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  1. Wolf_Tech

    Microsoft to Remove Ability to Install Win 11 Pro Without Being Online and Signing in to Microsoft Account

    Local account no tracking, Trust me if they do switch the security experts and big companies would be in a lawsuit against them. Microsoft should just make OS and thats lt. Because 99% of the OS's run 3rd party apps.
  2. Wolf_Tech

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti is real

    I'm still running my 2x 1070TI's in SLI and rocking 4k 2160p gaming. I see no need to upgrade for still some time.
  3. Wolf_Tech

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti is real

    Man I can see it now Computer cases that need two Power supplies one for the actual computer and one for the video cards. Remember in 2017 when nvidia said they were going to make Video cards power efficiency better over the next 5 years. Guess they scapped that plan. Imagine in 3 years the...
  4. Wolf_Tech

    I am uneducated on windows 11... What's up!

    I have played with Windows 11, It's pretty and all but if you liked having full control like in Windows 10 forget it. Microsoft basicly designed WIndows 11 just like Windows 8 in a vaccum of people that do not use windows for anything. Simple things are now replaced with endless clicks to just...
  5. Wolf_Tech

    Ford Mustang Mach E Leak: Mustang goes Electric

    Awesome drive for 7 years get a 25,000 price tag to repair it. Yet the new fuel from Porche hydrogen based net zero and can use it in our normal cars.
  6. Wolf_Tech

    Texas Man Dies after Vape Pen Explosion Severs Artery to Brain

    That is what you get with unregulated mods like straight battery to coil. There two kind of vape shops. Their is the shop that sells you a mod and says ya you just put a battery in click the button and your vaping, these shops are like a radio shack sales rep does not understand the tech or how...
  7. Wolf_Tech

    YouTube TV Expands Its Service Nationwide

    Nothing in canada which sucks.
  8. Wolf_Tech

    Toyota Unveils Guardian System That Can Make Decisions on the Fly to Avoid Accidents

    On a side note, These days I find truckers have more driving skills then cars. They at least signal when changing lanes and also keep right except to pass.
  9. Wolf_Tech

    Toyota Unveils Guardian System That Can Make Decisions on the Fly to Avoid Accidents

    I find this funny. Because we would not need this tech or any other tech to make drivers safe. It's simple get rid of cell phones and be aware of your surroundings, check your mirrors use your head and drive. Look down the road not just 2 feet in front of the next car. I have been driving for 30...
  10. Wolf_Tech

    Data Breach at Marriott International Affects 500 Million Starwood Customers

    I worked for the marriotts here and there and this news does not surprise me one bit. There systems still use java old versions which do not run well in newer os's. Also the fact you have to turn off security to make such apps work makes for a big security mess. All day today at work only thing...
  11. Wolf_Tech

    U.S. Secret Service Issues Warning to Gas Pump Skimmer Operators

    Yep Happened to me in NY skimmer got my card. We all have chip readers in Canada so no skimming at all. USA really needs to get rid of magnet strips.
  12. Wolf_Tech

    Windows 10's Next Release Will Let You Uninstall More Built-In Apps

    Lol that removes it from start menu only. Have to reallty uninstall everything in powershell.
  13. Wolf_Tech

    Amazon Workers Lose Monthly Bonuses, Stock Awards as Minimum Wage Increases

    Yep I just love when I hear people wanting min wage at 15.00 an hour. You get it and bang you think your making more money, but then your rent goes up your cost of food goes up and everything you buy in normal life goes up. The prices of things when min wage was lower is now the same price with...
  14. Wolf_Tech

    Sony May Be Adding Hardware V-Sync Support to the PlayStation 5

    Loads up a game of Quake 3 @ 900fps with no v-sync g-sync or any sync and doesnt care about the sync.
  15. Wolf_Tech

    Windows 10 October Update is Losing User Data

    And this is why I still run LTSB waiting for all the bugs to be worked out till next release. MS likes playing chess with peoples computers letting the pawns go first.
  16. Wolf_Tech

    Canalys: AMD Will Surpass Intel on CPU Performance Next Year

    It reminds me of 2003 ish all over again. Intel was hurting because they only had the p4's around. AMD was killing them with the athlon 64's. I remember amd's advertising laughing at Intel making jokes in good fun. Then Intel came back with the Core 2 Duos and showed AMD never bite the hand that...
  17. Wolf_Tech

    Microsoft Announces Windows 10 October 2018 Update

    Oh I know right. MS needs to stop force crappy junk installs from store even when you do not ask for them.
  18. Wolf_Tech

