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  1. GotNoRice

    Using Cool Edit Pro 2.1 (~20 year old program) to record Vinyl.

    About 15 years ago I made 24-bit 96kHz FLAC recordings of all of my Vinyl records. At the time, I did this using the nice analog inputs on my EMU 0404 PCI Soundcard and used Cool Edit Pro 2.1 on the software side. For a good handful of years afterward, I also made it a point to try to make a...
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    Windows is finally getting native RAR support + RIP Cortana

    I think that the only reason that things like RAR support were not included with Windows a LONG time ago is that the US Government used to actually care about monopolies, and Microsoft was their last target. So they held off on things like integrating features that made certain 3rd party...
  3. GotNoRice

    How do I clean my old Rocketfish gaming mouse pad

    Well if the coating has worn off, and the coating is what gave it it's proper texture / smoothness, then your options are going to be limited. Don't forget that mouse feet also wear down and change how your mouse glides over time. A brand new mouse with brand new mouse-feet will usually only...
  4. GotNoRice

    China Bars Purchases of Micron Chips, Escalating US Conflict

    Good, the sooner we end up with a complete 2-way trade ban the better. Rip that band-aid off.
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    Chinese Loongson 3A6000 CPUs Poised to Compete with Intel Willow Cove and AMD Zen 3

    I'd rather use a Pentium 4 than a Chinese CPU.
  6. GotNoRice

    current best air coolers

    My PA120 arrived yesterday. It's actually smaller than I thought it would be based on the pictures. I thought it would be more like 2x CM 212 heatsinks, but each side is about 2/3rds the size of a CM 212. I installed it on my 5820k last night and I am very impressed. Temperatures are better...
  7. GotNoRice

    NVIDIA To Give Away Diablo IV with New GeForce RTX Purchases

    I have to admit, I'm a bit bitter about this apparently not being available to existing owners of 4000 series cards.
  8. GotNoRice

    current best air coolers

    It seems like there is definitely a difference based on fan airflow. That graph should be relevant because the 5820k can push 200w+ when overclocked. A 14C difference just based on airflow makes it seem like there is...
  9. GotNoRice

    current best air coolers

    I got a PA120 for the 5820k in my backup rig. It's an old CPU but it's a heat monster when overclocked @ 4.5Ghz. It used to push my old H100i GTX to it's limit. The CM 212 Evo I have on there right now, even with 2 fans in push-pull on an aggressive fan curve, is a joke and it will BSOD in...
  10. GotNoRice

    Do you generally prefer smaller phones or larger phones?

    I agree with what you are saying about not using a phone all day, and not using it as a primary computing device. For people who use their phone that much, at a minimum they should simply get a tablet. There is almost zero learning curve if that tablet is running the same OS as their phone is...
  11. GotNoRice

    Recommend me an Android Phone - Battery life, smallish size, and good updates are priorities

    Do you really have problems fitting larger phones in your pocket or are you just assuming that it's going to be a problem? My Samsung Note 20 Ultra has a bigger screen (6.9") than any of the S-series Ultra phones (6.8") and I've never had any issues fitting the phone into my pockets. Or are...
  12. GotNoRice

    Case selection = SAD!

    I've not yet found a compelling reason to upgrade from my tried and true old Corsair 800D case, even though it's approaching ~15 years old now. It's starting to show it's age in that some of the rubber grommets where the cables go through the inner-chassis are becoming brittle and breaking...
  13. GotNoRice

    How long do motherboards generally last?

    Electronics can last a very long time. There isn't some built-in expiration date that you need to concern yourself with. I use audio hardware in my stereo that is almost 50 years old. My old Dual-Xeon system is 20+ years old now and still works fine, although it doesn't get used much these...
  14. GotNoRice

    Any known issues running a AMD iGPU and an Nvidia RTX card?

    I'm not using an iGPU, but I have a small AMD FirePro workstation card to power extra monitors in addition to my RTX 4080 (6 monitors total). As counter-intuitive as it is, it's actually a bigger issue in many cases if you are using two GPUs from the same brand. If you have two different...
  15. GotNoRice

    “Windows 12” or what ever they choose to name it could be heavily ARM optimized.

    I don't think that better Windows ARM optimization has to go hand-in-hand with some sort of "demise of x86" nonsense. I'd like to see them do it the "right" way, which to me means keeping Windows as an open platform and retaining their focus on legacy and compatibility. Have the ability to run...
  16. GotNoRice

    160Mhz WiFi odd channel usage

    Thanks for the tip. WiFiman is showing the 160Mhz channels aligning with where they are supposed to be. It also does show the two networks (green and yellow in the first pic) overlapping. I guess this means I won't be using WiFi Analyzer anymore, because if it can't get that right, then it's...
  17. GotNoRice

    160Mhz WiFi odd channel usage

    DFS quirks aside, it's always seemed pretty simple to understand the 5Ghz WiFi channels that are available to be used with various channel widths. Example: But in practice, what I'm seeing is different. I'm seeing this on two separate Netgear WiFi 6 routers that I have (used as Access...
  18. GotNoRice

    Replacement for netgear nighthawk r7000 router

    It is run without a monitor, etc, once initial setup is complete. The SFF Dell systems are pretty tiny, smaller than a briefcase. You can just stuff it behind the desk, behind a TV, a couch, closet, or whatever.
  19. GotNoRice

    Replacement for netgear nighthawk r7000 router

    Get some cheap SFF Dell and a dual-port Intel Gigabit NIC and turn it into a pfSense Router. Then turn your R7000 into an Access Point. pfSense routers on Intel hardware are rock solid, and It's unlikely that your R7000 would need constant rebooting if it was only acting as an access point...
  20. GotNoRice

    7900 xtx needs 3x 8 pin power, questions about 6+2 connectors

    It should work fine. Overall, the bottleneck is more likely to be the connector rather than the cable. Keep in mind that you're also getting 75w from the PCIe slot.
  21. GotNoRice

    Do you generally prefer smaller phones or larger phones?

