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  1. Zepher

    Whatz your oldest system/gear you still use on a daily or regular basis?

    The oldest piece of gear I use daily are my Alesis M1 Active MK2 Studio Monitors. I can't remember exactly when I got them, it was between 2001 and 2003.
  2. Zepher

    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Logitech Solar Keyboard and Logitech G602,
  3. Zepher

    What condition is your phone in?

    launch day iPhone 13 Pro Max in a Dbrand case with no screen protector and it's in flawless condition.
  4. Zepher

    5600x Upgrade Woes

    Just curios if you were able to see any temps before the system shuts off. Sounds like the CPU is hitting it's thermal limit and shutting down the system.
  5. Zepher

    Going To 64GB RAM (Dual Rank and Dual Channel Question)

    His comment was about mixing two different speed kits, like 3200 and 3600. Just buy the second kit and put it and see if you can get it all to run at 3600Mhz.
  6. Zepher

    Going To 64GB RAM (Dual Rank and Dual Channel Question)

    he means if you put in slower ram, the faster ram will run at the slower speed, which won't apply to you if you buy the same ram you already have. The issue I had could probably be fixed by playing more in the BIOS with the voltages but I didn't have time to mess with the machine before he had...
  7. Zepher

    Going To 64GB RAM (Dual Rank and Dual Channel Question)

    I updated my post with some more info
  8. Zepher

    Going To 64GB RAM (Dual Rank and Dual Channel Question)

    I am running 4x 16GB sticks in mine and it's still dual channel and dual rank. I think I read that if you have single rank dimms, running 4 sticks will be like dual rank or something along those lines, but you already have dual rank ram so just get the same set, or buy a 64GB kit and sell the...
  9. Zepher

    Bufferbloat and Internet Speed Test

    I noticed that Cox tripled the upload speeds, was 35Mbps in the past.
  10. Zepher

    can I disable NVMe slot?

    This is what you want to do, install Windows on the NVME, then remove the NVME and install windows on the SATA drive. After you get both installed, re-install the NVME and then when the PC is booting you can set the NVME as the 1st boot device and if you want to boot from the SATA drive, just...
  11. Zepher

    PSA: check your pinouts on both parts before doing something sketchy.

    When I swapped from a Corsair PSU to an EVGA one, I decided to just buy the EVGA 12pin cable vs trying to re-pin the Corsair one if it was different.
  12. Zepher

    PSA: check your pinouts on both parts before doing something sketchy.

    Lately I've been saving the boxes and keeping the cables in them. Some of the EVGA PSU's I've bought came with a nice EVGA branded storage bag to hold the extra cables.
  13. Zepher

    PSA: check your pinouts on both parts before doing something sketchy.

    I was just thinking about this last night while in bed. modular PSU's have been around for 20 years or so, in that time, they could have standardized the pinouts and cut down on e-waste from left over cables. I have cables from various PSU's that are just taking up space and I can't remember...
  14. Zepher

    NVIDIA To Give Away Diablo IV with New GeForce RTX Purchases

    Aren't the cards listed all of the 40 series cards you can buy, so technically, it's all 40 series cards that get the game.
  15. Zepher

    How long do motherboards generally last?

    My Amiga 3000T worked great still when I sold it in 2017. It was 25 years old. It's really clean for a 25 year old machine, I never cleaned it.
  16. Zepher

    Case selection = SAD!

    Yep. I bought it in 2004 or so then traded it to my brother in 2010 or 2011, he then traded it to another friend a year or so later, then that friend traded it to another friend who had it when I was buying a dual xeon from him in mid 2016. He pointed out that he had my old YY-0221 case and I...
  17. Zepher

    Matrox Video Announces Intel Arc-based LUMA Graphics Cards

    Interested in a Millenium II, lol? I think both of these cards were tossed without my knowledge when one of the spare rooms or attic was cleaned.
  18. Zepher

    Matrox Video Announces Intel Arc-based LUMA Graphics Cards

    We used Matrox video capture/editing cards for quite a while starting with the RT2000 then RT2500 and then these two below, which I still have in their boxes,
  19. Zepher

    External hard drive

    The Samsung would probably be the faster one with USB3, should easily do max read and write speed of the USB3 interface. I personally would choose the Samsung myself.
  20. Zepher

    External hard drive

    It seems that a lot of the smaller than 10TB external drives may be of the SMR type and not CMR. CMR is the preferred drive type especially if you are running an array or replacing files since SMR has much lower write speeds when re-writing data. For strictly external use, I currently use a...
  21. Zepher

    Did nVidia follow through with forcing people to register to use their drivers?

