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    Atrix is a sales flop

    I wouldn't say it's a huge flop....the biggest issue for the Atrix anyways is that AT&T refuses to promote Android handsets. When the Droids came out for Verizon they did such huge marketing campaigns it would be a shame if those didn't sell well. Anyways I think the phone is pretty good but...
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    iPhone Ranks Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among Other Smartphones

    You can't say that the perception most Apple users have of the company and it's products doesn't effect these types of surveys. It could be totally deserved but the perception by the general public that Apple makes flawless products carries over through their users more so than any other...
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    I hate Cyanogenmod!!!

    As much as I feel everyones pains none of these custom ROMs are guaranteed to work on your phone. Every single one of them has issues. The #1 thing when trying such things IMO is making 100% sure you have a way to get back to where you were before you start. Hope you figure out your issues...
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    Google Starts Censoring BitTorrent, RapidShare and More?

    I really could care less of it doesn't come up in Auto-complete. The search function itself still functions exactly as before.......not sure why everyone is getting all butt hurt over it, I rarely use autocomplete anyways.
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    Why Android?

    As an Android user and some might say sort of a "Fanboy" I will be as objective as I can with a simple answer. : Try things for yourself!! I LOVED and still LOVE my Nexus One....fantastic phone in lots of ways. My new Nexus S is better in many ways except it sucks at GPS and I don't like...
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    Italy Classifies YouTube as TV Station

    Glad everyone is judging italians by the choices of a few in their government..........I guess the actions of the US government defines all of us :/
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    What is so special about the white iphone 4?

    Nothing. :) When it comes to certain electronics though, rational thinking doesn't apply. Just so happens that for many Apple products this is the case :P ZING! haha jk
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    Androids frangmented userbase a nightmare for developers?

    Fragmentation isn't Androids problem, especially right now. More than 75% of the userbase is either on 2.1 or 2.2. The way these articles talk about the make-up level customizations and how they are part of the fragmentation is ludicrous. I would even say the fragmentation white horse most of...
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    Re-skinning Android

    For Metamorph I have taken already made skins and modified the files within the package....I think its a good place to start. The Metamorph packages are simply rebranded zip files so they are easy to open up and edit....just look for all the image files :)
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    Re-skinning Android

    It is absolutely possible...but a bit involved. I don't know how to do it personally but I am sure the developers/programmers out there on Android could help out with where to start. I would say start at XDA and go from there.
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    Froyo Unified Inbox

    You can have a unified inbox if you use the "Email" client for your emails. There is no unified inbox within Gmail itself. This doesn't include FB, SMS etc etc. I think I have seen some of the custom builds (Sense, Samsung etc) that have something like what you are talking about. There...
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    Froyo for HTC Incredible today?

    The 3 friends I have in SF that have incredibles all said they god their updates today...just a heads up :)
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    How much data do you use monthly?

    Now that I use Wifi Hotspot on my Android quite often I would say I am in the 6-7GB range a month. Good thing my phone is on a nice corporate plan though :)
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    Post your mobile device homescreen/wallpaper

    We did start a "Droid Homescreen" thread But as it is kinda dead now I am more than happy to contribute again :) I have a new setup now, but my theme doesn't work on Cyan RC3 so I will post my RC2 shots. My icons are in completely random spots...
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    Work network issue with Android

    Android has always had difficulties with networks that require special permissions or certificates. Basic security protocols are fine but I have found that any network with that requires a certificate or special permissions as it seems the one you are trying don't work. I don't believe this...
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    Can you use Google Voice app to send texts with Google number?

    Google Voice always uses a number, thats how the system works. You don't have to use that number directly to use it for voicemail but it still routes your calls through that number and then into your Google Voice App. The same way your carrier forwards missed calls to a phone #, your GV #...
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    EVO getting Froyo next weeko!

    Never said you were a fanboi, just said you seemed to have already made up your mind. I rarely hear anyone talking about how much faster Android is within the UI itself. Most of the "speed" stuff comments come from loading applications or running the browsers. See the way you curse and rant...
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    Build a HardOCP App for Smart Phones

    I have actually been playing around with the Android app builder specifically for Forum/Blog type stuff. It is super basic right now, but maybe you could use something like that?
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    EVO getting Froyo next weeko!

