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    ASUS Responds To Intel's Decision To Leave The Motherboard Market

    14 years of nothing but ASUS builds and never had a problem.
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    Rambus Barred From Enforcing Chip Patents

    GOAL! For the past 10 years I've been waiting for the destruction of this company. hahaahahahaha
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    Anonymous Wades into the Gaza Conflict

    What's with Anonymous lately? Jeez, they sure are picking some lame campaigns. Or maybe they got hacked and it's really Iran pretending to be them. Hell if I know but they're starting to make Greenpeace look like geniuses. At least Greenpeace takes donations.
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    Samsung Hits Apple With 20% Price Hike

    iPhone5.... now with 20% more spite!
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    Steve Jobs’ High-Tech Yacht Makes Its Debut

    Looks like somebody ran into a chrome storm door on their fitting-out run.
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    Facebook Conducting Customer-Satisfaction Survey

    I'm guessing this is damage control from a drop in traffic. After ignoring complaints for years now they want to know why? Easy, it's an annoying mess, Check!
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    Deadly Gas Leak at Apple Supplier's Plant in China

    We'll send a team in to take a look at it....... (one month later) Nope, nothin' wrong here!
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    Kicked Out Of A Concert For Negative Tweet?

    Ha, his YouTube videos are getting loaded up with "ass" comments.
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    iPhone 5 Will Be Announced August 7

    The iPhone 5 4G sounds confusing. 10 bucks says they'll disable it.
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    Good News for Consumers: SSD Prices are Dropping

    Bought a Crucial M4 128GB last August for $218, today it's on Newegg for $124.
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    ASUS Unveils World’s First Thunderbolt Add-On Card At Computex

    So is Asus going to put the electronics in the cable and sell it for $50 like Apple. I need one so I can transfer files from my 5400 rpm SATA drive at 10 Gbps! So far it's the most useless hole put in the side of a computer since Firewire.
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    Windows 8 Release Preview Download

    I'll wait for Service Pack 1...
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    USPS Bans Overseas Shipments Of Tablets, Smartphones

    Forklift? I thought they used an end loader and dumptruck.
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    Verizon to Bundle Landlines with DSL Service

    Wow, I haven't had a landline phone in 12 years!.
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    LulzSec Returns: Hacks Military Dating Website

    Reasons LulzSec Hacked a Military Dating Website/ "Da bitch dumped me"
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    Stupid Invention of the Day

    He'd never be able to get out of his purse fast enough.
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    Apple Launches Fair Labor Inspections of Foxconn

    Foxconn hires a few hookers for the team, some thugs to search out the company rats, a month from now they'll find absolutely no problems at that factory. It the same lip service from Apple every year. We looked into it and found no problems.
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    How Android Isn't Really That Open

    Hypocrite whiner alert. If he'd kept his mouth shut nobody would know he's an idiot. Thanks for the warning.
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    Samsung Sells Over 300 Million Phones in 2011

    I'll be interested in their final numbers. I picked up two Nexus S's on Saturday and of the 8 people there, 4 were at the counter, the other 4 were in the Samsung aisle.
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    $30k iPhone Speakers

    Any company that can waste that much cast iron on a product that can only connect to advertisement grade mp3 sound should be laughed out of the market.
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    Android Phones Log Everything You Do

    It must be carrier specific. I've been planning on getting the Nexus too. If it's installed I'll be returning it and shop elsewhere.
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    Some Ohio Schools Ban All Tech In The Classroom

    Computers are tools. You can can use them for the right and wrong reasons. Years ago in my construction career I was accused by one of my peers of cheating because I used a calculator to find rafter lengths for a roof. I told him the calculator is just another tool, and if he really wanted to do...
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    Verizon Watches Everything You Do If You Don't Opt Out

    Help! I'm infected with the W32.Verizon worm.
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    Rambus Loses Antitrust Case, Shares Plunge

    I've kept their stock chart in my favorites for almost 10 years, waiting to see them die. They were trading at around $20 all week, now they're at $7.10, ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
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    Senate Votes Against Measure to Kill Net Neutrality Rules

    I first saw it in the Network forums several years ago, Comcast blocking or limiting P2P. It turned out to be happening to others in major cities across the US. Comcast was later fined $16M for it in 2008. Not because it was illegal but because it was in violation of their TOS. Some of the...
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    CDs Are Officially Over

    The way music is being mixed lately I'm not surprised. Try listening to some of the latest garbage on a higher end stereo system. I listened to the wife's Lady Gaga CD through my Dahlquists and it sounded like somebody poked holes in my all speakers. If you you want to help end CD's just go...
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    How Anonymous is Threatening a Mexican Drug Cartel

    I think it's their best idea yet. One way to get cops and politicians to think twice before taking some drug money. Pretty damn brave too!
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    Is a 2 mile network realistic?

    2 miles are easy if you have line of sight. I'm using two NanoStations (NS2's) over a 1.7 mile link. I'm using them with an Andrew 24dBi grid dish at each end with only 16mW of power. I have used 15dBi grids with 21mW but I like the smaller beamwidth of the 24's (there's a subdivision of houses...
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    Tech Deals Nobody Cares About

    Lol, "Yahoo and Napster are still around"
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    98% BitTorrent Users Being Sued In Wrong Jurisdiction?

    What a coincidence, CBS films has just appeared on my product blacklist.
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    What Facebook Announced at F8 Today

    I'm waiting to hear from Google+ that they gained 600 million subscribers overnight.
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    Apple Impersonates Police To Search Home For Lost iPhone 5

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    Crucial Releases New 20% Faster M4 SSD Firmware

    Freakin' excellent, I just bought the 128M4 last week.
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    Stupid Criminal of the Day

    If I knew him, his face wouldn't look anything like that.
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    Best Buy Holding Disabled Girl's Laptop Hostage

    Is it even possible to hate that fucking company more.
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    LulzSec Releases Arizona Law Enforcement Data

    They had me on Sony... then they lost me. In prison they'll learn some new injection techniques that bypass the orange jumpsuit firewall.
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    Third Attack Against Sony Planned

    Anonymous has said it wasn't them and that they don't steal credit cards. It doesn't seem to fit their modus operandi, as a collective. I'd imagine it's more likely some hard core hackers that are sympathetic of Anon and/or wants to blame it on Anon. Whatever it is, Sony Arrogance™ fucked with...
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    Foxconn Workers Charged For iPad 2 Leaks

    I heard the new colors for the iPhone 5 are Hard Labor Orange, Hexane Blue and Suicide Red. Ah crap, the cops are at my door!