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    Cheap(ish)10Gb Ethernet for home network

    Hi folks: What would you recommend for cost effective 10Gb ethernet switch and PC adaptors? Would be nice if there was a choice of 6 to 12 ports. Thanks
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    HELP! Recover Windows 10 from C: Partition?

    Oh no! But I'm going to keep trying...wish me luck!
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    HELP! Recover Windows 10 from C: Partition?

    Ok, brother-in-law accidentally put the wrong power cord! td;dr Windows 10 PC no longer boots and the Windows system partitions are foobar. The C: drive looks completely intact. So is there a way to recreate the system from that C: drive? I have extra drives to copy stuff back and forth if...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Love it. Specially the monitor arrangement.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    LOVE The wallpaper! Wanna share? ;)
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    Help with SOHO "data center"

    Now I'm worried. I know what NAT offers, but how it works, I know exactly zero! Shit, I guess something else to learn.
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    Help with SOHO "data center"

    Cool, I'll do that! Whats the fun in that ;-) This has been a great learning experience. Well worth the £255.00 to learn some more. After all the money spent so far or gaming hardware, it would be a small price to pay for no single point of failure on the network. The reason I kept the Home...
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    NAS behind 10/2Mbit ADSL modem

    Well, then I'm going to move Plex to a Linux box/VM. Thanks a bunch.
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    Help with SOHO "data center"

    OK, so this is how far I have gotten... 1st - got myself a pfsense box: 2nd - configured pfSense and connected everthing in the house before adding the DMZs/proxies, etc... 3rd - decided to try out...
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    MSI Gaming Monitor Stops a Stray Bullet (and Still Works)

    How much more American can a news story be? Love it.
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    Huawei Announces the $2,600 Foldable Mate X Smartphone: It Folds Outwards!

    If I win the lottery jackpot, I'll buy one.
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    Samsung Unveils a Folding Smartphone

    You reminded me of this commercial with a dude proud of his battery.
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    MSI X399 Creation Threadripper Build - Start to Finish

    Love when an expert makes a mistake (SATA - NVME). Reminds me of the time I was watching a Dolly Parton live video, and she made a mistake on the guitar. But just keeps going with a smile ;-) Makes being mortal, so much more bearable!
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    NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang Dismisses the Radeon VII as "Underwhelming"

    As an AMD fanboi I'm underwhealmed by the VII. 7nm but not really any better price/performance to show for it. I might still buy it when it comes out, to replace my Vega 64, but can't say I'm excited about the launch. Anyways, I'll wait to see [H]'s review, then decide. EDIT: any chance this...
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    Here Is the Official "AMD Radeon VII: World's First 7nm Gaming GPU" Reveal Trailer

    I am very disappointed with the price/performance. No launch, so I am hoping that they are sandbagging! F*cking portuguese blood, always living in "hope".
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    Help with SOHO "data center"

    200+ views, no opinions? Please, help... Having to learn so many technologies lately, I think one more will make me insane!
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    Help with SOHO "data center"

    I have building an application platform, and plan to deploy it on Google Cloud (GCP) once it becomes a viable product and makes money. ;-) In the interim, I would like to setup my home network to be able to run the same platform as the one that will eventually run on GCP. The question I have...
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    The Chinese Social Credit Score System Has Already Been Implemented

    What the hell is happening to Communism!!!!!???? They have gone all soft in their old age. When I was growing up, these lower score folks would have been sent to re-education camps, hard labor, or better just executed. This just isn't communism like the good old days.
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    Motorola Partners with iFixit to Sell Mobile Repair Kits

    This is one of the most forward thinking moves i've seen a tech company make. Well done motorola! I already have a moto phone, and now I am even more sure my next one will be a moto again. Hate to say it, but mine just went into the garbage/recycle bin! I will likely never buy a Huawai/Goggle...
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    RTX 2070 vs RTX 2080 vs GTX 1080 Ti vs GTX 1070 @ [H]

    So is this proof that we are being punished for the overstock of 10 series GPUs? For those that want the latest and greatest, be prepared for unreasonable prices. Want performance for dollar, buy last gen. Unfortunately I want both. Sigh!
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    Waiting for RTX Titan...

