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    Steam Summer sale is up

    Awesome, been interested in Don't Starve for a while now.. Thanks!
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    Devils Canyon i7-4790K $279.99 Microcenter pre-order

    wish they still had a microcenter in the bay area =/
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    Titanfall - $29.99

    thanks! picked one up for me and brother
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    Trying to decide on Energy C-50 or Sony SS-B3000

    Anyone? Amazon has the Sony SS-F5000 for $112 right now.. so i could get that.. any input on the Energy C-50?
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    Trying to decide on Energy C-50 or Sony SS-B3000

    A little out of my price range and shipping makes it $194. ty for the suggestion though. i have a 25 dollar amazon gift card so i guess if its a product from Amazon i can spend about $100-115 + the 25 dollar amazon Gift card.
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    Trying to decide on Energy C-50 or Sony SS-B3000

    well basically i posted early on about a computer speakers for under $150 and was going to go with Powered speakers, but i found a nice receiver for $50 dollars on craigslist. It took about 5 days before finding a receiver i liked. Anyways now i need to order some bookshelf speakers, and im...
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    M-Audio AV-40 vs Swan D1080's Still can't decide =/

    I found some Rokit RP5 G1 on sale on craigslist and is wondering how they fair with Swans D1080MKII & M200MKII?
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    Best set of "Computer" speakers for under $150.

    well imma go ahead and order the Swan D1080MKIIs. but i have one last question... what is the difference between these 2 Dayton Subs. Dayton SUB-80 8" HT Series Dayton ES8 Elite Series Their both about $100 dollars. the Elite Series is 5 dollars more than the HT Series... anyone have any...
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    Best set of "Computer" speakers for under $150.

    So i guess the debate is between Swan D1080MKII and the M-Audio AV40's... i don't care too much about the bass at this point because i will add a sub further down the road. I just want a quality set of monitors. If someone can give me a really good reason to buy the Swan M200MKII i will set...
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    Best set of "Computer" speakers for under $150.

    Also how would the Swan D1080MKII compare to say the logitech z-5300? i understand the bass will be sub-par agaisn't the z-5300 but other than that.. how would the clarity be?
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    Best set of "Computer" speakers for under $150.

    I have a Creative X-Fi Fatality... I know this set is outta my price range, how big of a difference would it be to go for the Swan M200MkII.. i've been reading around and seen a lot of good things being said about it. I also do enjoy listening my music loud every once in a while... i also...
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    Best set of "Computer" speakers for under $150.

    I do enjoy some decent bass. I thought about getting a powered monitor cause thats what i read in a few threads but i don't know how i would add a sub to it... I'm assuming i'll have to buy a power sub further down the road I'm wondering is there any recommendations a sub i can purchase...
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    Best set of "Computer" speakers for under $150.

    I'm looking for a set computer speakers for under $150. I really don't want to go above $150 maybe $160 tops. Price is before Tax. I looked into buying a receiver and speakers but i don't think i'll spend the time to upgrade it. i don't have a preference to 2.1 or 5.1. I'm just looking for...
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    Shure SE530PTH $53.99 @ Ecost

    smoking, if this goes through
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    Demonoid registration is now open!!!

    if someone could send me an invite code, it'd be much appreciated. thanks
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    What are the oldest games you still play often?

    starcraft for me. In fact my friends come over and our we have a lan every other day playing 3v3s and 2v2s for fun.
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    Nvidia vs. ATI

    I would personally buy the cheaper one when you buy it. They should be about the same performance, but if i had the extra money i would go with nvidia.
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    ATI RV870 Expected to Arrive in Late July

    hmmm, maybe some price drops coming soon?
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    WTB: Socket 478 motherboard for P4

    looking for a replacement board for my uncle since his mobo died on him. need a mobo to replace his old one. he does not want to spend over $50 dollars.
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    Laptop Turns on for 3-4 seconds and turns off?

    after opening and putting it together a few times it turns on sometimes, and sometimes it won't. and if u move it too much it turns off and then will have the same problem of turnning on and off again... i think it may have to do with the ac connection on the mobo like you said. or something...
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    Laptop Turns on for 3-4 seconds and turns off?

    i took apart the laptop. but i do not exactly see a jumper to reset the bios of the 9100? cause anyone tell me how i may reset the bios?
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    Laptop Turns on for 3-4 seconds and turns off?

    Well heres what happens. My friend has a dell 9100 and it doesn't turn on anymore. And unfortunately his warranty expired 1 month ago =/. so i took it to take a look. and i do not know whats wrong with it. it just turns on for a few seconds and then turns off. the l.e.d lights come on and turns...
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    FS/FT: 74gb Raptor / P4 2.4C / IS7 / Corsair XMS / Gainward GF4 TI4800 SE & more

    bump. trying to get rid of everything.
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    FS/FT: 74gb Raptor / P4 2.4C / IS7 / Corsair XMS / Gainward GF4 TI4800 SE & more

    ttt. 1 raptor may still be available. buyer appears to be bailing out.