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    Microsoft to Close Windows Mobile Marketplace

    Well it's about time.
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    ZALMAN CNPS10X Performa CPU Cooler $25.24AR @ newegg

    I have this cooler in one of my cases. It works really well IMO. Good deal.
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    Battlefield 3 open beta 29th

    Ultra is disabled at the moment, AFAIK.
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    The Totally Awesome Directron Drawing!

    Gotta love AMD! Use them in everything! Also, Ryan.
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    Peggle for Android on the Amazon App Store

    Yes!! love this game. works nicely on my Fascinate :)
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    The Official E3 2011 thread

    Cannot wait for this discussion:
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    L.A. Noire

    It looks pretty cool. I think the setting is a nice change.
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    My friend thinks 4G is not that big a deal...

    In vzw's case, LTE will have better building penetration too (giggity ;) ).
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    AT&T/T-Mobile Merger: 7 Biggest Changes for Customers

    Been a long term T-mobile customer. So sad to see them go...=/
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    Sick of huge mouse pads!

    Been enjoying my Ratpadz for a few years now..
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    Poll. Do you prefer a glossy screen or an AG coated screen?

    I have a glossy laptop, and an AG desktop monitor. Definitely prefer my AG even though my laptop is 1080p on 15.6".
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    Bad Company 2

    One time I was racking up massive points in a 1000 ticket server (about 10k round points) and PB kicked me from the game saying "BANNED FOR 2 MINUTES: LOST KEY PACKETS" Uhhh..thanks..PB...
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    I want to fuck you style

    I want to fuck you style
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    What is nVdias next flagship card after the 5 series?

    I think you were thinking of this:
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    Crysis 2 multiplayer demo headed to pc!

    Crysis 2: Call of Halo. Coming to your favorite consoles! (Oh, and I guess PC).
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    Where's all the 1920x1200 monitors?

    Cyberbeing-winner of the thread. ;) Basically a TL;DR version of everything else here. Thank you.
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    The official "clean desktop" club. As of late, longcat isn't my background, but I couldn't decide on a nice background (my current one isn't very good and I have like 300 wallpapers that I couldn't decide from -.-) so I just put on longcat. B)
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    $1100-$1200 Budget, <=14.5"

    Likely not soon, as dell and others have stopped shipments of SB.
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    What was the last game you got lost (engrossed) in?

    A few years back I really got into guild wars. I loved that game..
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    Looking for a good Dual Channel Memory Kit

    I have g-skill ripjaws and they work flawlessly.
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    Get [H]ard with a free year of Playboy

    Can't wait to get [H]ard
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    Sennheiser HD201 $15 shipped Newegg

    I love these headphones, and they come with a quarter-inch adapter, which is really nice as well.
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    [Sprint] The Evo 4g still worth getting?

    Evo is worth it. VZW just announced 3 evo-like-spec'd phones. It will be a relevant phone until next year when dual-cores are flooding the market.
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    12 Technologies On The Verge of Extinction

    This article is full of terrible #3. Sorry, but there is a 0% chance electric engines will completely replace combustion engines in any large hauling pick-up or semi any time soon. This article reminds me why I stopped reading gizmodo...
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    Post your workstations 2011

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    C vs C++ or any C varient

    C or C++ w/ emacs and terminal are good places to start. They are the building blocks, and to know how to do everything manually gives you a good understanding of what is done automatically. Basically once you know how to do it, everything else will seem very simple. It's like in math when...
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    What PC gaming titles are you looking forward to in 2011?

    BF3, Crysis 2, and Portal 2!
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    Which Steam games do you regret buying and why?

    Hmmm..I'd say CoD:MW2 (got me on one of those free weekends and was $50) and GRID (got for $5, but still such a lame game, thought it would be fun after playing dirt 2). I also feel like I am going to regret buying the FEAR pack..but I guess I shouldn't be prejudice..
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    Recommendations for 27" to 30" IPS.

    I watch plenty of DVDs and Blu-rays on monitors and TV's (15.6" 1080p, 24" TN 1080p, samsung 55" LCD 120Hz 1080p w/Blu-Ray player). You have to look deeper that pixel count. The places Blu-Ray shines are in resolution, but also in higher video and audio bit rates. You can see a VERY...
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    Steam sales have started

    These errors are going to be the end of me.. :P
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    Enjoying my Nexus S

    I finally made the switch from my Touch Pro..LOVING the screen and Gingerbread :)
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    Asus pronunciation resolved, by Asus.

    Definitely with's pretty close! But I guess I'll have to get used to pronouncing it the correct way now =/.
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    what gaming mouse do you use/love?

    I also use a G5 :D. The G500 is also a good upgrade (my mom loves hers on her ratpadz). The mx-518 is kind of a downgrade from the G5. Many of my friends enjoy Razor Death Adder mice, but I am not a fan of razor..
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    For personal use I would go for an Android device. Though if you do more business stuff on your phone I'm sure WP7 would be a little better for that. In my experience BB's seem to be the cheapest feeling smartphone, so really any WP7, webos, Android, or iOS phone would be a nice step up from...
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    Activision: "We will never, ever charge for multiplayer."

    You're not alone! I did the same and feel the same way. :D
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    Do You Really Need Antivirus Software?

    I run MSE, but it's never caught anything. I do it just in case what GoldenTiger says happens!
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    Rare Apple I Computer Sells for $210,000

    It'd be cool to have one..but not at that price O_O