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    BNIB 3930K

    PM sent.
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    Are non-reference TITANS coming?

    Amen, brother. Personally, I am hoping for an Asus Matrix Titan with a similar feel to the 7970 Matrix.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN Video Card Review @ [H]

    Haha, it fits man, but I am not sweating it. This thread is full of people trying to tell others what they should or shouldn't do with their money. What value it is, and how a purchase should be justified. It's all subjective and impossible to nail down firmly, and yet here we are on a technical...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN Video Card Review @ [H]

    The regularly scheduled picketing of your local Ferrari dealership has been postponed due to weather.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN Video Card Review @ [H]

    The 680 and Titan are priced a lot more similarly than you may think. 670 to 680 is maybe a 10% performance jump for 25% more. 680 to Titan is roughly a 40% performance jump for 105% more. I know it still is a price bracket a lot of people are not comfortable with, but the maths work out to...
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    Geforce GTX Titan - First Pics & True Specs

    Even [H]'s own review stated that they were able to get to 1100MHz. On the stock cooler. Other reviews have gotten 1160, 1170... Etc. This isn't even with water cooling yet. 115 tops? Come on. Don't contribute to the noise floor, man.
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    Geforce GTX Titan - First Pics & True Specs

    I think you are wrong there. The reviews I have read mentioned that it kept the card both cool and quiet. Even when overclocked.
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    Geforce GTX Titan - First Pics & True Specs

    That is true, but it is something that a person gets used to. For example, a person will generally score the same on that test. Hardware, on the other hand, can fluctuate as the game demands more and that becomes a lot more noticeable to someone compared to something they have always dealt with...
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    Geforce GTX Titan - First Pics & True Specs

    That right there is the majority of why you have experienced so few issues. That year or so after launch of a game can be rough on single gpu solutions, and even more so for multi gpu solutions. By similar logic you could almost eliminate all possible issues with drivers and save a ton of money...
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    Geforce GTX Titan - First Pics & True Specs

    To follow up on what I was talking about earlier, as far as the price/performance difference between a 670 and a 680, you can find a GTX 670 for $360. A 680 can go for $460. 670 -> 680 Price increase 27%. Performance increase 5-10%. 680 -> Titan Price increase of 109%...
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    Geforce GTX Titan - First Pics & True Specs

    I, for one, am looking forward to this card very much. The tweaking capability, the raw power, and yes, even the performance compared to current flagship cards. It all impresses me. I think it mostly impresses me because I am not comparing it directly to dual gpu solutions. For me, and this...
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    Geforce GTX Titan - First Pics & True Specs

    is imgur blocked for you? Edit: here is an album, if it isn't blocked for you. Couple other photos in it too that haven't been in this thread.
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    Geforce GTX Titan - First Pics & True Specs

    Larger res pics of the pics OP posted.
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    XCom Enemy Unknown $17.50, Activates on Steam

    Just saw that DLC for it is also on sale. The code works for both, but I believe you have to do two orders. Code: GMG30-DPLIM-DN831 Elite Soldier Pack - $3.50 after code Edit: This DLC looks to be $3.34 on steam right now. Slingshot Content Pack - $4.90 after code
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    XCom Enemy Unknown $17.50, Activates on Steam

    Thanks, picked up a copy.
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    660ti $179 after rebate and v by me, newegg

    Just went out of stock
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    Corsair H80 For 54.99. xms3 1600 4g 19.99 and Vengeance C70 69.99

    Anyone had any luck getting the C70 discounted? Been trying in a few browsers a few different ways to no avail.
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    [Newegg] WD Black 1 TB 64MB Cache $79.99

    I also subscribe to that line of reasoning. The drive has already had the worst part of it's journey when it is sitting on the shelf. From there, I can provide the comfort and care it needs to hopefully last beyond it MTBF. Not to mention, if it does fail, I don't have to play the RMA game. I...
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    Two flight sims for $25 - DCS A-10/Black Shark, IL-2, Take On Helicopters

    Picked up the two DCS titles. What a steal!
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    FS: Dell XPS14 Ultrabook w/ SSDs, Corsair Dominator Platinum, Asus P8Z77-I Deluxe/WD

    Bump for a great seller! Got my PSU today and couldn't have had a better experience.
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    Still got your $5 Amazon Games coupon? Get Duke Nukem Forever on Steam for free.

