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    Creativy Audigy vs Onboard

    Xonar solved my Bioshock issue and does sound pretty good. Is it better than onboard sound? Well I like the simulated surround with headphones in games, but music is about the same as onboard. I am mostly happy for its compatibility and driver.
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    Creativy Audigy vs Onboard

    Just picked up a Xonar DG to see if the Headphone amp and Dolby Sound make a difference as I only game with Headphones. I was perfectly happy with my Abit IP-35's onboard Realtek sound, but never really had any game issues with it. Installed Bioshock for the first time on this new Asrock...
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    Steam 2012 Summer Sale 7/12-22!

    Glad I looked at this late, else I definitely would have spent more money :p Just picked up Fable 3 and Bioshock collection for less than $10 each. Already owned Bioshock on PC and Bioshock 2 on Xbox 360, but want Bioshock 2 on Steam as I really don't play my consoles anymore.
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    Upgrade or not from a Q6600?

    Thanks! I would not have noticed. Oh, and I did give Win 8 a go, but it had issues with my SSD. Metro kind of blows too, so I went with Win 7.
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    As predicted. SWTOR is going F2P.

    I have never played an MMO for two reasons...time and monthly subscription. Never felt I would play the game enough in a month to be worth the subscription fee, so refused to even consider any game that was subscription based. Lord of the Rings online has me looking at it because of its model...
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    Windows 8 Falls Further Behind Windows 7 in Pre-Launch Stats

    I tried the pre-release for a bit with the new build, but the beta did not like my SSD in ACHI mode and went unrecoverable. So I went and picked up another Win7 OEM and called it a day. Metro's home page is really awful, but I could have lived with the OS as long as I could get every thing to...
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    Newegg RMA Technicians Are Breaking My Returns

    I just ordered a few items for the first time in over a year and the packing was terrible. The PSU box was damaged, although I doubt the damage was due to the shipping material and more likely a shipper dropping it before packing it. Good thing Seasonic packs it PSU's well as there was no...
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    Upgrade or not from a Q6600?

    I was very tempted on 2x8gb dimms, very. Unfortunately, I had to cut cost somewhere and going with 8gb memory off the bat instead of 16gb was what got cut. Mainly because that is what I am running in Win 7 now, so starting in 8 with 8gb was minimum. I am guessing that when I go to 16gb, I will...
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    Why Microsoft Killed the Windows Start Button

    Yep. I bought my wife an IPad and she is almost never on the PC anymore. She only goes on when she wants to make longer replies as the IPad can be annoying. As far as the thread goes, I never use the start menu at home, but I do a lot a work. I have quite a few more apps to juggle at work...
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    Upgrade or not from a Q6600?

    Well I have finally decided to make the jump. I bought my Lian-Li case last fall on sale, thinking I would move my rig into it. But never wanted to take the PC down long enough to make the move. When I saw Microcenter have great deal on an ASRock Z68 Fatal1ty board and the I5 2500k, I...
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    TRON Wii - custom game system mod

    Pretty badass. I love everything TRON, Uprising is great.
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    Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Blu Ray set $49

    The only way I know how to play multiple files almost seamlessly is using something like XBMC for play black. In XBMC you can play a folder, although I usually notice a hesitation on the change, but at least you don't have to exchange discs. I have the DVD versions, but these are some of my...
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    Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Blu Ray set $49

    Yea I remember seeing it this price during black friday, but I passed because I was not shopping for myself. I did not know it had stayed this price since, I was just happy to see it again. It is a nice set for that price and I wanted the Blu Ray EE's.
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    Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Blu Ray set $49 Have they been selling at this price for a while? I came across it on Amazon 2 days ago and decided to pull...
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    i5 2500k $50

    Funny thread.
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    Entire Company of Heroes series on sale through steam

    This is great. I have been replaying Company of Heroes and was going to get OF finally. I went ahead and bought it and ToV too. Thanks!!!
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    Project Asimov COMPLETE: Scratch-built SFF - Water Cooled

    Very very nice. Wish I had the skills to do something like that.
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    Debug LED

    So is ASRock the only company doing this? I noticed it on the Z68 boards I was checking out and it has saved me much pain on my Abit IP35 Pro board. This will be my first non-abit board in a while. Last I had was an Asus A7N8X Deluxe. Just getting back into the research and it looks like...
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    Need advice on new case

    Ok. That makes sense. I only posted the Lian Li case because the Newegg promotion brought it within the price range of the RV02. I think you will be happy with the RV02.
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    Corsair Carbide Series 400R Case

    Nice case. I think I would prefer this over the 900 because of the size and look.
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    Need advice on new case

