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  1. Larry Gilmore

    Looking for downloader

    Hi folks! I'm a little bit confused about the thread please can you explain to me what kind of downloader is it?
  2. Larry Gilmore

    What game would get you to buy a console?

    Resident Evil 4, Prince of Persia etc. I use the emulator for playing PS2 games on my PC.
  3. Larry Gilmore

    My works

    Wow, Great work Morana I'm also learning Maya and Zbrush. Both software really awesome for designing.
  4. Larry Gilmore

    Headphone recommendations at ~$150

    BEYERDYNAMIC DT-770-PRO-32 is the good headphones in $150.
  5. Larry Gilmore

    Nvidia Shield android games in 4K?

    No friend, for now, I didn't download but I will check if I found any games let you know about it.
  6. Larry Gilmore

    Happy New Year 2018

    Thanks, guys, Happy New Year to all you guys too!
  7. Larry Gilmore

    Am I the only one? Hate games with a lot of dialogue

    I like both types of games. :)
  8. Larry Gilmore

    Looking for an easy to use video editor

    I'm personally using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effect. Both are great software for Video Editing and also easy to use.
  9. Larry Gilmore

    Best Monitor in the World.

    After searching in Google and found Acer S277HK is the world best monitor in 2017. Hope its correct. :)
  10. Larry Gilmore

    What was the first computer you owned ?

    The 1st computer I buy and use its IBM Pentium 2. :happy:
  11. Larry Gilmore

    Need to find a good bluetooth headset

    What I know friend TREBLAB XR800 is the best Bluetooth Headset.
  12. Larry Gilmore

    Firefox issues after update

    Before I got the issue about Firefox and I start using Chrome after the latest Firefox update now its working fine for me and I also like the latest version of Firefox.
  13. Larry Gilmore

    Let's talk about VPN's for a moment

    A As far as PureVPN is concerned, they recently shared their user's log with FBI. So, getting that out of the equation, I would recommend you go through these super fast VPNs that I think would fulfil the requirements of every VPN user out there.
  14. Larry Gilmore

    Best Places to buy parts?

    Thanks for sharing friends I will check these sites. Hope it helps.
  15. Larry Gilmore

    What are the best bang buck budget wireless headphones for the money?

    Thanks, friend I'm also searching for the best Wireless Headphones and here every gives great advice about it. Thanks, friends I will check all that you guys mention and check which one is in my budget I will buy that one. (y)
  16. Larry Gilmore

    FireFox Really Slow

    Before I like and use only Firefox but finally I got the issue about to use Firefox then I start using Chrome. Chrome its too good from Firefox. Still, I'm using Chrome without any issue. My opinion Chrome is the good from Firefox.
  17. Larry Gilmore

    Arkham Origins - 3 medaling the first combat map?

    Hi, friends, I want to play Arkham Origins 3 but it didn't work properly on my laptop. Maybe my configuration it's not good for that game. Does anyone guide me about what configuration need to play this game?
  18. Larry Gilmore

    CCleaner is infected

    Thanks for sharing friend I will definitely check mine also.
  19. Larry Gilmore

    CS GO Dust 2 getting updated

    I play Counter-Strike 1.6 on my PC. Now I want to start playing again CS but a time I wont to play CS GO. Anyone guide me CS 1.6 and CS GO both need same PC configuration or CS GO need better configuration from 1.6?
  20. Larry Gilmore

    Movie on Android phone pushed to HDTV ?

    I think this option its correct via USB to connect your TV.
  21. Larry Gilmore

    Best streaming device?

    I will also prefer for Roku. (y)
  22. Larry Gilmore

    Monitor recommendations for amateur photographer

    If you want to know about best gaming monitor under 500euro in 2017 here in this article have great monitors. I will recommend you BenQ EW2770QZ its price is in your range and also have 27inch and slim also.
  23. Larry Gilmore

    Does your S7 Edge have this problem?

    Before I use S7 when it launch but when I hear about S7 have the issue then sold out and Buy another smartphone. I will also suggest you to sale your S7 smartphone and buy another phone S6 its better then S7.
  24. Larry Gilmore

    Anyone playing Sunless Sea?

    Friends I didn't know about this game can you suggest me about this game is it a really awesome game? and what configuration needs to play this game?
  25. Larry Gilmore

    New free half life mod

    Wow, I watch the video you sending its looking good game. What Half-Life game I play it's different and that's on its different didn't know about this game. Thanks for sharing, can you guide me about where I can download this game and whats the name of this game?
  26. Larry Gilmore

    Assassins creed sale

    I download Assassin's Creed 1 to 3 parts free from and all parts working perfectly. Still, I'm playing this games never give any issue for playing. :)
  27. Larry Gilmore

    hotmail issue might not go here sorry

    I'm also using Hotmail and its working perfectly only they can small change before we write Now they change Hotmail to outlook and I'm using it working perfectly.
  28. Larry Gilmore

    Resident Evil 7 / Biohazard 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour

    Resident Evil it's my favorite game. Can I play this game in my Dell XPS 14z Laptop?Any suggestion works perfectly on this laptop?
  29. Larry Gilmore

    Sonic Forces

    Sonic it's really awesome game. When I was a child it is my favorite game. Still people like this game including me. :)
  30. Larry Gilmore

    Top 10 FPS Games of ALL TIME

    I play some of the games from this list and it is really awesome games: 1. F.E.A.R. 2. Call of Duty. 3. Half Life. 4. Counter Strike.
  31. Larry Gilmore

    Call of Duty: WWII

    Call of Duty it's my favorite shooting game. It's really awesome game for playing never ever you will get bored of playing this game always you will enjoy for playing Call of Duty games.
  32. Larry Gilmore

    Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

    I watch Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 game trailer it's really awesome. Anyone know about what specification this game need for playing in PC or Laptop?