    You only have to register if you use GeForce Experience.
  22. Zepher

    SOLD OUT: WD SN850X 1TB NVMe 4.0 SSD $60 BestBuy 4/20/2023 only

    40 miles away is the closest to me so I am going to pass. No shipping option either for me.
  23. Zepher

    Cpu Temp?

    When I had my 4790K and 1080Ti, MS Flight Sim 2020 loaded up the entire CPU, Was running 3440x1440 When I got my 5800X, it looked like this,
  24. Zepher

    Help me spend $1000 on speakers

    I have a pair of them. I bought them mainly to get the speakers up to the height of the bottom of the monitor. they actually do fix the bass by isolating the speaker from the table surface so that was a nice benefit as well. I paid $100 for the ones I am using from a local Guitar Center store...
  25. Zepher

    Listening mp3 songs/albums in the car

    you can use Audacity to cut up the songs into individual tracks I haven't used it but it should work like most audio programs like SoundForge that I use. You would highlight the section of the song you want, copy it and create a new track and paste it into the new...
  26. Zepher

    HF FS/T scam - thoughts / a nod to the community

    the IRS thing is not for a $600+ transaction, it's for $600 total over the course of a year. If you received 10 Paypal payments for $60 each, paypal will send you that tax form for the $600 in transactions. this is for all of the e-payment processers except for Zelle I believe since that is...
  27. Zepher

    Ryzen 5 5500 $60 on Amazon

    My Bad, I didn't even notice the price was from one of those fly by night accounts. I did get a decent price on the one I ordered in January. When I first placed the order it had a mid January delivery date, about 2 weeks. A couple of days later they said the item was arriving about 1 week...
  28. Zepher

    LG 45″ OLED Ultrawide 5120 x 2160@165Hz in development (ETA Q1 2025)

    The only thing with the LG is the 1 year warranty. Dell has 3 year advance replacement warranty for only 1 stuck or dead pixel, so that is worth the extra cost in my book.
  29. Zepher

    LG 45″ OLED Ultrawide 5120 x 2160@165Hz in development (ETA Q1 2025)

    My friend has been wanting to buy this 40" Ultrawide for the past few years but it never wants to go down in price, been $2k since launch, maybe the price will start to come down with the 45" coming.
  30. Zepher

    Ryzen 5 5500 $60 on Amazon

    Amazon has this decently fast CPU for only $60. I bought one earlier this year and it's pretty impressive for the price.
  31. Zepher

    2tb Crucial P5 Plus $59.61 (Amazon Business Accounts)

    Ya, shows $119.99 for me now
  32. Zepher

    @ drives on one?

    What you can do is clone the C Drive to the new one and make a D partition on the new one afterwards and copy the D drive to it. Example since you didn't say the size of the drives you have. if you have a 1TB C drive and a 1TB D drive, then you can get a 2TB or larger 3rd drive, clone C to the...
  33. Zepher

    IPAD loop of death

    Try a "forced" restart of your iPad, using these instructions: On an iPad with a Home button: Press and hold the top (power) button and the Home button at the same time. When the Apple logo appears, release both buttons. On other iPad models: Press and quickly release the volume up button...
  34. Zepher

    2tb Crucial P5 Plus $59.61 (Amazon Business Accounts)

    I asked my dad if he wanted one and he did so I ordered one for him.
  35. Zepher

    2tb Crucial P5 Plus $59.61 (Amazon Business Accounts)

    Probably this one,
  36. Zepher

    2tb Crucial P5 Plus $59.61 (Amazon Business Accounts)

    Not sure if it's dead or just doesn't apply to my business account but I get this error,
  37. Zepher

    Is it worth getting ESET NOD32 anti-virus over regular windows anti-virus?

    backups are fine as long as they aren't infected.
  38. Zepher

    Is it worth getting ESET NOD32 anti-virus over regular windows anti-virus?

    I use it on all of my machines. I also have it installed on all of my clients' machines as well. It's light and protects the machines.
  39. Zepher

    PNY 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive $8.95 @ Amazon

    I have the 2TB version in a Sabrent enclosure, but it's much larger and not plug and play, you need to have a cable with you. The Sandisk is small and you can carry it around in your pocket without it feeling really bulky.