    Some people buy the best because they want the best. Some people buy the best value for money, because they want the best value for money. And some people buy the cheaper cards because... Well they are on welfare but still are just as [H]ard.
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    If you had a choice

    Good question. I picked 4k, but I really had to think about it, and not easy. Choose 4k for non gaming reasons, madlym extra workspace for non gaming applications.
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    California Lawmakers Pass Nation's Toughest Net Neutrality Law

    I live in the UK now. I just pay for broadband and mobile data. No wierd stuff going on here. Yet.
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    NVIDIA Controls AIB Launch and Driver Distribution @ [H]

    As someone who once had enough disposable income to just get the toys I wanted, now I have to be a lot more careful. It is still fun, mind you. Makes buying decision more interesting and challenging. My personal opinion/guess, is that NVidia and AIBs have so much 10 series stock left over...
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    POLL: RTX - Wait for reviews or pre order?

    True, but shine a light on it and the Ray tracing is much better than Nvidia's
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    4 Dead - 11 Wounded at Jacksonville FL Video Game Tournament

    I actually agree with you. This culture is what has made me always prefer America and Americans. More so than any other culture including my own. Politics aside, meaning NOT politics! Something is seeping into your culture that I feel is cancerous. ie, it is killing your amazing Spirit. I...
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    Google Pixel 3 XL Glamorously Unboxed a Month before Launch

    Love the hands, but the rest looks a bit anorexic. Mind you, not saying anorexic is bad or unattractive. I fully accept an individuals right to choose how they look. Hell, if "they" chose to have a penis, more power to them. I'm just saying that is what I am observing. See, I am very...
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    First RTX 2080 Benchmarks Hit the Web with DLSS

    Donald Bell look at it this way... - Lets say you have a 5" wiener. - AMD %20 increase gives you around 1" extra giving you a 6" wiener. - Say that costs $1000. - Say NVidia could get you a 7" wiener, or another %20! - I would say, you would be expected to pay more than $2000. - So what...
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    POLL: RTX - Wait for reviews or pre order?

    Wow, 20% trail blazers! Did not expect that. Expected about 10%. Thanks to all those that took the poll.
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    POLL: RTX - Wait for reviews or pre order?

    I got a hard on when Jenson said the leaks we good, except the benchmarks were wrong. But when it was clear that he had new benchmarks ONLY, then I lost my stuffy. The might actually been some shrinkage,
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    POLL: RTX - Wait for reviews or pre order?

    Interesting! I did not know you could just cancel the order! But wait... [H] will only get a card or release day... So do you know how long you have for canceling an pre-order? When do you get charged?
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    POLL: RTX - Wait for reviews or pre order?

    For those that are interested in getting an RTX. This poll is not to vote on what you think of RTX, but simply to understand interest and buying pattern. Thanks
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX & 2950X CPU Review @ [H]

    Great review. I just missed seeing the epeen benchmarks. But I have a feeling it would do well in those. By epeen I mean, loud, pointless and wastes lots of fossil fuels. Like a dragster. Cause 'Merica! PS, I'm Portuguese. But love 'Merica!
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    Fornite on Android Forgoes the Google Play Store for Increased Revenue

    Just starting my product for mobiles (iOS and Android). Have to agree with you. Would love your opinion on this: I appreciate the strictness of Apple to ensure the user experience stays excellent. BUT, I get the feeling that a large portion of the strictness, has nothing to do with providing a...
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    Apple Hardware Engineer Charged With Stealing Trade Secrets

    Funny you should say that. That is what they say about westerners. And if you look at it historically, they are right.
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    Apple Hardware Engineer Charged With Stealing Trade Secrets

    So are the Chinese the only ones stealing trade secrets?
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    iPhone Losing Some of its Global Luster

    Funny you should mention the s9+. I was going to replace my Nexus with that exact phone, but now I can't think of any reason to do so. Yes, the specs are impressive, but I just can't think why I would want one now. To be clear, I'm not saying others should not get one, God knows I buy all...
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    iPhone Losing Some of its Global Luster

    I needed an Android phone to be used for testing an app I'm developing. So I just bought a "shit" Moto G6 for around £250. I was astounded to find out this piece of crap was just as good, if not better than my more expensive Nexus 6! What I'm saying is that smart phones have really gotten to...
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    Microsoft Buys GitHub Confirmed

    I disagree. I think Jesus was good.
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    NVIDIA AI Inpainting Is Cool as Hell

    “To the best of our knowledge, we are the first to demonstrate the efficacy of deep learning image inpainting models on irregularly shaped holes,” the NVIDIA researchers mentioned. Is it just me that finds that intriguing? Mind you, the last thing I think of doing is inpainting models on...