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    FS: Abit BH6 and Celeron 300A, the original overclocker's combo

    Alright, it's been almost a week with no takers at $100, so now the first reasonable offer takes it -- would love to have this in a new home by the end of the week!
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    FS: Abit BH6 and Celeron 300A, the original overclocker's combo

    Just realized, if you follow the heatware link in my sig, I've got feedback from the original transaction when I bought this combo back in 2003! Man, time flies. My kids are almost old enough to build their own systems now.
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    FS: Abit BH6 and Celeron 300A, the original overclocker's combo

    I bought this on AnandTech like 20 years ago and never ended up building anything with it. Time to clean out the closet! This was the combo that really brought overclocking into the mainstream; you could OC it 50% right out of the box! Good ol' days... $100 shipped Now OBO, first reasonable...
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    WTB: iPhone XS (not max)

    Storage and color doesn't matter.
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    WTB: iphone xs

    64gb is fine, as long as its verizon/unlocked
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    Need gone, selling cheap Microsoft surface laptop with extras

    is this the first or second gen?
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    FS: Honeywell T5 Smart Thermostat works w/ Alexa and Homekit

    BNIB, still shrinkwrapped. Amazon link: $75 shipped
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    FSUS: Verizon iPhone 8 64gb

    bump for a nice guy!
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    My local Costco has the Dell XPS 15 i7/16gb 9570 for $1400.

    It's on clearance, so ymmv. They're simultaneously selling the 13" for $1600. Pretty great deal if you're in the market for one of these. I'd jump on it, but I've gotten too used to the 3:2 aspect ratio of my surface to go back.
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    F/T: surface book performance base, hp x2 detachable

    This Surface is the one from 2016, right, not the SB2?
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    WTB: 13" Macbook Pro, 2017+

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    WTB iPhone 5

    I just upgraded from my old 5S to an SE. Battery is good and everything works, but there's a small dark spot on the right side of the screen, maybe an eighth of an inch in diameter. $75 shipped? It'd take me a week or so to get the time to wipe it and get it unlocked through verizon, as i...
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    FS: Crucial MX300 - 275GB SSD

    bummer, wish the iphone worked on verizon.
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    WAPO Free for 6 Months to Prime Members

    Maybe he just doesn't like newspapers that have won too many pulitzers. 48 is a big number, perhaps even unfathomably large to some.
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    WTB: PC3-10600 SODIMM 2x8GB

    Thanks for the offer! I've read mixed reports of people using higher spec ram in these old macbooks though, some say its fine, others say its sluggish or they run into boot issues. Hoping to stick with 10600 to avoid the whole issue!
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    WAPO Free for 6 Months to Prime Members

    maybe there will be a good deal on dank pepe memes and retweets from russian bots for the folks who dislike this particular deal
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    WTB: PC3-10600 SODIMM 2x8GB

    Still looking!
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    WTB: PC3-10600 SODIMM 2x8GB

    Need a couple sticks for my wifes old macbook. Thanks!
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    Five Years On, Millions Still Dig 'FarmVille'

    Farmville hits the same addictive pathways as gambling. That's why games like Game of War: Fire Age on iOS have people who spend $100k/yr on it.
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    ipad air 16gb wifi only $400 (after $100 off)

    I was honestly shocked when they released the current-gen ipads and 16gb was still the standard. I don't think there's any way they can get away with it for the next gen.
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    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    that would be great, thanks!
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    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    I've got an old 2070sb with a slightly blurry screen and a fairly long warmup period (5-10mins). I haven't used it in years, and was thinking of just tossing it, as I figured the tube is shot. Just wanted to check in first to make sure i'm not being stupid. I've also got a Dell P1230, which...
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    AZZA CSAZ-XT1 Full-Tower Gaming Case

    Wow, that thing is ugly.
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    The Last Flight of the Shuttle Enterprise

    lol. You don't say?
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    Seasonic High Voltage Lucky Draw

    Best power supply money can buy!
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    AMD financial results Q1'12

    Just bought some AMD, and i'll be buying more monday if it dips below 7.50
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    Rebates To Cut Price of $60 LED Bulb

    I switched everything to CFL's a few years ago. This year i switched back to incandescents. The goddamn things burn out ridiculously fast... and no, I wasn't flicking them on and off dozens of times a day. The 130v rated 'can's last way longer, I dont need to be conscious of how often I...
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    Valve Is Hiring

    Yeah, this just screams a Steam-integrated Apple TV. TV + Console + Apple branding. Sounds expensive.
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    Facebook To Buy Instagram For $1B

    Never used either
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    Human Gets Top of Head Cut Off by Robot, Survives

    i can build a more sophisticated robot with my lego set
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    Teenager Brags About Facebook Porn Arrest on Twitter

    Why is this kid even in trouble? He was 14... its not like hes sexually abusing the girl, which is what these laws are intended to protect underage kids from. Lock up the prosecutor for being stupid.
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    Call of Duty: Teenage Girl Edition

    deception. any time someone posts a link on the internet involving teenage girls i expect boobs.