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    USB Volume knob?

    It is possible to just solder a potentiometer to gamepad electronics Their analog stick axis have at least 255 different steps You can read their value and change the system volume accordingly Personally I just used hotkeys when I needed this years ago The secret is increasing/decreasing the...
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    Can fix the uniformity by software???

    I don't see why you'd even need RGB Assuming the backlight is all white all you'd really need is a grayscale photo to get the backlight bleeding strength for each pixel And you could directly use the photo as alpha texture for your shader as well Now I only really tested this with some...
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    Can fix the uniformity by software???

    It could be done by injecting post-effect shaders or using a full screen overlay on some operating systems You could just take a photo of the screen and modify it accordingly That way you can have almost pixel-perfect uniformity The problem is to make backlight bleed go away on a black screen...
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    Do native 120hz TVs work as 120hz monitors?

    The manual doesn't really say anything about it and its also HDMI So the chances of it actually being 120hz are slim There are a few HDTVs that actually take 120hz input though I don't know the exact models because they're not available where I live
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    Question for the CRT gods

    High-end CRTs tend to have hidden service menus How to access them is usually described in the service manuals which you can get in .pdf form
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    Question for the CRT gods

    CRTs get worn out with use Dull whites / black crush can usually be fixed adjusting certain settings in the service (not the regular options) menu though
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    Korean @ 96Hz - IQ impact?

    Every 2nd pixel row on these monitors tends to be slightly darker than normal This is visible on 60hz but becomes slightly more visible on higher refresh rates
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    LED back light repair on Korean 1440p monitors...

    I haven't disassembled the panel itself but there are 6 (+/-) connections going from the pcb to the LEDs in the panel That suggests they're using 6 separate LED stripes The LEDs itself aren't necessarily "burnt-out" either I'd try feeding then low amounts of voltage first (don't know what they...
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    Best VR/HMD?

    I've only been wearing my DK2 for about 6 hours straight so far but I could probably use it all day I think it's light enough already and the only things somewhat uncomfortable are the headbands/cables
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    Best VR/HMD?

    Google is just working on a VR version of Android
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    Best VR/HMD?

    It is possible but not advisable The resolution is too low atm and you can only use it for 3D If you just feed it your Windows desktop the image will be split and distorted And while there's software that can project your 2d windows into 3d space and there are VR operating systems in the making...
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    144 Hz Nvidia card not idling with ROG Swift

    You can also use "Nvidia Inspector" to force the power state you want In my experience IDLE always works no matter the refresh rate or number of monitors
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    Is making a monitor without side bezels impossible?

    You could make a monitor with a ~0.1mm bezel but it would be rather fragile and more complicated to manufacture 1-2mm would be easily doable But I guess multi-monitor is too small a market
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    How does 144Hz+blur reduction look at ~60fps?

    Higher refresh rates always give you less tearing and less input lag - no matter the FPS If a game is fixed at 60FPS though you usually wanna use 120hz over 144hz because there is less judder
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    High Background HDD Activity Win7?

    Windows 7 is logging a lot of pointless stuff in the background You can prevent most of it without wasting too much time But preventing it completely would probably take weeks You have to do things like replacing system files/folders with hard links into nothing Not worth the effort imo
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    Samsung Curved 27 and 34 Inch VA Monitors

    I don't see why not It should be like having angled side-monitors
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    Best mini displayport to dual link DVI adapter

    I have that one running at 1440p with 108hz for a year or so now A minor problem I noticed is that sometimes the display connected to it is only displaying random noise after booting To fix it I have to turn the display off and on again Didn't encounter any other issues or notice any lag
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    144Hz IPS-type Panels Finally On Their Way! 1440p as Well!

    VA panels are used because of their superior contrast and black levels compared to IPS But their "AHVA" panel only has a contrast of 1000:1
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    144Hz IPS-type Panels Finally On Their Way! 1440p as Well!

    Nothing special unfortunately 144hz specs doesn't mean anyone will actually combine it with 144hz electronics I believe their last 120hz VA panel was only actually driven with 120hz in a single monitor All other manufacturers just bundled it with 60hz electronics Also selling an IPS panel as...
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    Virtual Monitors Why Is It So Hard?

