS Search Engine

    Pretty good deal for both of them
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    New Zero-Day Flaw Hits Millions Of Linux Servers

    Im sure all software has bugs. Its how fast the companies patch it that is the main issue
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    What Happens When You Reply To Spam Email

    definitely worth the watch
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    Android Malware Defeats Two-Factor Authentication

    Fine line between being open like Android is right now and being more closed to prevent these malwares
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    Town Shuts Down Wi-Fi Over Health Fears

    facepalm, literally you could not make this stuff up.
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    Worst Passwords Of 2015

    My Passwords are made up of old laptop serial numbers
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    Survey: 60% Of Windows 10 Users Give It A Thumbs Up

    Guess im part of that 60%
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    Netflix Staying Out of Ratings 'Arms Race'

    Netflix is just winning constantly
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    SpaceX Fails A Third Time To Land Falcon 9 On Barge

    One step closer to sucesses
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    Penthouse Drops Print Magazine Due To Internet Porn

    lool. Surprised its taken this long
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    Apple Demands Court Order To Access Dead Husband's Password

    tbf, she has no right to have the passwords.
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    Logitech Z313 2.1 speakers $15

    These are really sh*** speakers but at that price you can't complain
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    Dell T20 Mini-Tower "server" for $139

    I love Dell products, always am temped to buy there stuff even if i dont need them haha
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    MSI GTX980 $400 @ Jet

    I sure US get all the best orders
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    Humble Bundle Winter Sale.

    HAven't bought anything from humble bundle in so long. Im sure their deals used to be better.
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    AOL Considering Ditching Its Brand Name

    I think AOL could become a strong name again. Just need to re-brand the whole company image.
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    13TB SSD Available For $13,000

    Give it 5 years and this will be $250
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    Windows Calculator App Nagging Users For Reviews

    I think its funny, if this stops you from upgrading to Win10 you must have the perfect life is thats all you have to complain about.
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    Tablet Showdown: iPad Pro vs. Surface Pro 4

    Really wish there was a proper Android competitor. The Pixel C is very close for me. Maybe this years one.
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    Intel Readying 5.1 GHz Xeon Chip

    Would love to get my hands on one of these. Work or play im easy
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    Amazon Prime $73 Year This Weekend

    Is this offer avalible for UK as well? Couldn't see it online :(
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    Newegg: Samsung 850 Pro 2TB $849.99 ac fs

    Seriously tempted by this.
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    What's The Best Windows 10 Web Browser?

    All depends on what works for you. Chrome for me. It may not be the fastest but works best across all my devices, not just Windows 10.
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    Google's Creepy Plan To Kill The Password

    There has actually been alot of research and development with passwordless authentication. In theory passwords we have now are a bad concept but they actually work well. It would take alot for people (general public) to move to a passwordless world. All about trust at the end of the day.