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    running cat5e between 2 keystone jacks

    I haven't seen anything use crossover since like 1996.
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    Windows 10 Upgrade Nags Become More Aggressive

    More dirty practices from a dirty company. Nothing new here.
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    Need some help with pricing.

    "The FS/T RULES! (You must read these before posting in FS/T.)" "(3) No Price or "interest" CHECKS "
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    Extremely high SMART failure rate in my FreeNAS

    " long tests every 3 days, and the pool is scrubbed every 14th and 29th of the month. " As an outside observer (I don't own a NAS), isn't this a lot of extra wear and tear on those drives? Not that it's in any way related to your problems.
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    All Versions Of Windows Affected By Critical Security Flaw

    Is it part of Microsoft's strategy to continue to be dishonest about what KB3035583 really is? Seems pretty scummy to me.
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    how is EVGA customer service with regards to mobos?

    I've never had to send something defective or not working to them, but their customer service was outstanding when I've dealt with them in the past. Responsive and friendly.
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    New video card on old hardware. Is it worth it?

    I say do it. The old i7s still have a lot of life left, if you don't have to have the latest and greatest.
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    Where to get Yosemite upgrade?

    Maybe from someone who has downloaded it already? Filesharing sites? Apple has made it unavailable.
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    Using WD 2TB Green for "daily" usage

    Those Samsung drives are no joke. If I could buy more of them, I would.
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    Microsoft’s Mission To Reignite PC Sector May Be Taking Hold

    A new laptop? A new tablet PC? That's some exciting innovation that will surely "Reignite the PC Sector"! Zzz...
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    how long should UPS batteries last?

    3-5 years sounds about right, but I've been surprised with some I've seen, that still hold a decent charge at 7+ years.
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    how can i get rid of dust on my hardware?

    I agree with cageymaru. I bought one of those electric dusters and it's so much better than the hassle of duster cans, Shop-Vacs, air compressors or other methods. It will pay for itself in no time with how expensive those cans are.
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    Seagate Expansion 5TB: Horrible write speeds?

    I bought one of those drives and thought there was something wrong with it, until I started reading reviews. Seagate's SMR is crap.
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    RIAA And MPAA Reporting Piracy Sites To U.S. Government

    "Oh, Chris Dod, head of the MPAA and former congressman just sent us a letter and wants us to fight for the businesses he represents". "We also got one from this millionaire, Cary Shermen, who represents the RIAA and wants poor people to stop "stealing" from the incredibly wealthy business he...
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    Facing Strong Backlash, Yelp For People App Vanishes

    In case you didn't see this: Social Media "Peeple" (HBO) - Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
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    $5 Service That Cancels Your Comcast In 5 Minutes

    The last time I did that I walked in and there were about 15 people waiting and two of the three customer service people decided they were going to lunch. I waited in line about 30 more minutes to return my equipment, and by that time the office had just about filled up with more customers...
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    Windows 10 Market Share Inches Up Slightly

    56.53% of computer users would disagree with you.
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    Vinyl Records Generated More Money Than Free Streaming Music

    Because they are working for an industry that has been ripping off it's artists and consumers from day one.
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    Do SSD need any cooling?

    I wouldn't even worry about it. SSDs run pretty cool.
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    VW Used Software In 482K Diesels To Skirt US Clean-Air Rules

    That's utter bullshit. It was caused by the drive for higher corporate profits and quicker extraction of oil. BP was completely at fault. The EPA doesn't operate those drilling platforms.
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    What would be a fair price to sell my computer for?

    #16 here "No PRICE CHECKS allowed."
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    Alabama Passes Massive pr0n Tax

    A lot of racist heads exploded with anger after the election of the first black president. But at least our economy isn't headed into the shitter, with us loosing 750K jobs a month, like it was when your hero, Bush, was running things from The White House. The fact that's his presidency has...
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    What's Next After 25 Years Of Wi-Fi?

    Exactly, they should stop with the "25 years", as almost no consumers were using it even 15 years ago.
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    First Library To Support Anonymous Internet Browsing Effort Stops After DHS Email

    I'm tired of the government spying on innocent civilians. If you're for that, I think you're an asshole.
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    3 Year Old Comic Predicted The iPad Copying The Surface

    Like the Surface was an original idea in the first place.
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    Microsoft stoops to new low

    So the more machines they can get it on, they can turn those machines into bittorrent servers, for updates for more customers. I assume that's what the "BT" in the directory name is for. Seems pretty shady to me.
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    Ex-Labor Department Employee Admits Bootleg Movie Operation

    Good thing there were no Republicans supporting it. :rolleyes:
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    Thirteen Windows 10 Bugs Microsoft Needs To Fix Right Now

    I sure as hell would hope so, considering it's a free update to the most popular operating system in the world. One fifth of the US population (The ~67 Million Windows 10 Installations so far) is an impressive number, if you leave out the rest of the world, and those facts.
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    Music Sounds Better On LSD, Study Finds

    You'd probably surprised at how terrible sex can be with hot girls. Maybe you will find out one day :D
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    Water loop advice.. safe to split and merge flow?

    Splitting the flow seems pointless to me, since it's all one system and combined at the pump anyway. You should have enough cooling there to cool just about anything, doing it normally, without having to worry about any temps.
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    HDMI issues with Denon

    I'd return it, if you're sure it's not the TV.
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    Seagate Develops World’s Highest Density Mobile Hard Drive Technology

    If you value your data, you will make proper backups, regardless of who you think is a better hard drive manufacturer this month.
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    MPAA Demands Extraordinary Measures to Prevent Piracy

    More proof of the big joke that the MPAA is.
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    How To Spot A Potentially Violent Person In The Workplace

    Wow, the privileged racist conservatives really are everywhere.
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    The Top Video Games Of 2015

    I don't think I've ever said "What?" so many times during a top games slideshow before.
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    Win 10 updates- trying to update nonexistent device

    I would install it. :D I doubt it will cause any problems and maybe you can then uninstall it.
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    WTB: x5670 or x5680, 4x8gb ddr3 and a 650w+ psu

    If you don't have any luck here, watch ebay for those processors. I just got a (what I consider) rather good deal on a x5670 myself, $90 shipped. Nice overclocker :)
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    Don’t Be Apple

    Rabble Rabble Rabble. Haters gonna hate. :)
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