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    Gray Uniformity Decent?

    It does seem annoying to me, but weigh the options. Screens like this generally have flaws and are graded based on number of defects. You're likely to come across some other issue in whatever replaces it. Of course, for the price, I agree that I'd expect it to be better. I have noticed that LG...
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    LG 27GN950-B "World's first 4K 144Hz 1ms Nano IPS monitor for gaming"

    Someone in Korea on has one and is reviewing it.
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    LG 27GN950-B "World's first 4K 144Hz 1ms Nano IPS monitor for gaming"

    This thing has a fan in it. :(
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    You got to be kidding me. This is a nightmare! Visible Bug INSIDE monitor!

    No joke, last year I had my cat's fur get inside my monitor between the panel and backlight. Don't try to open it--it'll just get worse. Trust me.
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    Is there a good cost-be-damned 4K 37-43" 120Hz monitor?

    Careful, you want the 2019 versions of either the 4 or 5 series, not the 2018 versions. The old ones have cross-hatch dithering, but the 2019 ones don't. The correct link for the 4 series is
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    Acer Predator XB271HUAB - rma?Burn in?

    Well, if it bothers you, don't hesitate to RMA if it reveals itself again. This isn't normal.
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    Acer Predator XB271HUAB - rma?Burn in?

    It's delamination. The polarizer is separating from the LCD. Definitely RMA it. Could be a bad batch with poorly applied adhesive or maybe it's humid where you live. Regardless, this shouldn't happen, especially not in 7 months.
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    Even OLED is a flawed technology

    There is actually an interesting phenomenon that can come into play here. LCD and OLED are both sample-and-hold type displays, so the pixels change and then they remain solid until they're changed. The response time on OLED is so fast that you're perceiving all the intermediate steps of the...
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    TN LED panel burn in/ghosting. Need help

    It could be permanent. The popular belief that LCDs can't have permanent image retention is wrong. However, if you're only just seeing it today, turn the monitor off for the night and see if it's there in the morning. It probably won't be. To prevent it in the future, you could try turning down...
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    Currently using a 1600p - upgrade to 4k?

    Whoa there. You left the screen size at 15.6". At your viewing distance it says you can see 191ppi. For the proper monitor sizes, 30" and 32", those would be 101ppi and 138ppi for their respective resolutions. Both are way less sharp than your vision, so you'd see an significant increase in...
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    144hz VS 1 billion colors

    "10-bit color" support is basically useless. Almost nothing outputs in 10-bit color except photo software. The main thing it gets you is a guarantee that the panel is at least 8-bit per component. *addendum: 92 DPI is kind of annoying. The pixels are just large enough to be obvious. 100-115 DPI...
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    New monitor - is this normal?

    No, that doesn't look good. Looks like pressure is being applied from the back, which means poor construction. This could be spec for the monitor in question, but it could also be warping or improper mounting. Something like this can get worse with time, as constant pressure will damage the...
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    Does My 27" 4K Dream Monitor Really Exist?

    I don't think there are any 27" 4k VA panels out there right now, they're usually only 32".
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    Going from 2560x1080 to 2560x1440 has had a bigger impact on performance than anticipated.

    If it were the consistent bottle-neck it would be close to linear. What I think might have happened is that it only just started bottle-necking (on fill-rate, memory bandwidth, or shader throughput) somewhere between the old and new resolution, and the resolution/performance slope is a lot...
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    Perfect size for 1080p monitor?

    It's not pixelated because of antialiasing, but it certainly is a bit hazy. 3 feet might be a little far, so that helps. Usually I'm about 2 feet away. You can't deny that increasing the PPI increases the sharpness. It's simple logic. More pixels for the same physical size means more detail can...
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    Perfect size for 1080p monitor?

    This is a very logical suggestion. Don't go above 23" for this reason. Personally, it takes me a little more, around 110 PPI, for my brain to forget the pixels are there. I went 27"/4K and I'll never go back. The sharp text is awesome. My next monitor will be 5120x2880 though, so I can use an...
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    Sick of waiting - bought an LG 38CB99-W

    Nano-IPS is just another backlighting trick for improved color gamut. QD-LED is printed electro-emissive elements that generate their own light like OLED.
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    Sick of waiting - bought an LG 38CB99-W

    MicroLED can't shrink to small pixel densities and QD-LED is a few years off, so it's quite the long wait. I really hope QD-LED is viable.
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    Any using an LG Oled just as a pc monitor ?

    There's temporary image retention, caused by a charge build-up in the pixel cells of the backplane, and permanent image retention, caused by degradation of the emitting elements. "Clear Panel Noise" and its brethren are designed to get rid of the first type. LCDs are also susceptible to the...
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    Best Budget 23-24 inch 1080P IPS Gaming Monitor

    That last one isn't IPS.
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    4k, fav screen size for pc use?

