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    FS: Two New AMD Ryzen CPU good deal. SOLD

    5800x3d still a gamer and will be for a long while.. I have one but that is one heck of a price.
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    Max's For Sale Thread (6700XT/CPU/Nest Wifi/ & more)

    6700xt is a fine card, they don't get enough cred..
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    Question about quality

    Yeah it seems like a hit and miss with all boards, I guess ill go with best price and options for my AM5 build. Maybe ill go with MSI since I haven't used one for ages. Thank you all for the opinions, it is greatly appreciated..
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    Question about quality

    Yeah, I was always down on ASROCK but I can say this Taichi x570 has been a rock for many years now, other than the chipset fan when it was new, but ASROCK sent another without question..
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    Question about quality

    So pretty much a mixed bag then. I may go ASROCK again since this Taichi has been a tank for me since x570 came out, but will see. Thanks for the input it is much appreciated.
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    Question about quality

    Yes, one of the repair guys is in Germany, i'm sure most of you know who I mean, he got some flack for the AMD driver thing but he is very good at what he does. One thing he has reoccuring with Gigabyte is refusal of warranty, one was legit cause the owner put wrong pads on the gpu, the others...
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    Question about quality

    I been watching a lot of GPU and MB repairs on YouTube and the ones I watch seem to talk down about Gigabyte quality.. They go after a few others for other stuff, but Gigabyte, from what I am understanding the PCBs are not top quality. Now, I have always bought Gigabyte products and never had...
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    SOLD: 5800X3D // Asus X570 Crosshair VIII Hero // 32GB G.SKILL B-Die C14 3200 (2x16)

    Can't believe someone hasn't jumped on this.
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    FOUND: RTX 4090 FE or other Variants

    Are the 4090 hard to get? I haven't looked.
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    Sold: Samsung Tab S7+ 5G Verizon

    This have 6 GB memory?
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    FS: Sold

    Has a fine PSU too.
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    Anyone else got a 6700XT?

    Yes I got two, one for the kid, and I do not regret the purchase one bit. Does 1440 gaming with no problems..
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    SOLD FS: AMD Ryzen 3900x CPU 12 core

    Lot of life left in these.
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    FS: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 512GB (with extras)

    These are great phones. I was going to trade mine for the new s22 ultra but mine is still like brand new and not much different than the new one so im hanging on to it.. Good luck with sale.
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    FS: Powercolor Red Devil RX 5700 XT

    Yep, I have one that im not using, thinking of selling it also. The cooler on them are a beast.
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    5900x for $549 on Amazon

    I'm not confused. I do not buy from third parties from Amazon or NewEgg. . TPI made it right by sending a new fan that I ordered, they had no comment on why the mistake happened..
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    5900x for $549 on Amazon

    Still happens as my post above explains..
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    5900x for $549 on Amazon

    No shit? I bought a fan from TPI Corporation selling through Amazon and got a Comfort Zone cheap ass fan.. If you know anything about TPI you would know they make heavy duty fans that last years. And I always check who is selling on Amazon, the fan was from TPI corporation. So don't tell me it...
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    5900x for $549 on Amazon

    Don't know if this has been posted, I didn't see it so here it is. Since these are so expensive I was worried I would get a 3900x or something because this is close to MSRP, but it is the 5900x..
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    Looking for advice for selling a video card

    Very good advice up and down the comments. I have sold stuff through out the years from 2006 but it still scares the hell out of me..
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    FS: T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy 21 Ultra, 128gb - SOLD

    Can't they be unlocked?
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    FS: T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy 21 Ultra, 128gb - SOLD

    I wonder if the phones Comcast sells are unlocked?
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    FS: T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy 21 Ultra, 128gb - SOLD

    Great phone, I have the phantom silver..
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    Damn I just got the s21 ultra myself.. Thinking about it:)
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    Please Don't Use USPS, They Are Now Throwing Out Packages

    I think you can blame the man in charge at USPS... He has done so much damage..
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    Suggest me a new mouse.

    Ive always had bad luck with Razor mice and keyboards. I refuse to buy them. That being said, I am on a Logitech G304 that I got on 6/6/2018 and all of a sudden it doesn't travel smoothly, like the battery is dying but that isn't the issue.. Took it apart and cleaned it but still the same.. Not...
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    FS 3950x

    Damn that is one fine price, can't believe someone isn't jumping on it. I have two now or id grab it.
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    New Paypal Terms

    I have a shit load of parts but refuse to deal with this crap and the people who will use this to their advantage.
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    Bad Trade: beheo2019 with RTX 2080TI

    WOW, just, WOW. Sorry the OP had to go through this but happy it worked out. I have sold a lot of stuff since 2006 some from here and other sites and have never had any problems. I have stuff to sell but don't think it is worth the hassle.. SAD!
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    RX 5700 Reference needs no modifications.....

    Washer trick worked great for me, but I also changed the thermal pads to a better brand, also changed the thickness and made huge difference.. Both 5700 and the 5700xt.
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    FS: MSI Duke 1080ti

    LOL you bought that from me.. GREAT 1080ti!
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    Nice sale on the VII

    I want one!
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    FS: Seasonic Prime 850w Titanium

    Damn good PSU right there!
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    Very happy with the Wraith Prism

    Yeah, the noise would drive me crazy.
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    Very happy with the Wraith Prism

    Wonder how it does on a 3900x!
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    Navi vs Vega... Must see comparison.

    Very interesting video, we need more of this stuff. Thanks!
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    1080 TI or 5700 XT?

    I sold 1080ti when i bought the 5700 xt, no complaints.
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    How do you cool your 3900x?

    I like the looks of that cooler.
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    How do you cool your 3900x?

    Kinda noisy for me.
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    How do you cool your 3900x?

    Like I said it is getting old, the lights don't work on it anymore, the pump makes a buzzing sound when set to slow. I think it is just time.