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    Windows is finally getting native RAR support + RIP Cortana

    No problem. That was annoying me recently in Office365 at work so I recently figured it out.
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    Windows is finally getting native RAR support + RIP Cortana

    Have you tried turning on this setting?
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    Do you remember your history of smartphones?

    Nokia 6682 (New with Cingular) iPhone 3GS (New with AT&T) iPhone 4 (Wife's old phone when she upgraded) Samsung Galaxy S3 (Wife's old phone when she upgraded) Samsung Galaxy S5 (Wife's old phone when she upgraded) Samsung Galaxy S7 (Wife's old phone when she upgraded) I keep looking for a new...
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    Blizzard revoked Diablo immortal purchases made on 3'rd party sites

    This is ridiculous. I hope that the government uses some of my tax money to pay off the in-game debt of these poor gamers . . . wait, wrong forum?
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    Where are the cheap home 2.5G switches?

    The demand for 2.5g and 5g is lower than you think. Return on investment for companies making this equipment is not great so the prices are higher. If you think about it, the push in home markets has been for wireless everything, even when it makes no sense. Most people that in the market for...
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    The Splinter Cell remake will update the game’s story ‘for a modern audience’

    If you change the story line it won't really be a remake will it?
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    Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB Edition is a winner for power users

    Is anyone using WSL2 on Windows 10 LTSC? I keep hearing about Windows 10 LTSC 2022 will support it, but don't find specific information on what the is unless it is 21H2. There versioning is a mess.
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    ASA filament with acetone smoothing is awesome

    What was your process for acetone smoothing?
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    Over-ear headphones that are comfortable for long periods?

    I've been using Sennheiser RS180's for almost 10 years now and they are super comfortable.
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    So which KB/M gaming-oriented software is actually good these days?

    I just picked up a Coolermaster SGK6020 at a garage sale for $7. I didn't realize what it was as I was just buying a spare keyboard to use in the lab at work. I looked it up, downloaded the software, and was quite surprised at how much you could do with it.
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    Outdated game mechanics.

    Forced button mashing. Stupid "press w repeatedly" in Far Cry games, Battlefield games, etc.
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    Battlefield 2042

    BF1 and BF5 didn't interest me in the slightest. The last one I bought was BF3 and it was awesome. That was actually the first time I played any online multiplayer shooter. I skipped BF4 because it looked like more of the same, although in the last few days I picked up BF4 for free through...
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    Can a TV be Mounted Over This?

    I have mine over the fireplace and I use a dynamic mounting solutions mount. It works great and doesn't kill my neck.
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    Soundbar: Atmos/DTS:X and HDMI 2.1 VRR/ALLM

    There are no soundbars with full HDMI 2.1 implementation. All of them are HDMI 2.0 + eARC in general. For what you are talking about, it doesn't sound like you are even interested in a receiver in the future. In that case, just get a well reviewed soundbar with ARC and eARC, hook it up to your...
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    Logitech discontinues harmony remotes

    That is neat, but isn't really designed for those that use a setup where everything goes through an AVR.
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Logitech solar keyboard and an MX Master 2s at work.
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    Future of Blu-Ray vs Streaming?

    I'll be sticking to physical formats. I have yet to see any streaming quality that matches up to a well encoded 1080p bluray. I also don't believe any streaming service offers lossless Atmos or DTS:X.
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    Why doesn't Microsoft want people to create local accounts?

    Online accounts is being pushed because of control. Companies have been desperately trying to monetize the internet for the last couple decades. By shifting to online accounts they keep the control and can start phasing in monthly subscriptions for everything. This isn't always a bad thing in...
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    games that were on your school computers

    Skifree is probably the most memorable for me.
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    Microsoft acquires ZeniMax Media and Fallout maker Bethesda for $7.5 billion

    That would be great. There is a huge library they have access to now. Another Dark Messiah game has been at the top of my wish list for a while.
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    Samsung 980 PRO

    So it looks like the last generation, the 970 Pro, is the last true "Pro" drive. What a shocker. Yet another company charging more for less.
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    Is there anything new with wireless charging mice?

