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    RIP PS Vita: Sony Officially Ends Production

    Killzone, CoD, Gravity Rush, Uncharted, Zero Escape, Luminies were all good. then there were some remasters & ports like Assassin's Creed, BioShock, Borderlands, Metal Gear, Ys, Persona that didn't really interest me, but were quite popular. the first gen version with the OLED screen was also...
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    RIP PS Vita: Sony Officially Ends Production

    I got a good three years out of mine before the games being published stopped interesting me. Stupid ass physical memory format held it back from day one. I never really saw any games that did a good job of leveraging the rear touch panel either. I played way too much Lumnies SuperNova on...
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    Intel Launches the 28 Core W-3175X

    That is an INSANE price and 255W TDP? yeah there is a very small number of people that will actually need or use this. That's not to say it isn't something I would covet, but I sure as hell aren't paying for one myself.
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    Does Adjusting Graphics Settings Lower Than the Game Allows Constitute Cheating?

    The crazy cheat in CS was player skins that had huge poles sticking out on vertical and horizontal axis. That really sucked.
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    Facebook is in an Arms Race with Adblockers

    I have a Pi-Hole on my local network, so things that aren't FB don't resolve. is blocked from running scripts via NoScript. Oh and the FB container for FireFox to make sure they aren't snooping outside the box so to speak. It's not perfect, but the only 100% effective option would be to...
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    Microsoft Admits Cortana Is an Epic Failure by Shamelessly Selling Amazon Echo Dot

    Cortana isn't going to be displacing Google Home or Echo devices, but it's VERY present in the enterprise. Intelligent inbox, natural language scheduling, just to name a few.
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    Bing Is Pushing Malware When You Search for Chrome

    Bing is PUSHING Malware or someone placed an ad for malware and Bing didn't catch it proactively? There's a difference between a scammer successfully running the gauntlet and getting their scam ad placed, and Bing actively pushing malware.
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    Sony Could Be Planning Backward Compatibility for PS5

    Exactly this. It's why there will never be another "new" Xbox model, only upgrades to CPU/GPU/System Memory/GPU memory, storage subsystem. If you're a game developer, you won't ever have to learn anything new other than how to step game performance up or down depending on if it's being played...
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    Best Buy Axing CD Music

    I grew up in Minnesota and remember Best Buy when it was called "The Sound of Music" Biggest record store chain in the Mid-West.
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    AMD GPUs Back in Stock

    Yep $675 as of 12:42 PDT
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    Report: Google Is Developing a Standalone AR Headset to Rival HoloLens

    Every company that's developing AR headsets are just making news releases in the hopes that they can freeze the market. Right now there's no market to freeze, so release away. I really hope there's great headsets and we end up with a competitive market.
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    James Cameron Hopes for “Avengers” Fatigue

    I'm gonna disagree. Marvel has so many individual charters and stories to tell that while they may be numerous, it's a good chance they wont' get repetitive anytime soon. It's a REALLY big catalog to draw from.
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    Xbox One X Enhanced Titles Listed

    It's not out of date because the source article notes that the human eye isn't capable of seeing the difference between 4k & 1080p on the average TV screen size & at the average distance. HDR on the other hand makes a MUCH bigger difference.
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    Xbox One X Enhanced Titles Listed

    I think a lot of this might just be a question of repackaging the source graphics. Weren't a lot of these developed with PC support for 4k?
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    DMCA Used to Remove Ad Server URL from Blocklist

    Those ads will look so awesome with NoScript. Sure you're URL will have access to that postage stamp sided ad area, but I won't be seeing anything except plain text.
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    WannaCrypt Makes an Easy Case for Linux

    If One Billion people used Linux on personal computers, then One Billion people would still be the target of criminals.
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    Uber Tracks You Even After Your Ride: Invasion Of Privacy Or Necessary?

    It should be Opt In with some lame explanation from Uber as to WHY they really NEED you to opt in. IMHO where I go after I get off any sort of transit is no one's F'ing business.
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    Hyperloop Co-Founder 'Very Serious' About California Secession

    Running a surplus at the sate level. Paying down Debt. California contributes just under $300 Billion in taxes to the fed and puts more in than it gets back, so there's going to be a short fall there. Oh 6th largest economy in the world. I think we can support ourselves just fine. All that...
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    BBC Will Use Wi-Fi Detection Vans To Catch TV Pirates

    Back in the day when TV licenses were first enacted if you had a TV in Britian, there wasn't anything you could do BUT watch BBC. Now the same displays can be devoid of a tuner plugged into a Blu-ray payer and not even touch "Licensed" services. So I can have all the same RF emissions as a home...
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    BBC Will Use Wi-Fi Detection Vans To Catch TV Pirates

    Yes, because using WiFi automatically means you're using iPlayer. This is a great reason to not broadcast an SSIS and make sure consuming devices also do not reveal themselves to unrequested connections.
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    The New Amazon Kindle Costs $290

