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    Couch gaming

    Just in case you are serious...those are the antennas of my router that happened to line up with the picture. The mouse is normal, but my hands are also probably small.
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    Couch gaming

    Piece of 1/4 inch board with Corsair K63 and a Logitech G703. Both the K63 and G703 are wireless/wired. Keyboard attached with adhesive velcro and the mousepad is clipped on with those small, black, metal paper clips with the levers removed. Super fancy.
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    Just ordered the Dell UltraSharp 2209WA

    I use it every day, all day, no problems.
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    It's like turning off a vacuum cleaner

    You do know that you can obtain pantyhose through other means, right? Homer: Aw, twenty dollars? I wanted a peanut! Homer's Brain: Twenty dollars can buy many peanuts. Homer: Explain how! Homer's Brain: Money can be exchanged for goods and services. Also, (the...
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    Corsair Lapdog

    I'm interested, I just have nothing to contribute. When it's available at a Canadian shop, I'll probably get one. I already have a K60 keyboard that goes in it.
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    If you own an Xbox One Wireless Controller - you should read this

    I updated mine a few weeks ago....which was a couple of weeks after I actually got it, because the Store page mentions *nothing* about only talks about customizing the Elite controller, *not* about updating non-Elite firmware(which is required to get vibration via wireless). I had to...
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    talk to me about mst hubs....

    It depends on the displayport version on the video card. I have the Club3D MST hub at work and it does not work with my old laptop with an AMD card that only supports DP1.1. It will only work to clone a display. But it works on our newer laptops with nvidia cards that support DP 1.2. I can...
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    Setups/systems for programmers

    Don't get i3's...all our i3's are terrible at Visual Studio for some reason. SSDs as primary drive are awesome. We use Dell Precisions(i7, 8GB) with 2nd mechanical in DVD slot caddy for additional storage. The key feature though is the Precisions have DP, VGA and HDMI out to drive as many...
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    [MOD] Removing ANNOYING red LEDs from Creative Soundblaster Z Sound Card

    If adding LEDs to something is considered a mod(for "neat lighting effects"), then removing them should be as well.
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    Xbox one controller on PC

    If you ever played the track and field game with it...then that's not fair.
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    XFX support webpage screwed up?

    Well, they are still there, you just can't use the support site. I emailed 7 days ago after trying to send several messages through the support site and finally got a response yesterday saying that there were issues during the support upgrade. I got another one today...
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    XFX support webpage screwed up?

    I'm going to bump this. They've also had my 7970 for 3 weeks. I've submitted requests through their new support site, emailed and PM'd the rep here(who did respond to me) but I still don't have an actual update about what is happening with my card. Even if the...
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    XFX support webpage screwed up?

    I was able to get in using my previous account: I used my email address for both the username and email address fields. The old system just had one field I think. I used that to request a password reset since my old password wasn't working. Now I can get in with the reset password. A couple of...
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    Just ordered the Dell UltraSharp 2209WA

    In case anyone is interested: Mine has a high-pitched buzz/whine at brightness less than 100(maybe 97). Jan 2010, A02, China. So does the replacement. Feb 2010, A02, China. Can't hear it over music or other constant sound, but can here it over my fans(which I consider close to...
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    Seeking "Idiot Proof" C++ IDE installation

    You could look into Qt Creator and not use the Qt libraries, just use it for its C++ editor/compiler capabilities. It runs on Windows, Mac, and linux. It was basically a one-click install on windows. It installed mingw for the compiler and I would guess that it uses gcc on linux...
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    Are you playing any "old school" games?

    This past weekend I fired up Bioforge and Crusader:No Remorse/No Regret in DOSBox and a few Infocom text games using WinFrotz.
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    Dungeons and Dragons

    Keen doubles the critcal hit range.... Roughly, with normal weapons, depending on the weapon, you need to roll a 20 to score a critical hit. Some weapons, a 19 or 20. If the weapon is Keen, instead of needing a 20, a 19 or 20 scores a critical. If the normal required a 19 or 20, Keen...
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    Just installed XP120 on MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum

    The Neo2 requires moving the cap a bit more than you describe, 2mm,3mm tops. At least we are beginning to determine some sort of metric for their recommendations.
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    Just installed XP120 on MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum

    I guess I should clarify: Thermalright lists several motherboards as "*caps mechanically obstruct pipe slightly, cap tilting necessary". But they list the Neo2 as "Not Compatible (caps mechanically obstruct pipe.)" I was commenting that, for me, the cap tilt was so slight that I don't know...
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    Just installed XP120 on MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum

    I got the Neo2 on Dec. 23 when my old motherboard died and I decided to upgrade to A64. I bought it off-the-shelf from a local shop--in a small Canadian city--so the stock isn't exactly "fresh"
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    Just installed XP120 on MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum

    I took the plunge as well and also installed the xp-120 on my Neo2 Platinum and I only had to push the cap the slightest bit...almost not even worth mentioning...a millimeter if you let the cap remain in contact with the heatpipe, 2mm if you don't want it to touch. I didn't even really push the...
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    Just installed XP120 on MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum

    Are there different revisions of this board...some that can fit the HS with slight bending and some that just can't fit it? I'm wondering because the thermalright site lists the board a not compatible but they list other boards as requiring capacitor bending. If the Neo2 just required a slight...
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    Vampire Bloodlines - poor ending and worse story

    A better way to skip dialog is to press the middle mouse button(or the right button, I forget). That will just skip a single statement at a time and stop when you have to make a choice. Pressing the left button during dialog will make subtitles appear and disappear....very helpful if you are...
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    anyone tried or heard of this Power supply?

    Here's a review of the 300 watt version:
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    I putting holes in glass possible?

    If you are talking about holes for screws and whatnot, you can get glass drill bits. We have one for a dremel. The tip is sort of leaf-shaped.
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    I Have Mic

    I don't play CS, so I'm not sure how its implementation works, but... Are you in the game with others players and they are telling you they can't hear you, or are you in the game by yourself and you can't hear your own voice through the speakers? Other voice chat software will not play...
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    "KingStone" or "KingSton"

    I'd say Kingston. Because if it was Kingstone, then it would probably be spelt with an 'e' on the end, like, well, Kingstone. This is assuming English rules of pronunciation.
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    Monitor color HELP pls

    Take the monitor to a shop that repairs monitors. A similar thing happened to a friend and all they had to do was re-solder some connections on a circuit. Good as new. That is if it isn't just a calibration or video card problem. If you can find a repair shop with free estimates, you...
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    where do i find Cornelius in Gothic 2?

    You can also try It's the biggest gothic forum that I have found.
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    Silent computer?

    Check out for a lot of info on silencing PCs. Make sure to check out the forums.
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    slight hum from subwoofer

    I have the z-5300's and my subwoofer hums as well and kicking it does not fix it...that was one of the first things I tried. The logitech support email just repeats what they say in their speaker FAQ and is of no use. I am going to read that ground loop link right now.