    Of course Microsoft / AMD / Nvidia could easily implement this feature But none of them can be bothered to add something the average user doesn't need
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    Which are better all around good headphones? DT880 or HD598?

    I had both DT880 sounded a bit better and doesn't really need equalizing as badly as the HD598 I sold the DT880 though because the Sennheiser is much more comfortable to wear
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    72/75 hz question

    Timings are very different from model to model Its something you have to try out
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    72/75 hz question

    Blacking out isn't normal. You could try changing the timings and lowering the refresh rate to 71.928hz (the right refresh rate for movies). Higher refresh rates are easier on the eye/brain but 60 and 72 isn't a huge difference.
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    Can someone explain to me how xrite calibration works?

    You usually adjust RGB in your monitor's OSD like the calibrator is telling you and then it does its calibrations So you shouldn't see a big difference before the color profile is loaded A lot of older games override your color profile when running in fullscreen Modern ones tend not to do...
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    AMD Catalyst 14.6 brings Eyefinity with mixed resolutions support

    On Windows 7 ClearType font rendering does not seem to be affected by display rotation either way. And apart from ClearType I can't think of anything else that would require Windows to know the current display's sub-pixel layout. Also I don't see any issues with keeping the displays synced as...
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    AMD Catalyst 14.6 brings Eyefinity with mixed resolutions support

    Thanks for testing. I would have gotten an AMD just for PLP with bezel correction. I guess nVidia doesn't care or wants people to pay extra for their Quadro cards. AMD on the other hand simply is incompetent. If their driver was open-source (not saying it should be!) I could and would add PLP...
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    AMD Catalyst 14.6 brings Eyefinity with mixed resolutions support

    To my knowledge a display does not know its orientation and is always driven with the same timings. Its handled entirely by the operation system / graphics driver.
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    Disabling Mic Level Auto-Adjust In Windows 7

    If you can't find a solution to this you could just use a script that sets microphone volume to 100% when you press your push-to-talk key. That way its always at the right volume when you need it.
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    speaker sound in a 4.1 system only plays 2.1

    You could use foobar2000 with the "Convert stereo to 4 channels" DSP. X-Fi sound cards can do the same thing as well. But there it is for all sound and it only affects stereo sources automatically. Both options deliver hifi stereo sound without any "surround effect" garbage.
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    OLED Monitor

    Hopefully in a year or so in the Oculus Rift.
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    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    When I tried that on my FW900 always got an "out of range" error. I think I couldn't even get 1600x1000@120hz to work.
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    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    1920x1080@120hz isn't possible because the pixel clock is too high for the FW900. Nvidia also blocked CRTs from being used with stereo 3D.
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    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    1920x1200@96hz is definitely possible. I think I even got it to run at ~101hz with customs timings if I remember correctly.
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    Loud Switching Noise on Startup/Shutdown/Res Change

    I've never had a TFT monitor doing that And I've had 20+
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    BenQ XL2420TE owners - Do you have this problem?! (top 1/3rd of monitor much darker?)

    looks pretty normal for a TN the blue background seems to get a bit dark (gradient?)
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    Do 27" 1440p monitors that commonly have no backlight bleeding exist?

    i've had 4 catleaps and they all had very even backlighting only sold 1 due to dead pixels
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    Cannot get my BenQ XL2420TE above 60Hz over DVI-D with Windows 8

    amd cards only have 1 dual-link dvi one of them is limited to single-link
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    ASUS Announces ROG SWIFT PG278Q Premium Gaming Monitor

    Even if you have hundreds of FPS its not really a smooth experience because of the judder and tearing VSync on the other hand is smooth but always has a bit of lag even in the best case scenario For many games where it buffers multiple frames its just unusable So G-Sync/FreeSync really is good...
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    AMD freesync

    I don't see why that would be an issue. There are monitors that work just fine from 24 to 120+ hz Probably just excuses for the delay
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    ASUS Announces ROG SWIFT PG278Q Premium Gaming Monitor

    I already have 3 Catleaps but G-Sync/FreeSync is definitely something worth upgrading for