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    Diablo III: The Followers

    Noses are made for breathing. Mouths are made for eating and blowjobs
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    Mobo or PSU issue?

    So my computer's about a year and a half old now. Specs are as follows: i7-920 (used to overclock it but not anymore) 6GB RAM Radeon 4830 Corsair 750TX Gigabyte UD3R So my problem is that every few days the computer will shut down randomly and then go into a cycle of starting up and...
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    GenMay Payment Options

    Any chance that a new payment method for General Mayhem can be implemented in the future? I want access to the forum but I have had a couple of bad experiences with PayPal in the past and have vowed never to use their product again. Credit card perhaps?
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    Laptop around $1000

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a laptop to pair with my gaming rig for about 1000 dollars, give or take maybe like 100. Not a huge fan of the MBPs so those are out. Things I want in the laptop: 1) 14" laptop (but I will go bigger if there is a noticeable price difference) 2) Good...
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    Apple’s Lame Fix For Antenna Issues

    Fair enough. I misread that paragraph where he discusses this. But the fact of the matter is that the signal drops from -89 dBm to -113 dBm in these faraway areas, rendering the phone useless for 3g and calls. There's no way to sugarcoat that no matter how much you change the bars.
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    Apple’s Lame Fix For Antenna Issues

    This. By the way, is it fair to do these tests right under an ATT tower as Anand did? 99% of people do not have the privelege of having stellar reception because they don't live across the street from a tower.
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    Apple’s Lame Fix For Antenna Issues

    The problem with your and Anand's argument is that people are not gripping the phones "very tightly." They are people who touch it lightly with a lone finger and STILL lose signal strength. Name me one example where the Nexus One, or any other phone for that matter, does this.
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    Do I need a new graphics card?

    Well if you're hitting 100% CPU usage, that would indicate a problem with the CPU :p ;) I would look to upgrading the CPU, and upgrade the graphics card depending on what you do and what resolution you're at.
  9. M invites

    I would like one! :)
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    HTC Incredible Could Launch from Verizon in the Next Few Weeks I'm looking forward to this as the Incredible will probably be my next phone. :)
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    Look's like Mirror's Edge except it's a true FPS. Definitely something to keep an eye on.
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    Mouse choice

    Why not just get another MX500? :D The Sidewinder is probably a better choice than the Salmosa simply because if the MX500 was a good fit for you, the Salmosa may be a bit too small. The G500 mentioned above is probably one of the best mice you will get for 40 bucks, unless you find a...
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    How long before games reach Avatar's quality?

    GPUs already have much more than 50 cores Edit: Btw, it's pretty hard to compare the two since movies are prerendered, but video games are rendered in real time. With current technology, it won't be for a while.
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    Gamestop Doesn't Price Match Their Website?

    For the record, I went to another Gamestop a few blocks away and they had the stickers promoting the 29.99 sale price. I got it for 29.99 although the salesperson got slightly confused when it rang up at the lower price and had to double check the price with the other salesperson. Interesting.
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    Best Site of the 2000s

    Google, site of the decade? :rolleyes:
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    Gamestop Doesn't Price Match Their Website?

    Stupid policy. I wanted to buy L4D2 at the online advertised price of 30 bucks. Went to the store and they told me it was 53 after tax. When I brought up their online price they said that "prices on the website are different than prices in store". wtf? I mean, I guess I shouldn't really be...
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    Diablo 3 Thread

    Well Diablo means Devil, and Diablo III marks the return of a supposedly dead Diablo. So Doomsday = December 21, 2012 = Release Date of Diablo III = Return of the Devil? It's all beginning to make sense. :D
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    WoW Lawsuit of the Year

    This guy may be on to something here... Or not.
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    'Godfather of Spam' Sentenced to Four Years in Prison

    And shame on you for not. :D In all seriousness, it's not like this guy was an "innocent" spammer. He was attempting to commit wire fraud, perhaps identity theft and who knows what else. He deserves to go to jail for the time he got, and probably a lot longer.
  20. M Invites

    If you want an invite to, the easiest way to do it is to go onto their IRC channel, read the rules and guidelines, and then take an interview. It's only an hour for the whole process, and unless you are a total noob at life, you shouldn't fail it.
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    Fox CEO Wants US to Join France on Internet Piracy

    I thought everyone hated France.... :D
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    Mouse click test.

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    URL at the bottom with Google Chrome

    Is there any way to disable the URL from showing up at the bottom of the browser? It gets really annoying because it shows up whenever I mouse over a link...
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    Razer Megasoma mouse pad now orderable!

    Problem with that idea is that everyone has different tastes. All three are good quality pads so functionality isn't an issue with them. After that, it's just about what you like (hard, thick, soft, thin, how the mouse moves on it, etc) and the overall feel of the mousepad. That's why it's...
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    Favorite keyboards you've used?

    Wouldn't say it's the best I've ever used, but certainly the best that I own. Saitek Eclipse II :)
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    Razer Megasoma mouse pad now orderable!

    Looks like a sweet mousepad, but like aKrippler said, 50 bucks is too much for a mousepad. At least you know you're getting quality with Razer. btw this should go in the new Mice and Keyboards forum :)
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    Huxley Seriously where is it

    Huxley had some good things going for it, but like others in the thread have said, it's not worth getting your hopes up for...
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    Metro 2033;thumb;3 Looks like it has some potential. Interesting story and some good looking screenshots. Due out early next year and I'll be keeping an eye on this one.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    No you don't. Trust me. :p (it's WoW)
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    Keyboard/Mice Forum?

    Ah I see. Why was it decided against?
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    Keyboard/Mice Forum?

    Just curious as to why HardForum does not have a forum for specifically keyboards and mice... there's sections for all the components of a computer except for two of the most important and asked about ones? Perhaps it would be a good idea to implement this in the future.
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    Clearning the neverending backlog - What game next?

    It was between Crysis and DMC4, but I voted Crysis: Warhead.
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    Gaming mouse upgrade?

    You would find it strange considering that you went from a mouse that's very small and flat to a much bigger one that's very ergonomic. I think altogether you'll be happy with the change. :)
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    Borderlands or Dragon Age

    Why not get both and ask the wife to get you something totally different for Christmas? :D
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    What keyboard do you game on?

    Saitek Eclipse II. Got it when it was about 40% off and cheaper than the Eclipse. :D
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    Dragon Age: Origins PC, 360 or PS3?

    lol at this poll.. PC 27, everything else 0.
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    MW2, No Dedicated Servers, PB, 9v9 limit, leaning, etc etc

    When I pay 60 dollars for a game, it's not good enough to say "well, at least not every single game will be unplayable." In fact, it's pretty ridiculous for any gamer to say that for any game, let alone one they will be paying 60 dollars for.
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    Bassy headphones for around 50 dollars

    Thread title says it. I'm on a budget and looking for some headphones that carry some nice bass for the price of around 50 dollars. Any good recommendations?