    Yeah that definitely makes sense. But it would seem to me that there would be plenty of other situations where having a larger screen would make things easier. Simply having more screen space to work with can make a lot of things easier - the same way that having a bigger computer monitor can...
  22. GotNoRice

    Do you generally prefer smaller phones or larger phones?

    What makes them harder for you to use? I'm not doubting your post, just genuinely curious.
  23. GotNoRice

    Breathing new life into an "old" soundcard. Creative X-Fi Titanium HD

    The interference / rf "noise" doesn't have to be in the audible range. It just depends what impact it has on the components on the card.
  24. GotNoRice

    IOS17 to allow side loading but only in Europe

    That would be nice. It's one reason why I don't even consider Apple phones at the moment, because they simply exert too much control over what I can or can't run on the device.
  25. GotNoRice

    Do you generally prefer smaller phones or larger phones?

    I prefer as large of a screen as possible. I do a lot with my phone and the bigger screen really comes in handy. I have both a nice Apple tablet and a nice Android tablet also, but neither actually gets used very often. The phone gets used a lot because it's always right there in my pocket...
  26. GotNoRice

    Does keeping Hyper Threading enabled make any sense for home systems? Especially on AL/RL CPUs...

    I think that it makes sense to leave hyperthreading enabled personally. Modern operating systems, particularly Windows 11, are much better at handling thread scheduling than older operating systems. HT is easy compared to other things that the OS has to deal with these days, such as scheduling...
  27. GotNoRice

    Netgear RAX50 with no antennas

    What evidence do you have of that? That's based on speculation that you literally pulled out of your ass. Stock antennas are +7dB, just as they are on the RAX40. The antennas I got are +12dB. That's +5dB higher. Most of the measurements I took showed a +5dB increase, and more importantly...
  28. GotNoRice

    Breathing new life into an "old" soundcard. Creative X-Fi Titanium HD

    Generally speaking, yes. A PC can be a pretty electrically noisy environment. However, just because having the DAC located inside the PC is more likely to create noise issues doesn't mean it's a guarantee. It all comes down to the layout and the components used. It's the reason why I moved...
  29. GotNoRice

    Breathing new life into an "old" soundcard. Creative X-Fi Titanium HD

    Yup, sure am. The card is still working very well for me. It's still the main DAC for my primary 2-channel music system. I recently replaced the old HP system that it was installed in, and built a new computer for the setup, but still retained the good old X-Fi Titanium HD with the Bursons...
  30. GotNoRice

    MSI Afterburner Dead? What Will You Use Going Forward?

    You're quoting stuff that was posted a long time ago.
  31. GotNoRice

    MSI Afterburner Dead? What Will You Use Going Forward?

    You should read more than just the title of the thread. Development is continuing and a new version was just released.
  32. GotNoRice

    Netgear RAX50 with no antennas

    In what way did I get "ripped" exactly? You haven't pointed out anything other than your hatred and distrust of eBay. If you have some actual information about the antennas that I purchased, that shows that they aren't doing what they are supposed to do, as opposed to simply ranting about the...
  33. GotNoRice

    Ryzen 7000X3D Series: A Brief Technical Chat with AMD

    Super obnoxious shifty non-answer worthy of a politician. They were obviously instructed to avoid any answer that would even hint at the possibility of the 7800X3D having an advantage due to only having one CCD.
  34. GotNoRice

    Netgear RAX50 with no antennas

    Unfortunately the RAX40 antennas are not removable for whatever reason. Well, like I mentioned before, I didn't buy anything from eBay. I bought from a seller who sold on eBay. It doesn't automatically mean that the antennas weren't "legit". The site you linked, that looks like something...
  35. GotNoRice

    WIndows 11 Laptop gets stuck on restart

    Are you running 22H2 or an updated version of 21H2? You can check by running the command (Windows key + R) "Winver" What does it say for your OS Build number?
  36. GotNoRice

    Netgear RAX50 with no antennas

    Well, I went ahead and took the risk. I did a bunch of before and after tests between the old RAX40 and the new RAX50 with the upgraded antennas. Both Access Points mounted in the exact same spot, on the same WiFi channel, and all other settings the same. Same firmware version. All other...
  37. GotNoRice

    Ang good cheap subwoofers?

    That's a ridiculously tiny budget to be working with and even in a best-case scenario you're going to end up with something more resembling a toy rather than an actual subwoofer. If you want to talk about real subwoofers for a moment, check out this JBL 550P which is currently on sale for a...
  38. GotNoRice

    Anyone make the switch from 5800X3D to 7800X3D?

    Did you not get enough acceptable responses in your last thread? The 5800X3D is a fantastic chip and it's pretty excessive to perform an entire platform upgrade when you're coming from a...
  39. GotNoRice

    [Somewhat Alive] MEGASALE: JBL Studio Series Home Audio Speakers (590, 580, 570, 530, 520c, 550p Subwoofer)

    What's the point of having a hobby if you can't do it [H]ard, right? I've definitely had plenty of chances to push the 590s to their limits and they are not fragile speakers.
  40. GotNoRice

    Age old question: Seagate or WD? help

    Nonetheless, the two distinct product lines remain. All of the "Ultrastar" drives are of Hitachi lineage and there is overlap in many cases with other Western Digital models.