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  1. serial__thrilla

    So I may have gotten an unwanted crypto miner

    Did you try disabling the Macrium Reflect and OneDrive in Startup? Also, what is that iCue? Maybe don't run that. Also, your Firefox and MS Edge are taking up criminal amounts of RAM, close all the tabs. Okay, so iCue is the RGB bullshit software from Corsair. Disable/uninstall it...
  2. serial__thrilla


    Cool Kids On The Block, Bro!
  3. serial__thrilla


    Welp, auntjemima and I swapped our referral codes, and we're now happily mining with a 0.25% pool fee reduction. If anyone else using the Unmineable software wanna join in, let us know. Lower fee=higher payout for YOU. :D
  4. serial__thrilla

    Which exchange to use?

    The main Binance banned US users (and some other countries, I think it's mainly for Asia). They made some kinda exchange, but it's a shadow of the main self. Gas fees are, indeed, supposed to be paid in ETH. As far as being ridiculous, I dunno, when I trade crypto on Coinbase, it...
  5. serial__thrilla

    Can you stop EVGA cards from shutting the fans off at idle?

    There's no need to RMA, just use the MSI AfterBurner program and set your own custom min. speed for the fans. I've been using it for years, and it has never failed to hold any and all of my settings for nVidia cards, ever (as long as you click the little diskette icon after you set it up the...
  6. serial__thrilla

    This MS Edge stuff made my day today

    I was configuring a fresh Win 10 Pro install earlier today, specifically, the web browser and shiznit. I wanted the default to be Google Chrome. I opened MS Edge, then started typing "dow-nlo..", before I even finished typing, it prompted me with "Download Chrome". I was laughing so hard, as...
  7. serial__thrilla

    can you mine on a gpu that has artifact

    This card specifically ain't gonna do anything, especially mining. For one, in Device Manager, it shows as having a problem. For another, it shows as having 0MB VRAM.
  8. serial__thrilla

    Summertime mining

    Basically, the main problem to solve here is the airflow - air in, air out. The airflow, if inside, needs to be consistent - pump out as much as what you get in. It's similar to a closed up PC case. (At least that's what I think).
  9. serial__thrilla

    Sell 5700XT for 6700XT?

    DISCLAMER: I am not a scalper. I just took advantage of the opportunity when it presented itself, MMKAY? That's kind of what I did. I bought a v56 about 2 years ago for $500, and used it the entire time (mining, of course), then I sold it a few months ago for $700+ on ebay. Badabing-badabang. So...
  10. serial__thrilla

    amazing deal or scam?

    EHHH! MicroCenter is mother fucking fine. The guys in the store are super nice and helpful and polite (St.Davids, PA). It's a shame they are getting review-bombed, but that's the internet of today for ya. I've had nothing but great customer service from the guys at MicroCenter when buying this...
  11. serial__thrilla

    Strange case of EVGA support. (By the way, is there an EVGA rep here that I can talk to?)

    I have an EVGA GTX1660Ti, with a defect. When it's installed in a machine, when just sitting at desktop, it seems to be okay. (Short version of the issue) As soon as I subject it to any amount of graphical stress, the fans ramp up to like 15000 rpm, and there is nothing I can do to change that...
  12. serial__thrilla

    Mining Rigs freeze Problem

    Remove all of the risers and install the radeons one by one into the full-length PCI-E slot, test them all one by one, to see if it's a card problem (which is very likely, they are old). If the cards all check out, then install a riser and one working card, and test the risers one by one...
  13. serial__thrilla

    I Bought a RTX 3080 Today!

    Do you have your pagefile turned off? Maybe try setting it to Auto, and see what happens?
  14. serial__thrilla

    So, My RX580 basically died....would i be stupid to get....

    I have a brand new XFX R 580 8GB, the box is sealed and everything. I was gonna post it on eBay. Would you be interested in buying? (I have 100% positive feedback on eBay).
  15. serial__thrilla

    scalpers starting to return cards LOL

    The news is that the scalpers didn't quite think their cunning plans all the way through, so they are now trying to return the merchandise they can't sell.
  16. serial__thrilla

    scalpers starting to return cards LOL

    My message to scalpers: Hope this is what you wanted Hope this is what you had in mind 'Cause this is what you're getting I hope you're choking I hope you choke on this I hope you're choking I hope you choke on this -Tool, "Tics and Leeches"
  17. serial__thrilla

    Where / how to buy AMD gpu tomorrow

    I'm not from Russia, but yeah, it was basically like that. *shrug* No special reaction.
  18. serial__thrilla

    Where / how to buy AMD gpu tomorrow

    Back in the USSR days, my mom and I stood in line for 2 hours just to buy a few loaves of bread. These GPU launches are a pathetic miserable fucking circus. (luckily, it was summer). Fugga you, Nvidia, and fugga you, AMDEEEE!
  19. serial__thrilla

    3080 Eth testing

    The money-related portion may be irrelevant, sure, but at least the hash rate gives you a pretty good idea.
  20. serial__thrilla

    3080 Eth testing

    Ugh, why people are still using NH is beyond me. There are so many more alternatives which are more reputable out there. I hope you have it set up to send the payouts to a non-NH wallet, at least.
  21. serial__thrilla