    It is all aluminum and with the sale and free shipping it is actually cheaper than the Raven RVO2, so I am not sure what you are looking at. But the Silverstone is a great case too.
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    Need advice on new case

    One of my favorite cases is on sale with free shipping at Newegg, the LIAN LI PC-V1020B. I just bought the Red version myself. It will be quiet, but may not have the GPU cooling you want unless you bought something like this in...
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    Logitech Harmony One - $135 - Free Shipping

    Love Harmony remotes. Have a 680 for the bedroom and an 880 for the Great room. Run an XBMC box in both rooms, works perfect out of the box if you just set the Harmony remote to a MCE remote. You can also set it do an MCE Keyboard and use a different Keymap on the XMBC. This is tempting...
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    Fallout 3 GOTY and Fallout New Vegas + DLC all on sale!!!

    Thanks. Took advantage for Fallout GoTY. Always wanted to play it, just never felt I had enough time. At this price even if i only play a few hours it won't be a waste of money.
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    YMMV: Band Hero Bundle $59 Wal-Mart

    Yea, no new games. But hell, after the first one you never needed a new game, just song tracks. Which there are plenty out available for both RB and GH. So I am happy to be late to the genre and enjoy it at a much cheaper entry fee.
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    YMMV: Band Hero Bundle $59 Wal-Mart

    Today's Toys R Us ad has the Guitar Hero - Warriors of Rock Band set for $89.99, so stores are clearing these out.
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    YMMV: Band Hero Bundle $59 Wal-Mart

    Thanks for this. I was able to find them clearanced fo $90 each at one of my Walmarts(the other I checked did not have any). I was able to get the 360 version, still a great price. The drum set is great.
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    Seagate 2TB $110 + shipping ... good?

    I have had pretty bad luck with Samsung drives. But great luck with both Seagate and WD. I usually go for the drives rated with the lowest heat output, which are the WD Green drives right now I think.
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    Need Video Card Recommendation

    Thank you for that article. I was also looking at the 4670, just to get a decent gaming card too.
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    Need Video Card Recommendation

    I am not married to ATI or Nvidia. While Nvidia typically has had quieter fans, ATI seems to have done better with TV support in the drivers from what I can tell. I was thinking about going for a real cheap card and maybe replacing its fan with a Noctua, but if I go that route I was thinking...
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    Need Video Card Recommendation

    I converted my old gaming PC with a 1900XT to a media server, plus some light gaming on the TV. The fan needs replaced, it is loud as hell now. I just disconnected it and the HIS heatsink is doing a decent enough job that as long I don't game I probably will be OK. Idling around 55-60c...
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    Is ABIT still a good brand?

    Darn. I really like Abit, I am going to miss their boards. My AT8-32X and IP35 Pro are still going strong though.
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    Console games just cost too much...

    When games were $39, I was buying a lot, many more than I could ever finish. When they bumped up to $49, I only bought a few a year NEW, just started being patient for titles to enter the Used Game market. Now at $59, I am almost strictly a used game buyer. I understand gaming budgets are up...
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    CyberPower Systems CP1285AVRLCD UPS Reconditioned - $70 + $12 s&h, @Frys

    Yes to your second part, plus they are AVR. From reviews I have found they seem pretty good as compared to Tripplite and APC.
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    CyberPower Systems CP1285AVRLCD UPS Reconditioned - $70 + $12 s&h, @Frys

    I just picked up one of these. Tempted to get another for my Home Theater setup.
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    Best RPG ever??

    My favorite JRPG's would be Lunar The Silver Star and Eternal Blue. My favorite WRPG would be Knights of the Old Republic. Ones I am sorry I missed are Grandia and Panzer Dragoon Saga. They are legendary it seems.
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    Chirstmas gift choice: PS3 or XBOX 360??

    I have been debating this so long it is aggravating. The PS3 hardware is a far superior product, but was really screwed up by Sony. The PS3 is still selling poorly compared to the other consoles that at this rate it will never be the lead platform, so its hardware advantages won't come into...
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    How will bioshock run

    At 720P resolution (1280x720) it runs 40-55FPS on my DLP rig. Avg is about 50FPS, but when some intense Water or Fire affects occur, it may drop to 30. Your rig should be better at that res. That is maxed settings. Looks great and plays great. I guessing this is how it would look using a...
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    BIOSHOCK for PC at Circuit City-$39.99!

    Get a 360 and it if you really need to avoid the DRM. The game is awesome, best I have played this year.
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    OT: Why was the Intel RetailEdge 2006 thread deleted?

    Forum troubles this month? All data lost between the 3rd and the 20th I think.