    Thanks for the feedback. I see some solutions I didn't know existed.
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    Is there anything new with wireless charging mice?

    Outside of the $250+ dollar Logitech G, is there anything new in the world of wireless mice that offer wireless charging? I'd even be open go another cradle charger like the old MX700, but obviously a wireless charging pad would be my preference.
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    What do you want to see in games?

    My list of wants is simple. I want to be able to save the game at any time. I want another FPS game similar to Dark Messiah. I loved the rope bow and arrow for climbing, I loved the way magic could be used (freeze enemies or freeze the floor and see them slip), and I loved the way you could end...
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    Games that you have replayed the most

    I have multiple (at least 5, but some more than a dozen) play-throughs plus beat/completion of: [NES] Super Mario Super Mario 3 Dragon Warrior The Legend of Zelda TMNT3: Manhattan Project Double Dragon 3: The Sacred Stones Megaman 4 & Megaman 6 Little Nemo: The Dreammaster The Adventures of...
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    best way to setup 5.1 computer audio in 2020? HDMI without needing a fake display?

    To the OP, that's about as good as it gets today unless you happen to have a super expensive premium receiver with multichannel analog inputs.
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    Spectra's New LGA1151 Motherboard Takes Us Back to 1992 With PCI Slots

    I could easily see using something like this. There really is no modern replacement available for my X-Fi Elite Pro and I use all of the features.
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    Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown

    I still have fond memories of the double box set of Test Drive Off-Road and Test Drive 5 I got at OfficeMax back in the 90s. TDU was iconic as it was the only game that I played that correctly simulated cars with my G25 wheel. If you didn't clutch to shift the gearbox, it died out. If you were...
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    Games that should be revived...

    Road rash?
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    Logitech g27 and g29

    I find it strange that you say it doesn't work in Windows 10. Can you explain what exactly you have issues with? My G25 also works with 10 and they are almost the same wheel in terms of hardware and software.
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    Seriously Microsoft?

    I saw the collapsed or minimal ribbon interface pop up today as well. That actually ain't too bad compared to the larger ribbon. It's a worth a shot to get back some real estate.
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    Seriously Microsoft?

    I was greeted by that garbage today in Outlook. Worse than just the email reply is that is reduced the amount of mail shown. I immediately found the VIew->Use Tighter Spacing option. I am so sick of this Fisher Price Windows garbage. For word and excel, I still use 2010 and I'm leaving it...
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    WallPaper/Desktop software users? I'm looking for specific functionality...

    What are you talking about? I haven't heard of this. I know about the standard Windows 10 slide show feature, which is what I'm currently using.
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    Games that should be revived...

    I'd personally like revivals of the following games/worlds: Lands of Lore (similar to Gothic games) Myst/Riven Double Dragon
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    WallPaper/Desktop software users? I'm looking for specific functionality...

    I have a few 24" monitors, where one of them is in portrait mode. What I'm looking for is some wallpaper manager software that will allow me to cycle the portrait monitor with images from a specific folder, different than the other monitors. I've looked into the big name software out there like...
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    1ft USB Cable 2.0/3.0 Extensions?

    Seems they don't make those Bestar ones anymore. How about getting the one in the link below and using a Dremel to cut off the housing of the female end...
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    Video Editing Software

    I just went through this exercise. I was looking for something simple that I could use like a sequencer and add different audio tracks over video I recorded. I tried OpenShot, HitFilmExpress and something else I can't remember. HitFilmExpress is by far the most intuitive for me.
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    Elder Scrolls VI Release Date: Gameplay Locations and Infinitely Playable like Skyrim Features

    So Jade Empire and Lands or Lore: Guardians of Destiny would both be RPGs still. Great. Some of my favorite.
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    still need a separate sound card?

    Man, what I'd really love is a proper Elite Pro replacement. I actually use everything on the card and breakout box. The phono in, the HiZ in, the analog 7.1 output and the headphone output were all regularly used. I really like the fact that by default the headphones and the analog 7.1 output...
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    How long have you used your power supply?

    I'm still running Corsair's very first power supply, the HX620. I bought it when it was released.