    Yeah I don't know how they think that the Oasis is going to sell at that price. My Paperwhite still works just fine and if it dies (now way out of warranty) I'll just get another. $300 is just too damn much. I can't honestly say that I even consider it an aspirational device because it just...
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    AMC Apologizes For That Whole Texting In Theaters Thing

    Well AMC can't enforce no texting like Alamo Drafthouse can because you won't ever see an AMC employee in the auditorium after it has been cleaned from the previous showing, whereas Drafthouse has employees in the auditorium almost non stop. You think AMC is going to do that? Nope, that costs...
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    Alamo Drafthouse Responds To Proposed Texting In The Theater

    It's too bad the Alamo Drafthouse in San Francisco has it's own hipster menu. It's a one hour drive from San Jose, plus parking & artsy & frankly gross food. Truffle flavored cheese for nachos, WTF is that? Where the hell is the Adult Grilled cheese (without truffle, thanks)? There's a market...
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    AMC Entertainment CEO Open To Allowing Texting in Some Theaters

    Sorry I'm going to call you out for false equivalency. someone texting through out a movie is not the same as someone in a movie that has to respond to an emergency.
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    Intel Adds Core i7-6950X Extreme Edition 10-Core 25MB Cache CPU To Support Site

    As you can see by my sig, I've been running a rig that's pretty close to a 6950X, an E5 2960-v2 10 cores/20 threads 3.0 Ghz that I got off of eBay for $800. Lots of threads is great for video transcodeing, and it's fast enough that even single threaded games run just fine. The only place I feel...
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    Could Hulk Hogan’s $115 Million Win Destroy Gawker?

    I won't miss Gawker, but Gawker Media has some good sites that are part of it that I might.
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    New Warcraft Movie Trailer

    File under movies I have no desire to see. Well maybe when it comes to Netflix or Amazon prime, but I'm not going to pay $14 (non 3D Silicon Valley movie ticket price) a ticket to see this.
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    See That Billboard? It May See You, Too

    I do not consent.
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    Popular Blu-Ray Ripping Software Shuts Down Following Legal Pressure

    And they are located in China, so good luck getting Government officials to twist those arms. You already "cannot" get the full version in the US, but that doesn't mean you can't use a VPN to download from a country that the MPAA doesn't control
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    FCC Approves Proposal To Boost TV Set-Top Box Competition

    Agreed, but I'll take the free market & open competition option if that's what I can get for now. At least the Republicans showed their true colors and sided with the entrenched monopolies.
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    Quad-Core 4.2GHz, 64GB, 5TB SSD RAID 10 Laptop

    I think I'd rather have a Generation 3 HP zbook 15 with a quad core Xeon, 64GB of ECC, 2x 1TB NVME 1x2TB SSD & a Quadro KM2100 and have some semblance of battery life.
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    Microsoft Building Underwater Data Centers?

    Correct, it's the same situation as a data center in a shipping container. Lots of redundant hardware is already built in and when failures hit a predetermined threshold, a new container is brought in, data cloned and old container sent in for refurbishment.
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    Microsoft Edge Keeps Losing Users Despite Windows 10 Push

    Needs Add ons address bar needs to be OBVIOUS vs. click to find it. Paste & Go. Why isn't this just "there" ?
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    Apple Rumored To Be Developing High-Resolution Audio Formats

    THIS +1000 Crappy mastering leads to crappy everything else. E.g. Metallica's Death Magnetic. The guitar hero tracks were solid, but the master they used for CD was so blown out with distortion it was hard to listen to.
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    KickassTorrents Launches Its Own Release Group

    Oh that explains the low quality/low bit rate. YIFY was doing transcoding WITH a cell phone.
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    Theater Owners Are Furious About Netflix’s New Movie

    Maybe theater owners should take a cue from Alamo Draft House and kick the ass hats who can't manage to turn their phones off out with no refund. Oh and it doesn't hurt to server beer, decent food and bottomless popcorn and bringing all of it to your seat.
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    Xbox One’s Unlocked 7th Core Isn’t Much Of A Boost

    Xbox One costs $350. On what planet should we expect it to have the same capability as a full on gaming rig? All this boils down to is another iteration of "Good Enough" technology. E.G. Blu-ray vs. Video on Demand. VOD will never be as high quality as Blu-ray, but it's good enough...
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    Fantastic Four Director Kills His Own Film On Twitter

    And it's not likely to break and torrent records either. It's one thing to watch what should be a good film recorded via handy cam. Very few will put up with both craptastic picture/sound AND craptastic overall movie.
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    The Evolution Of Modern Game Controllers

    Mad Catz Panther XL. Programmable Joystick & trackball all in one. They even had a prototype of it for the Xbox 360, but it never made it to production which is too bad.
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    Competition? 99% Still Rent Cable Box

    I have a cable card in a Silicon Dust triple tuner on the network and pointed my Win 8.1 Media Center HTPC at it. WMC handles the guide and DVR recording, not to mention all kinds of other media playback. In short, the only "hardware" Comcast has in my home is the cable card.