    Microsoft Announces Windows 10 October 2018 Update

    Oh wonderfull and more intergated store BS as well I'm sure. I never use the stupid store.
  19. Wolf_Tech

    RTX 2080 - 2080 Ti - 2070 Full Specifications Revealed

    It's sad what nvidia is doing. I was enjoying my 660ti's in SLI for a long time but when I went to 4k gaming I needed something better. In canada though the only option was the 1070's since they were the only lower end cards that supported SLI. Nvidia screwed the low end customers with no SLi...
  20. Wolf_Tech

    The Year Windows Died at Home and Nobody Cared

    This made me laugh a bit. MS complains about OS's dying in the home really well MS should have never came out with Xbox's then games would have stayed on PC.
  21. Wolf_Tech

    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX Gaming Benchmarks Stunted by Faulty Nvidia Driver

    Or AMD has put code in there boards and cpus to slow down nvidia and make amd graphics cards faster on there own platform. Has happened before in this business many times.
  22. Wolf_Tech

    Cryptocurrency's Big Winner & Big Loser

    Or get a better cell phone like a blackberry still unhackable at least the non andriod ones.
  23. Wolf_Tech

    MikroTik Routers Compromised with Crypto Mining Malware Coinhive

    Lol saw one of these in a business the other day replace with microtik from a cisco managed router. The cisco was working fine but there tech guy sold them this microtik for 700.00 cost on amazon was 49 bucks. I really love how other tech pray on stupid people and rip them off.
  24. Wolf_Tech

    Why Are PCs Sales Growing While Mac Sales Are Crashing?

    Thats easy one to answer. Mac users want to be able to upgrade and change parts. All the newer Macbook pros are all one component. The hard drive is solderd on the main board. The memory is too. The main reason Mac ppl are switching is because they miss the old Apple where the Mac's had options...
  25. Wolf_Tech

    The Worst CPUs Ever Made

    People diss the CELL to much go play Final Fantasy 13 thats the full power of the CELL and even today the Graphics and play look and feel better then the newer FF15. The backgrounds are clear and sharp unlike the newer PS4 with blurry backgrounds. It's only clear and sharp in close range but...
  26. Wolf_Tech

    The Worst CPUs Ever Made

    I disagree with the CELL it was a awesome CPU the main problem was programmers got lazy and became cry babies.
  27. Wolf_Tech

    Cryptocurrency Shocker - Fraud and Deceit

    Sounds just like the wolf of wall street.
  28. Wolf_Tech

    Windows 10 Is Still Installed on under 700 Million Active Devices

    Or release LTSB for home users that do not want apps installed without being prompted for them. Most people do not like the apps or the store most ppl want a pure desktop OS that works period.
  29. Wolf_Tech

    Ransomware Technique Uses Your real Passwords to Trick You

    LOL email view source see where it really came from.
  30. Wolf_Tech

    Google Promises Its A.I. Will Not Be Used for Weapons

    Google = Genisys = Skynet.
  31. Wolf_Tech

    AMD Ryzen 2nd Gen Threadripper 32 Cores Confirmed

    Amd threadrippers gen 1's were 32 core with 16 cores turned off. It was basicly a Epic Server CPU with cores turned off. Threadripper 2 is only the server chip now made for desktop use.
  32. Wolf_Tech

    Solving Problems that Don't Need to be Solved

    If the plate is showing advertising while parked you should be paid for it. I love when I get a new car and see the logo for the dealer on the back. I talk to the dealer and say are you going to remove the logo he says why then I say well then guess you going to pay me for advertising your...
  33. Wolf_Tech

    Stats Show How Rarely Game Campaigns Are Played

    Thats because there is less single player games out there to play now a days.
  34. Wolf_Tech

    Seminole Tax Collector Begins Accepting Bitcoin as Payment

    And if the price goes up the county will make a fortune on tax payments. Think about it if a customer owes 8 grand and the price goes back up to 20,000 the county would get 20,000 for a 8 grand payment.
  35. Wolf_Tech

    PC Has an HDR Support Problem

    I'm running 4k@60hz most games I play run 120 to 150 fps. Or run quake 3 arena over 1000 fps
  36. Wolf_Tech

    CliffyB's Fall

    Starts up a game of Quake 3 Arena for old school battles with gibs.
  37. Wolf_Tech

    Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII Revealed

    Yawn another shooter game player vs player. So sick of these miss games like Serious sam, Doom, Crysis, Half life, orginial quake and quake 2. Unreal orginial.