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  1. WheresWaldo

    What printers do you all use?

    Hey nodle Tell me about the mini delta. Those look like a fun printer.
  2. WheresWaldo

    What printers do you all use?

    Hey Viper16 do you have the diagnostics set up for the TMC2208 or are you using it in Legacy mode? It look like there is an easy way to set up the board for UART diagnostics then you can change between modes easily and set up power usage via G-Codes without having to reflash firmware. I am going...
  3. WheresWaldo

    What printers do you all use?

    guitarslingerchris The noise would be helped moving to 24V, some. Also SpreadCycle is crappy at low rpms that is why Hybrid mode exists. Viper16 I wanted a Duet Maestro but I already had a MKS SBase and when I decided to dump the TronXY board, I got the SKR from BigTreeTech, then since I already...
  4. WheresWaldo

    What printers do you all use?

    Viper16 except we are speaking about a specific use case, yes the A4988 are cheap, but they are much better than TMC2208 for an extruder, which tends to run the stepper very hot. Extruder steppers have a very different use profile over axis movement steppers so the requirements are different. I...
  5. WheresWaldo

    What printers do you all use?

    guitarslingerchris I was pointed to the LV8729 on the RepRap forums when I was researching the TMC2130's. Almost every person who had TMC2130 for X, Y and Z went with something else for the extruder stepper. I was actually very surprised to see that. I have some TMC2208's, LV8729 and A4988...
  6. WheresWaldo

    What printers do you all use?

    Hmm. some different choices there. I too have a project printer, I print on a Robo 3D R2 and a HercuLien (Ultimaker kinematics). But my project printer is a TronXY X5-400 So far the upgrades include: E3D Titan Aero Clone with Volcano hotend, 0.6mm nozzle and 50W 24V heater cartridge. 40 mm...
  7. WheresWaldo

    Additional cooling for Prusa MK2?

    You might need to adjust slicer settings to introduce a vertical hop when making moves, S3D = Edit Process > Extruder > Retraction vertical lift Cura = Settings > Travel > Z-hop when retracted Matter Control = Advanced Settings > Filament > Retraction > Z Lift Alternatively, you can find the...
  8. WheresWaldo

    Additional cooling for Prusa MK2?

    With PEI sheets, you can print PLA with no bed heating, but I generally warm the bed to about 40°C anyway. If your prints stick too well, you can use a release agent. My goto release agent is the dollar store hairspray helps with adhesion but releases completely when cooled. Cooling fans on PLA...
  9. WheresWaldo

    Additional cooling for Prusa MK2?

    Normally there should have been more information provided to give you an accurate assessment of the issue, like what filament, what bed temp, etc. But typically you would not want parts cooling on the first several layers to insure proper bed adhesion. Also some filaments (ABS for example) do...
  10. WheresWaldo

    Alphacool Eiskoffer Lucky Draw

    I am a hard tubing fan and have designed and 3D printed custom jigs to get bends that I want in hard tubing. This kit would put all my hard tubing tools in one place. About time I redo my water cooled rig. I already use Alphacool rads, so this would just complete the setup.
  11. WheresWaldo

    Thousands Of 3D Printers and Files Exposed Online

    I have two networked 3D printers, it is just a few steps to make them secure, unfortunately OctoPrint is not secure by default. Also you can prevent snooping at your firewall. You do have a firewall don't you?
  12. WheresWaldo

    Speedier Broadband Standards? Pai’s FCC Says 25Mbps Is Fast Enough

    Someone at the FCC's IT department should create some QOS rules for Ajit that limits him to those specific speeds and slower depending on network traffic then you will see him move on raising those limits. It is always easy for the HAVE's to tell the HAVENOT's to be content with what you already...
  13. WheresWaldo

    WD 8TB Easystores are Back for 150$

    If you are using the USB3 interface there is very little perceivable difference in speed as opposed to connecting straight to a SATA connector. I wanted to build a self contained media server so I needed all the drives inside my PC case (CM Master Case 5 Pro). Now have 40 TB of storage for all...
  14. WheresWaldo

    WD 8TB Easystores are Back for 150$

    Not really any need to shuck the drive for just backups. If you do shuck the drive you do have to contend with removing 3.3v from the SATA power connector. It is used to disable the drive for enterprise use and your PC won't recognize it if 3.3V is applied.
  15. WheresWaldo

    WD 8TB Easystores are Back for 150$

    I have 6 of these white label 8TB drives they are all about the same manufacturing dates, 3 came from one BB 3 from another BB. They actually have different boxes The only way I can describe it is 3 boxes are Green and White 3 were White and Green. All the drives were shucked and put into a...
  16. WheresWaldo

    July Xbox Update Now Available with “FastStart” Feature

    Still waiting on direct integration with Google Home or Alexa. I believe the "Fast Ring" is already testing this feature.
  17. WheresWaldo

    Influence Buying Comes Under Fire

    There were a lot of companies like this on Amazon until they scaled it back with new rules. Some more honest than others. I joined one network that either sold products at a huge discount or gave some away free in excahange for posted reviews. They did require a disclaimer at the beginning of...
  18. WheresWaldo

    NVIDIA Releases Firmware Update For Displayport 1.3 and 1.4

    This is all the information you get if the update is required. And this is what it says after an update is complete. There are a lot of screen flickers and resolution changes during the update. My monitor which was connected at the time is running off the DisplayPort. I performed the update on...
  19. WheresWaldo

    How Much Have You Spent on Steam?

