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    Laptop for daughter/college...Lenovo Legion 15" RTX3060 vs ASUS ROG 16" RTX3060 and others..

    Just ordered the Gigabyte OLED RTX3060 and Lenovo 7 RTX3060. Will let her decide which one to keep. Maybe I will keep one as a backup for work.
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    Laptop for daughter/college...Lenovo Legion 15" RTX3060 vs ASUS ROG 16" RTX3060 and others..

    Her current laptop that she has had for 6 years is a Lenovo. So I have no issue with them as its still going strong.
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    Laptop for daughter/college...Lenovo Legion 15" RTX3060 vs ASUS ROG 16" RTX3060 and others..

    Looking at some laptops for my daughter for college. She likes to game but its not a top priority at all. I found the Surface Laptop 4's are actually perfect all around but they are absolutely garbage for anything but Minecraft or similar so I guess they are out. I did get her a 2020 Dell...
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    Run Quadro and GTX on same machine? (One at a time)

    Am I able to run both a quadro and gtx on the same machine? I don’t want want to run these at the same time is that makes any difference. Thanks
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    Current 43" 4K options?

    So how would the X800E compare to the Dell P4317Q? I have the Dell 43" at work and love it. Dell outlet has them for about $650 a few times a week now? Which one is better for strictly a PC monitor?
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    Dell 43 Ultra HD 4K Multi Client Monitor – P4317Q

    I have had this monitor at work for about 5 months now and absolutley love it. It's my first large monitor over 27" and 43" is just perfect with 4k. The software works great as well and can split the screen in about 20 different ways. Reason I came to the thread as I am going to order...
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    Wireless network outside for workplace ...large area

    i would like to create a wireless network outside of my workplace for our department. This network would be used for consumer grade home automation products such as security products( video cameras, motion sensors) Due to security concerns we are not allowed to run most devices on the...
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    27'' 1440p or 4K for work?

    I just got a dell P4317Q for work and holy crap it is a great monitor. So great I am going to get one for home as well. Text is only slightly smaller than a smaller lower resolution monitor. The Dell software is great and gives you about 20 options to split the screen in the fashion you want...
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    Need a touch display between 30-75" with built in web browser..

    I am looking to purchase a few displays for a work project. The display has to to have touch functionality, a web browser, and cannot have a windows, mac/Linux OS or alike OS. I need this display to access an in house website to display information and be able to navigate through it via...
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    Can You VR On A Laptop?

    Stupid question but are the 1070/1080's in laptops a mobile version (less powerful) than their desktop equivalents?
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    Just ordered an Oculus Rift...first thing to do?

    Got it yesterdays and all I can say is wow... better than I thought it would be. Played around with a few free games and videos and most were really good. That free game, Jacks Tale or whatever it's called is the future style of gaming, or at least going to be a big part of it. While...
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    Just ordered an Oculus Rift...first thing to do?

    Hey, just got a OR CV1 in mint condition for $380 shipped. Been following the rift for at least 3 years now and was really considering spending g upwards of $100 on a smart phone headset. Starting thinking though if I could find a OR for under $400 it would be better to go that route, which I...
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    New HP Omen 32" QHD Monitor - 2560x1440, 5ms, 75Hz freesync, LFC, VA panel = $343 shipped

    Putting size aside how does the 32 Omen compare to the Dell U2717D? I just got the Dell but the size is smaller than I thought it would be upgrading from my 22" Specs compare? Don't care about gaming
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    HP Omen 32" QHD Monitor - 2560x1440, 5ms, 75Hz freesync, VA panel

    How would this compare to the Dell U2717D I just bought? I love the monitor but the size is not as big as I thought it would be moving up from a 22". I don't game anymore, more concerned with color accuracy and brightness. How would these compare?
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    Private network setup for a work project needed(Ethernet to fiber.

    Hey guys, I have a little project at work that involves converting the following comma path to get the end result I need. The conversion path goes as follows.. Server NIC Card 1 DHCP (company network) NIC Card 2 - STATIC (private network)...
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    Don't game much anymore...Recommend a 4k display?

    Alright I made a decision and ordered a 27" Dell Ultrasharp QHD U2717D. figurd I would try a 27" to see how I like it. If it don't I will probably go up to an ASUS or benq for $750-$900
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    Don't game much anymore...Recommend a 4k display?

    Ok thanks for the replies but the answers are different than I was expecting. I have zero interest in using 40" tv as my monitor, it's not an option. I have read many reviews here of people that are happy with there 4K monitors that are around the 32" mark. Many are using that 32" without...
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    Don't game much anymore...Recommend a 4k display?

    Ok, ill pick up a cheap vid card afterwards, probably around $150 i would guess I would spend..Man i forgot how much this forum influences I am looking at $1200 monitors :(
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    Don't game much anymore...Recommend a 4k display?

    Can you snap say 4 windows so they are distributed evenly? I thought you could only snap hard left or right and it resizes each to take up half the screen? Is there another way to do this so it splits the views evenly if you have 3, 4 or 5 etc... Also, since I don't game does a video card...
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    Don't game much anymore...Recommend a 4k display?

    Thanks, i think 40" would be just pushing it though lol. If i get a 27 or 32" that will be quite the increase for me. But after a year or two I could see going larger. Its all about slowly transitioning instead of one huge leap. Thats how I went from a 50"-55"-60"-65" and looking at 72"+...
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    Don't game much anymore...Recommend a 4k display?