    Either 20-24" or 40-43". 20-24" is if you elect to use scaling and want to have super-sharp text. This particular range is so you can do exact pixel doubling, which is going to be easier given current operating systems' lack of HiDPI support. I'm running a 27" at 4k now, and I can tell you that...
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    Acer Predator XB271HU looks like my monitor, but...

    Does your Microcenter have any of the PG279Q? On the web site it looks like it's on sale for $599, while the XB271HU is $699 right now. Just giving you a heads-up in case you didn't notice.
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    Which 4K TV is best overall?

    Yeah, it's older. I suspect PVA panels at that point were more likely to get permanent retention. I'm pretty sure it's less likely now, but it was also rare then. I just wanted to say it does happen. A properly designed LCD shouldn't exhibit any persistence at all, temporary or otherwise.
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    Which 4K TV is best overall?

    No burn-in? Tell that to my parents' ln40a550. The left and right sides are burnt in from displaying 4:3 content, and the top is burnt in from displaying letterboxed 16:9 content from SD channels before they were available digitally. Yes, it's permanent. I suspect it is poor ventilation and...
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    Understanding 4K monitor and OS scaling. Best size to have sharp image.

    No no no. OS scaling does not just take the lower resolution pixels and scale them up. That only happens in legacy apps. What it does is report a higher DPI to the application, and rasterize vector graphics at a higher resolution. More detailed bitmap assets will be used as well. The result is...
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    Why does my 60hz monitor look smoother then my 90hz overclocked monitor?

    90hz isn't an integer multiple of 60hz, so frames have to be fit to the time scale of your monitor. A 60fps video on a 90hz monitor will show frames for 2 refreshes, then 1 refresh, 2, 1, and so on. Whereas a 120hz monitor will use a constant 2 monitor refreshes for each frame, and a regular...
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    Windows 10 gamma extremely high

    Happen to be using text/display scaling? Those patterns rely on dithering. If they aren't displayed pixel-for-pixel on your screen, they'll look wrong.
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    Interesting new panels coming this year (Tftcentral news)

    Pixel shifting just means the panel has a few extra lines and columns, and it changes the image offset at occasional time intervals. If it operated at a sub-second speed it would be extremely irritating.
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    ASUS PG279Q 144hz 1440P IPS G-Sync

    This is apparently inherent to the nvidia maxwell cards, not the monitor. There's lots of complaints about displayport issues like this with other monitors, too.
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    Do you Regret buying a 4K ?

    Nice theory. If only it happened this way in practice. :D
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    Weird film tear on Asus ROG PG278Q

    That's delamination, separation of the screen layers. That there's image retention in the same area indicates the screen is probably getting too hot.
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    Dell P2715Q / P2415Q (3840x2160p, IPS, sRGB)

    Just some backlight bleeding in the lower left corner. My first one had displayport connectivity issues, but those appear to have been ironed out by the new revision.
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    Dell P2715Q / P2415Q (3840x2160p, IPS, sRGB)

    I think you'll see that on most edge-lit monitors to an extent. I have it a little bit on mine, but it's not as bad as on some other monitors I've tried (the HP zr2740w, particularly). It depends on how the backlight diffuser is implemented. When the new one comes, take the better of the...
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    Dell P2715Q / P2415Q (3840x2160p, IPS, sRGB)

    Actually, sub-pixel antialiasing can give a native 1080p resolution an arguable 3x the horizontal resolution of a pixel-doubled version, where the trick won't work. This will only affect desktop text, though. Nekrosoft13, it's not going to be as crisp as a 27" 1080p monitor. Whether that's...
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    Dell P2715Q / P2415Q (3840x2160p, IPS, sRGB)

    Not too bad. Input lag is less than 1 frame, and response time is OK. If you plan to use 1920x1080 mode on less performant games or consoles, note that it isn't pixel doubled, it's filtered. The usual IPS black level stuff also applies.
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    Going from 1080p to 4k today! :)

    Agreed. The effect of higher DPI on text is ridiculous. I don't understand the mental limitation that makes people only associate resolution with working area. And no, the fact that we were stuck at 96dpi for years is not an excuse. We've had high DPI phones for a while now.
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    LG 27MB85R-B new WQHD AH-IPS ?

    The -B is for black. It's the color of the bezel and frame, and the only color the monitor is made in, so some companies exclude it. Sometimes you'll see a -S for silver.
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    Dell P2715Q / P2415Q (3840x2160p, IPS, sRGB)

    I think I misinterpreted at first. Are you referring to a slight graininess? That would indeed be the matte coating. It's actually not bad on this monitor, so you must be used to strictly glossy displays.
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    Dell P2715Q / P2415Q (3840x2160p, IPS, sRGB)

    The anti-glare on mine is almost nonexistent, and no problems like this. I suspect this is chroma compression of some sort. What connection are you using?
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    2K Panel Advice Needed Please

    The LG dips down to around $510 every now and then, if you're patient. It was around that price for a short time a few days ago on