    Can't create account on

    My CPU is a neural net. It is a self-lehning computa!
  22. serial__thrilla

    Nvidia drivers

    Eh, I don't think AMD drivers are necessarily bad. They are, however, clunky as f**k, because they were designed by engineers, to be used by the same engineers. They lack the average-user-friendly finesse; it's like the people that designed them used Windows 95 as the prime design example to be...
  23. serial__thrilla

    Can't create account on

    That should be RTX 2060 Super. The card is fast as hell, I have one.
  24. serial__thrilla

    First time pc build, Please Help

    YES! Use BOTH! CROSSFIRE FOR THE WIN! *heavey metal music starts playing in the background* *starts moshing to some heavy metal music in the background* 3DMark! *keeps moshing* Just make sure you have Crossfire enabled in the Radeon Conrtol panel. (It enables itself on its own if it detects 2 of...
  25. serial__thrilla

    need some advise please

    right click on desktop space somewhere, click Radeon Contol Panel ( or whatever it's called), global setting, gaming, click the name of the Graphics Card, a new menu will open up, depending on what version of Catalyst you have, it'll be a tile on the bottom-left, if you are on the 2020 Catalyst...
  26. serial__thrilla

    Anyone else using cudominer?

    It's not dying, it's that you are using AMD cards to mine, which is mining at a loss. AMD cards have been garbage for mining for some months now. nVidia, on the other hand, are doing fine. You also need to tune each algo's parameters, instead of leaving them as "Automatic".
  27. serial__thrilla

    Any mining that a can do on a laptop(VERY NEW TO MINING)

    You don't want to mine anything on a laptop. If anything, you could build a crappy desktop, with some powerful AMD CPU, and mine Monero (RandomX), since AMD CPUs pwn noobs on this algo, apparently, compared to Intel. Otherwise, at this point in time, it's simply gonna be a loss to build a mining...
  28. serial__thrilla

    Who's planning to buy 5700(?) GPU

    Newegg's main distribution center is actually right there in California, you should just order online and they should ship it to you the next day, I would imagine. 5700 - $350 US 5700xt - $400 US
  29. serial__thrilla

    Who's planning to buy 5700(?) GPU

    I would get one of these brand new: $235 Canadian Rupies, brand new.
  30. serial__thrilla

    Asus and their USELESS warranty. (they are at least trying now)

    MSI have been good to me recently, on multiple occasions. I have had bad RMA experiences with both Assus and Gigabyte, so I haven't bought anything of theirs for over 10 years now. I would buy an MSI board, or a graphics card any day.
  31. serial__thrilla

    My EVGA 2080 Ti XC Hybrid arrives tomorrow..

    Why fix something that's already fine. Meh. My GeForce is doing fine under stock clocks. (factory clocks? Eh whatever, I don't care).
  32. serial__thrilla

    My EVGA 2080 Ti XC Hybrid arrives tomorrow..

    I've got my RTX 2080 Founders on the day they came out, and been running it under 100% load pretty much 24/7 since then. No issues detected, so yeah, that's just me.
  33. serial__thrilla

    GTX 16 Series Owners Club

    I ordered mine yesterday, I need some new nVidia card to replace my old school Zotac GTX 970. (My RTX 2080 is doing pretty fine, though. I have way more than 2 computers, of course :D). And, according to the tracking number, ETA is Saturday. I'll post some shiet when it comes in, after testing...
  34. serial__thrilla

    AMD Talks 3D Stacking at Rice Presentation

    Stick your head in a large bucket filled with ice water, heh :P
  35. serial__thrilla

    Nvidia Skips Ampere at GTC 2019

    Good solid question! Everyone needs to go to their local source of icy cold water, and drink a full glass, and pour another glass on their face, and chill the hell out. All this wild speculation only makes you all look like a bunch of immature, impatient nervous rhesus monkeys, who can look in...
  36. serial__thrilla

    AMD Talks 3D Stacking at Rice Presentation

    How many MHz do you think our brains run at? O.o
  37. serial__thrilla

    Mining Upcoming Alt Coin

    Wow, yeah, t-rex is pretty kick ass. I am getting over 40 MH/s on my rtx 2080, as opposed to about 26 MH/s on z-enemy. By the time I finished posting, the speed went up to 50 MH/s. Awesome stuff.
  38. serial__thrilla

    AMD Navi RX 3080 $249. Leaks & Rumors.

    Heh, pretty much what IdiotInCharge said. Last night I literally defrosted half-a-loaf of potato bread on my Vega 56 exhaust air. As in, from fully frozen to nice and soft in about 10 minutes (I had to leave it and walk outside to do stuff), but shit, it puts out enough hot air to keep my room...
  39. serial__thrilla

    Should I wait till summer for the GTX 1180 or get a 2070 or 2080 now ?

    Oh yeah, I posted that before I've seen and read the myriad of benchmarks, and the 1660Ti and the 1660 don't look all that bad. Good clockspeeds and good performance, in general, so yeah, you can disregard that part of my post :D PS. The Ti version looks pretty beastly, but I wish they'd drop...
  40. serial__thrilla

    Old BioWare Has Become "A Distant Memory"

    Can someone, please, edjumacate me on why people make posts on the forum with just one letter? Like the "F" posts above? WTF is this shit? What does it mean?