    Oh how the times have changed...I have been coming here for almost 15 years now and gone from countless hours of gaming per day to basically non-existent gaming. But one thing has not changed, i always wants the latest and greatest of all tech hardware. I still build PC's for myself and others...
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    PCI Express hard drives?

    So i am obviously way out of the loop here... Stopped gaming for the most part about 6 years ago...Still building systems [H]ard though..other than the graphics card end of the things. Anyway...i was looking at a laptop for my kids to use and was leaning towards a Macbook pro, mainly because...
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    best mITX/cpu combo for overclocking?

    Just put together my ITX system with the Asus Ipact board...All ready to go...except i am waiting on the damn 4770k :mad: Should have it Monday hopefully. Will probably start fiddling with the OC's Thursday I did a few days of research here and a few other places, the ASUS does seem to the...
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    System won't post...think i have narrowed it down..

    So since yesterday my PC would not boot, specs in sig. It would just keep repeating turning on, turning off. All fans would come up, all LED's on the mobo as usual, but then just should down for a couple seconds then try again non stop. So after tinkering around a bit i figured it was...
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    Laptop to replace my moms desktop..

    So playing with it here for awhile, definetely nice..Only thing i don't really like is the quality of the webcam. Says 720p but still looks like crap. Not sure how good laptop cameras are though in the first place though since i don't use em. If she doesnt like this i think i am just going...
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    Laptop to replace my moms desktop..

    So thanks for all the replies guys, i have been reading them since the initial post and was typing out replies, but kept deleting them and meaning to come back later. Anyway...Finally found something that i think she will be very happy with. And for that matter this is something i would have...
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    Laptop to replace my moms desktop..

    So my mom took off on vacation and she finally agreed to get a new PC. I'm done building desktops, she said she would be open to a laptop and would like the largest possible(not sure if she realizes how big a 17" is) So she left me her BB card to pick one up :D . I figure $800 is my limit...
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    Nvidia Quadro 4000 screen blinking off and on then no signal

    I am not to familiar with these cards at all, but anyway the thing started blinking on me the other day for an hour or so and i noticed the video card was really hot. The fan was and is still working so i shut it down for a bit and restarted. I have no signal now on the video card. The...
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    Best 27" monitor under $300?

    Was not even remotely thinking of getting a new monitor until today at work i started using a 24", The thing is NOICE! I have a HP w2207 i bough ta few years ago, but after seeing the 24" today i gotta get one. So instead of that I am looking to up it even more to a 27" Anything i...
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    Serious question..How would this Mac Mini compare to my current system..

    Lol so I started looking at all thr MacBook laptops and they have seem to have thr hd4000 video, all thr way up to there $2,000 laptops... Wtf?? I guess apple folk don't like to game ! seems after looking at all the laptops thr Mac mini is thr same thing just in a desktop...
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    Serious question..How would this Mac Mini compare to my current system..

    CURRENT SYSTEM: Q6600 @ 3.40ghz Thermaltake V1 Cooler Gigabyte EP-45-UD3P WD SE16 WD6400AAKS 640GB / WD 1TB Exterior OCZ Agiilty 60GB SSD Intel 520Series 180GB SSD 8GB Kingston HyperX PC8000 MSI GTX460OC SAMSUNG DVD/LIGHTSCRIBE Antec 900 Corsair 550 PSU WINDOWS 8 Professional...
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    Best Buy, Intel 520 180 gb $129 !

    The 120gb is on sale for $99 also
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    Best Buy, Intel 520 180 gb $129 !

    Hey i am somewhat out of the loop on keeping up with SSD's..I got in really on the 1st gen stuff, OCZ Agility like i mentioned earlier. Can I use Win8 to just make an image of my drive and just re install that image onto the Intel 520? Or should i do a fresh install on the 520?
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    Best Buy, Intel 520 180 gb $129 !

    Your going to start seeing A LOT more of this from BB. There new company structure is going to be based on competing and beating online retailers..They have to or they are going out of buisness. They finally realized people were just coming into there stores, seeing what they wanted then buying...
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    WTB: Intel LGA 775 Socket MOBO

    Na not really, I am partial to gigabyte stuff though for brands, something that is not a bare bones bottom of the barrel would be nice . This PC was one that I built for someone a few years ago, they didn't up keep it and the thing absolutely filled with dust and a couple caps on the mobo...
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    WTB: Intel LGA 775 Socket MOBO

    Looking for a LGA 775 mobo that support DDRII RAM Thanks
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    How would I send Verizons mobile hotspot to my Asus RT-N56U?

    So i dumped Comcast since they were charging me about $68 a month. Verizons 4G LTE is blazing fast in Southern NH and where i live i constistenly get about 30mb down and 15mb up. So i just got the S3 and signed up for the mobile hotspot since i have unlimited data already. This gives me...
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    Hot SAMSUNG 830 Series 64gig SSD Newegg $64.99 NR

    I know everyone says you cant tell real world difference between most SSD's..But would i be able to tell the difference between this an an original OCZ agility drive?
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    Help with RT-N56U setup

    bump, i was looking to start a thread like this. I am basically looking for the best settings for this router!
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    Router Died! Best replacement around $60 new or used?

    Screw it...of course i start off small like with everything else then end up spending double or triple of what i wanted to spend.... :( This place has engrained [H] in me from years ago :D...