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    a7n8x bios checksum error

    I gave up and ordered a refurb a7n8x from newegg for 40$. If I cant fix the old one I'll light the old one on fire.
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    a7n8x bios checksum error

    Just happened yuesterday when I rebooted Beeps and says: Award BootBlock BIOSv 1.0 Aopyright (c) 2000, Award Software, INC. BIOS ROM Checksum error Detecting floppy drive A media... INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER So I created a dos boot disk with awdflash.exe and...
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    Who here thinks Blizzard is the best ?

    They've set the standard for multiplayer RTS games. I dont really have much of an interest in games like WoW though.
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    RAM on fire, help.

    haha, I've set a hard drive alight by pluggin in the power connector backwards. I had shaved off the corners of a connector to run a fan at 5v, and forgot about it and several months later put it in the HDD, backwards, when I was installing more RAM. I had the case off when I started it and...
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    FarCry vs Half Life 2 : which is more taxing ?

    made me chuckle heartily :p :p
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    Running HL2 on an ATI 8500 128 mb

    I'll be in the same situation before too long. Would be right now if my damn car hadnt crapped out on me this weekend :p
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    OMG a HL2 thread!11 (Radeon 8500?)

    Has anybody tried playing HL2 on a Radeon 8500le or a similar old card?
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    Basic AMD64 gaming system

    What do you think about the LANPARTY UT nF3 250G?
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    Basic AMD64 gaming system

    System for a friend, he has a max 700$ budget. This is what I have no, prices from Newegg: Soltek K8an2e - 89$ Radeon 9600XT 256mg - 150$ AMD Athlon64 3000+ socket 754 - 150$ Crucial PC3200 512 - 130$ Samsung 80gb 7200rpm 61$ Generic 30$ ATX case Antec 380w - 60$ Total 612$ Any...
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    The Original Half Life

    I bought it last year. The graphics are pretty outdated, but if you give it a chance, it will suck you in and not let go untill you beat the damn thing.
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    What's the best gaming PC maker?

    Choosing the parts is the hardest part, and we can help you with that. after that, it's just plug it toegther and install Windoze.
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    Please find holes in these ideas

    You could fill the system with Everclear, and install a tap in the reserve for those late night gaming sessions...
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    If you could choose your 1 (!ONE!) favourite game....

    Another vote for Half-Life. It took about a week for me to beat, and took way too much of my time. That didnt matter though, I just HAD to get out of Black Mesa. This was easily the most immersive game I've played, and the most fun. It was also the first game to actually hold my attention...
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    Counter-strike Fast Food Video

    BEST. EVA.
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    Sims 2 is awesome

    Sim lesbos are fun.
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    HardOCP WallPaper.

    Holy JPG Compression Batman!
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    I'm goig to hell for this...l

    I didnt take the time to fix the color of the face or the "II: Judgement Day" text because im a lazy unmotivated bastard.
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    [H]ardware Workshop pictures

    So Kyle made a gigantic wooden mallet for the sole puropse of crushing a Phantom? sweet
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    God of servers

    Finaly a computer that can run Doom3 at 16x12 maxed
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    My Trip Out.

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    Name what you use for artwerk

    GIMP, I want to get my hands on a copy of Maya or 3DSMax.
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    HL2 delay...again?....hmmm...strange timing

    I dont understand why people are saying that Doom3 owns HL2, when a) HL2 isnt out yet, and you have absolutely no idea how good or bad it will be 2) They are completely different games. I really loved Halflife. I didnt play it untill last year, so the graphics were quite dated when I...
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    Newbie at designing sites

    If I was you, I would just brush up on HTML and say screw Frontpage. I've tried using Frontpage and Mozilla Composer, but I always end up going back and redoing about half the code myself anyways. Most programs just never get it exactly the way I want it.
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    We can only hope...

    Quickie 5 min chawp:
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    You know you're a gamer when:

    OMG! He has a Sega Nomad!
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    How do you like to control your volume?

    THAT would be sweet. I have some vaccum tubes laying around I think.
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    My Quest: Headphones that dont suck

    For under 50$. Right now Im stuck between the HD457 and the PX100, unless someone has another sugjestion.
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    HL2 not too far off?

    I heard that if you can get it out of a crackerjacks box starting next week.
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    Try this one

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    Newest Mice Poll :-)

    Im using a 4$ GE optical mouse. Yes, a mouse made by a lightbulb company.
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    1.75 Inches of Doom III

    Are you sure that's not DOOM 1?
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    I'm looking forward to it because I hope that single player can give me another week or two as enjoyable as when I beat HL1, but thats it. Hopefully CS:S will be cool, but I honestly think the engine really dosnt matter when it coems to making timeless games. Half Life had a worked over Quake...
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    Myst was first; Riven was a sequel to Myst; is there a sequel to Riven?

    I played Riven a few years ago. It was alot of fun at first, but it gets really hard and repetative. I have Myst 3 but havnt really played it.
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    Valve are officially Retarded Inc.

    Regardless of how much you bash and hate them, I bet you are still going to give them 50$ of your hard earned money for a bunch of 1s and 0s.
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    Got rid of IE

    I use Mozilla, and now I cant live without tabbed browsing.
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    Need a game to play.

    I assume you've already played Halflife?
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    You know you're a gamer when:

    When you cry "Hax!" while playing paintball
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    Theif 3 + 98se

    Is it possible to make Theif 3 work on 98se?
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    Painkiller Looks Pretty GOod

    I dont know about the final release, but the demo trips up my system. Maybe they made it better. More likely, my computer sucks. Damn.
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    Half Life 2 new release date ?!?

    When I pay 50$ for a game, I expect something I can actually hold in my hand and easily move from computer to computer (all my personal computers, no piracy of course). I like laying in my bed reading whatever came with the game before playing, or before I go to bed. If the steam version is...