    If we are playing first game purchased then mine is Counter-Strike on Nov, 30 2004 there was a whole package purchased on that day. The following purchase was Deus Ex: GOTY, June 23, 2016.
  20. WheresWaldo

    How Much Have You Spent on Steam?

    $97 since 2004, about $6 per year. about 1100 hours, the bad part is that 840 of those is in Fallout 4.
  21. WheresWaldo

    What printers do you all use?

    Currently have a heavily modified Robo R1, a custom Marlin firmware based Robo R2, and a cheap Chinese LCD based resin printer. Thinking of getting a delta just to play with, something small like a Monoprice or similar.
  22. WheresWaldo

    Gigabyte X470 Auros Ultra Gaming, USB 2.0 ports don't initialize.

    I have a similar issue, with a warm boot the USB 2.0 ports seem to be unavailable. A power off and reboot will always initialize the USB 2.0. I do not have this same issue with the USB 3.0 ports.
  23. WheresWaldo

    Sneaky Ways App Developers Get You Addicted

    I don't use any of those apps mentioned in the article on my smartphone. Come to think about it, I use my smartphone to make calls and send a few texts, I must be a neanderthal.
  24. WheresWaldo

    noblechairs ICON Desk Chair Unboxing and Build

    Kyle, you need to see if ThermalTake will send you one of their chairs that blows air up your ass!
  25. WheresWaldo

    Nitro Concepts S300 Gaming Chair Build

    I still think you'll get that build time down to 10 minutes since all these chairs are basically the same frame. Curious how do you like those plastic wheels, I just swapped the wheels on my old chair to roller blade wheels cand couldn't be happier. My current chair is almost as old as the...
  26. WheresWaldo

    Corsair T1 RACE Gaming Chair Unboxing and Assembly

    If you keep reviewing these chairs you will soon be an expert at assembling them, especially since there is little to no innovation in this market segment. I expect soon these videos will only be 10 minutes in length. It is not bad looking all assembled. But I think I'll stick with my Craigslist...
  27. WheresWaldo

    Xbox One X Scorpio Teardown and Reassembly

    So I watched Luke's video and all I saw was a reassembly. Did I miss the teardown ;)
  28. WheresWaldo

    Mozilla TALK with Better Butthurt Exclusion Tools

    bigdogchris 100% agree, and that does not apply to sites like this since this is a small dedicated community. Others like it, usually specific to niche topics also generally create a more sharing atmosphere. General news sites allowing all commentators, even moderated tend to drop to the lowest...
  29. WheresWaldo

    *Warning* Gigabyte x370 Gaming 5 F7

    Links are there but files still aren't either get a XML error or a 404 depending on the link you press.
  30. WheresWaldo

    *Warning* Gigabyte x370 Gaming 5 F7

    THUMPer You always take a risk with new BIOS. This issue should have been immediately apparent to Gigabyte and then the release delayed. They had two months to put out this piece of shit, and no one spotted it! If something as simple as this is broken you simply can't know what more complex...
  31. WheresWaldo

    *Warning* Gigabyte x370 Gaming 5 F7

    Links to Gaming 5 F7 BIOS are now dead, still shows on the page but errors out if you click on them. F5 BIOS for the K7 completely removed from the US site.
  32. WheresWaldo

    Bykski Threadripper Waterblock Arrives

    Not bad looking, interested in your results on how it stacks up against the XSPC.
  33. WheresWaldo

    *Warning* Gigabyte x370 Gaming 5 F7

    This is broken in the same way on the K7 F5 BIOS. Found that out Sunday night and went back to F4 for the K7.
  34. WheresWaldo

    Bykski has new Threadripper block

    The Swiftech brackets also say estimated shipping date is 8/18.
  35. WheresWaldo

    Bykski has new Threadripper block

    thesmokingman Are these available or just announcements? I have used the Raystorm in my last two builds and I like it a lot. Assuming these are just as nice too.
  36. WheresWaldo

    Bykski has new Threadripper block

    Only thing I find a bit odd about their mounting system is that it appears to be just four screws and not spring loaded. I am sure Kyle will tell us if that causes any issues or is somehow different than how Bykski pictured it.
  37. WheresWaldo

    Bykski has new Threadripper block

    Yep water cooling has come a long way, you can pretty much mix and match since going to the G1/4 standard fittings. The only thing you have to pay attention to, there are a lot of sizes for hard tubing, both english and metric and differing tube wall thicknesses.
  38. WheresWaldo

    Bykski has new Threadripper block

    Already for sale on Aliexpress Red or Grey LED or none I know there are not a lot of people that don't like Bykski since they usually copy rather than lead. This time they are...
  39. WheresWaldo

    Fighter Pilot Augmented Reality Technology Melds with the Consumer Cycling World

    I am still a rather avid cyclist, but would be reluctant to invest in this particular device. The press release says it is not their "core business" so be prepared for an abandoned product if it is not initially commercially successful. No pricing was mentioned either and there are at least two...
  40. WheresWaldo

    Always wondered...

    Just kidding here and got distracted by some coding stuff .... SQUIRREL ..... Just curious about why there were two boxes and how stuff ends up in one box to another?