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    which light weight windows for VM

    XP or 2000 :D - according to some reports, it is possible to run XP on PC with 32MB of RAM (even when official minimum for XP was 128MB). But 7 should be fine running on 1 GB, when you disable all unnecessary features and services.
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    Win10 VDI with XenDesktop

    I haven't tested Win10 yet, but are you using the latest 7.6 FP3 VDA? ( ) For myself FP3 solved few issues with our applications so it might help with 10.
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    Virtualization Setup

    That's right - RAM is no longer limited in free ESXi - although ESXi runs well only on limited set of hardware (for sure much more limited than Win/Hyper-V) - so you can review first if your hardware is suitable - there is official HCL list and also pages listing 'whitebox' hardware.
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    Just going to leave this here...

    In my personal opinion, usually smaller, more specialised enterprises deliver better products and services than "behemoth" ones (however they might have issues with global reach) - both EMC and Dell are already big ones, so I wonder if new "DMC" would be better...
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    IBM V9000 AFA & SQL workloads (I/O wait)

    Is there any technical reason or it's just company politics? :)
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    HP BladeSystem c7000, Storage, Exchange 2013

    I know and understand, also I saw Exchange running on NFS virtual storage without any issues - "not supported" doesn't mean it won't work, however it has to be considered by organisation (that is why Nutanix re-introduced iSCSI support - to get official 'seal of approval' from MS ...
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    Exam prep tips for VCP5 certification

    I've found 3 resources helpful: - "Mastering VMware vSphere" (e)books - videos from VMware and community on YouTube (I used them to review some features I wasn't able to lab by myself because of time and technical constrains) - VMware Hands-On labs -...
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    HP BladeSystem c7000, Storage, Exchange 2013

    From my experience as user who had some good experiences with HP 3PAR I can agree with you both - 3PAR isn't "traditional array" on back-end and clearly had few very good features, but on front-end it isn't much different from other ones - it had non-VM-aware LUNs or VVols, which so far have...
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    Apple dumps VMware for KVM

    This can be useful to compare virtualisation solutions: however it doesn't include free KVM, only commercial RHEV
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    IBM V9000 AFA & SQL workloads (I/O wait)

    Hi, I'm not running IBM AFA, but this result is expected - quite often, what DB servers do, is waiting on storage to deliver or write data - storage is usually bottleneck. Only sometimes, when your are lucky to have data in the memory or at least in cache, CPU can use all the power. When this...