    Still going, I just got a copy for free and activated it on Steam.
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    Should I give it more time?

    Update, got an email yesterday before my deadline. He offered to pay for the replacement to settle things.
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    Should I give it more time?

    Thank you both. Yea, I will go ahead and file it if I hear nothing before noon tomorrow. Sometimes I just want to make sure I am not losing perspective on things, thanks for the confirmation.
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    Should I give it more time?

    I recently bought a Lian Li Tu200 case from another member. It arrived with a broken bezel due, at least in some part, to the seller not securing it properly for shipment. Here is the PM I sent him: I waited four days and have since sent another PM and emailed him twice without getting...
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    'nother barebones

    5900RPM hard drive. Ewww...
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    Like Microcenter on Facebook - get i5-2500K for $159.99

    I think right now it is just the 2600K that gets the mobo discount.
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    Corsair Keyboards?

    K90 is in stock at ncix. Just got my tracking info. edit: Link
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    Directron Hot Deals - 12/5/2011

    @Directron Do you guys actually have the Corsair Vengeance K90 keyboard in stock? If so, I would say that is a pretty decent deal, considering your price is about 10 bucks cheaper than the only other place in the US that I have seen them in stock at. The thing is, there are a handful of...
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    SuperJew's Supersale!

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    Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Speakers - $94.99 + FS at Best Buy

    I've been rocking these guys for a couple years now after a Logitech 2.1 set died on me. Absolutely love em. What I really like about these guys is that they have some horsepower, and when you use that horsepower they don't distort massively like some other options around this price point.
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    Temporary SFF setup until I get a real case (carries away pt2)

    It uses a proprietary PSU which, btw, can mess with the cpu cooler you want to use big time. I had a sempron single core, 1 hard drive and a pci slot fan in the case and it was way to hot for my tastes.I would suggest looking elsewhere for a mATX solution. Also, the case only has the PSU fan...
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    Which itx mobo will support ivy bridge?

    Aye, the list lacks the itx mobos from Asus, but if you check out the bios in the download section on their website there was a bios released 10/9/11 link My P67 Sabretooth is on the list and it got a similar "support new CPUs" bios update around the same time. Regardless, I think I...
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    Lian Li TU-200 "suitcase" is not last year's PC-Q08 with a handle

    Both of the cases mentioned in this thread have removable hard drive cages...
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    Q6600 to...?

    I went from a Q6600 at 3.9GHZ to a 2600K at 4.5GHZ (chip will do 5GHZ) and am loving every bit of it. I got increased frames in games, and no longer get stuttering while watching some 1080 content on a second screen while playing WoW. Best itch I've scratched in a while.
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    anyone make really cheap waterblocks? / think I could make money selling them?

    I am a machinist that has thought the very same thing you are thinking. To answer your question simply, yes, I do believe there is a market for less expensive blocks that perform 80-90% as well as the big dogs. There are a few problems that I could see you having, though. First, would be...
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    FS: Assorted watercooling parts (EK, Bitspower, Swiftech, Feser) - priced to sell!

    YHPM inbound. I will take both reservoirs. Will work perfect in an upcoming project.
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    MSI Says B3 Stepping Chipsets Ready

    This is something I have been trying to find out also. I have a 2600K with no motherboard to go with. The best I can figure is boards will be for sale in April?
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    Can you overclock a 2600K and still use the integrated igp?

    I'm not talking about working the base clock, I am talking multis :) I am looking for the link now Edit: NM, I was incorrect, this was the link I glanced over a few days back: Link. I had already purchased a P67 board, so I didn't pay the closest attention to it.