    Seems to me like you made up your mind already mate....go back to the iPhone. Running around saying "all the bullshit" and "no android user really admits these kinda things" already peg you as someone who didn't care for the platform to begin with. You want to get into the conversation of what...
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    AT&T iPhone question

    Not really an iPhone question :) More of a return policy for AT&T thing as what you describe I have done with non-iPhone high end phones....hehe In any case yes, you have 30 days to get the initial costs back....anything you used it for in the middle gets charged to you though.
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    Droid X impressions

    I heard disabling the 4G chip saves the EVO battery a ton :) Just a suggestion as I know that thing def eats up some juice. Since 4G is so limited at this point might make sense to save the battery until you can really use it. In regards to other are right in that it is totally...
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    Droid X impressions

    Most people use the "freedom" term fairly liberally. All I can speak to is the feeling of being able to do whatever I want vs. being inside the bubble that is Apple. The thing is everything you do on your iPhone goes through Apple at some point...your music, your videos, your...
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    HTC EVO - Cyanogen Mod first nightly build released (Froyo)

    Good Idea, or just wait for EVO to update itself if you can wait. I love CM Builds and have been running them for some time on my Nexus One, but these builds (along with others) are not without issues and are usually user tested by the community, so don't always expect 100% perfection even...
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    After today's Apple press conference, I will never buy a iPhone again...

    I get the feeling more and more of these types of threads are gonna pop up....its the same old shit on a new forum :P Oh well
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    My biggest problem with Android

    There goes this thread. Way to high-jack the thread and spout your idiotic garbage, one more thread ruined by trolls. Man this gets old
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    My biggest problem with Android

    I agreed with you for the most part all the way until this statement. While it is true that developing for iPhone has a better ROI for investers at the moment that wont hold true for much longer and developers are well aware of the $$$ that can be had on Android. A few things need to take...
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    Apple Press Conference for the Antenna

    They did admit to signal loss yes, but I guess what I am saying is that I feel they didn't admit that because of their design, that the flaw (which can be found in many phones) is WORSE an the iPhone 4 by a significant margin. I wanted them to say we made a mistake cause I honestly think they...
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    Apple Press Conference for the Antenna

    No they didn't, lol. They tried to say that it is just what happens with mobile phones, it happens with all cell phones and we don't need to apologize or admit anything. But in order to turn this PR nightmare into a ++ for us, we are going to give everyone a bumper that costs us almost nothing...
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    Apple Press Conference for the Antenna

    Yup free "cases". They said that there aren't enough "Bumpers" for everyone so I guess some 3rd party alternative will be used for those that can't get a bumper?? End of day results from conference Apple : Nothing is wrong, the phone is the best phone and the antenna issue doesn't exist in...
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    Apple Press Conference for the Antenna

    Best line of the press conference so far "So I have my own pet theory. We have no proof of it, but I'm going to give it to you."
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    Apple Press Conference for the Antenna If you are interested. So far these is what you get from it. 1 - If you don't want your iPhone, return it 2 - iPhone 4 is the best smartphone in the world 3 - All Phones do exactly the same...
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    Well that just made my choice easier....

    holy crap 1.2Mbps upload? hahah. Even revered 560kbps upload would be sweet for me :D The TMobile 3G on my Nexus one averages 1.5Mbps down and 300kbps up most places in the Bay Area. Enjoy your phone! A buddy played with one yesterday in the store and really liked it...he will be getting...
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    Getting the Vibrant with ETF?

    The $200 isn't just some set price for the phone because you sign a contract. It almost always involves an instant rebate of some kind which is only valid with a used account that usually requires a data plan as well. This mail-in part of the rebate probably won't come for several weeks after...
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    Well that just made my choice easier....

    The #1 greatest part of T-Mobile is that you save $20 a month on your bill when you use their Month-to-Month system instead of a 2-year contract. The fact that you can get the EXACT same plan for $60 instead of $80 with T-Mobile just by supplying your own phone is AWESOME. Kudos x 1,000,000 for...
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    Buy nexus one now or wait for Gingerbread capable devices?

    While Motorola may be building this device, I don't think Google will be selling them directly as it has in the past anymore and there is probably a good chance that they won't be making anymore "Nexus" devices and just let the makers do their thing
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    Need some Suggestions

    I would have waited on the iPhone until the Vibrant came out then compared :) Returning something is always a pain in the butt if you end up going in that direction. That said hardware wise the Vibrant is decent....screen isn't as nice at the very least. The real question is if you want to...
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    Where do you purchase new phones?

    If you are buying anything off eBay use the standard rules of thumb. 1. Only from the US (For electronics anyways) 2. At least a 30+ 100% Positive rating OR a 500+ 98% positive rating (Make sure to read the bad reviews to see why they got them) 3. Ask for authentication pics ... like them...
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    Looking for feedback on an Android App

    pretty cool :) Very hard for me....hahah. I only managed an 839 Ran smooth on my N1 w/ Froyo.
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    Anyone received letters about a free MicroCell from AT&T?

    Meh, While I would be more than happy with one (reception stinks at my house) I use WiFi for any data so it isn't that big a deal, and would just eat up my Internet speeds if others started using it. That said if they took 75% off my internet bill for it I would be more than happy to use one
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    Long term iPhone user needs some Android help

    So I can't root since the update (xxx.6) is applied. Keep that in mind. Personally I think one should not have to "jail break" or "root" to use a device, but whatever. -- You don't have to root your device to use it, but you should have gone into the Sprint EVO 4G knowing Sprint had...