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    Three 1920x1200 displays or 2560x1440?

    Dell Outlet has a 30% off coupon through Friday. You can pickup 2713hm qhd's for $414 a piece. I already have one, refurb looks new and is flawless imho.
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    A small datacenter build and other projects

    You had any issues with those Tripplite stick PDUs? Used to use those and I'd say the failure rate was maybe 1 in 25. Switched to the APC units and haven't had a single one fail in the 3 years since I replaced them.
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    Windows 2003 Terminal Server slowdown issues.

    Are you running 32bit Enterprise Ed for >4GB memory support or 64bit OS? There are definitely quite a few known issues with TS/Citrix scaling running on a 32bit platform due to kernel memory starvation (among other things) that can result in Windows swapping constantly even when there is still...
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    Your home ESX server lab hardware specs?

    I got a good deal on a Dell T605 which I'm assuming was being discontinued (about 4 months ago) as it was insanely cheap and I've never seen them on the Dell site again since then: Dell T605 Dual AMD Opteron 2376 Quad-Core 2.3Ghz 16GB of DDR2 ECC 2 x 250GB Hot swap WD SE's in a mirror for...
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    Scrapping and scaling help

    How many database connections are you running? SQL is licensed two other ways besides per socket and both would probably be cheaper depending on how many client connections you have.
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    Glut of bad drives at Newegg? post RMA 'bare' drives!

    Drives fail and I would bet that of people that have purchased a hard drive and visit these forums which is a specific subset of people probably 95% have ordered at least one drive from Newegg in the past 3 years. Its the law of averages guys, if you honestly think the drive failure rate from...
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    New Rig! HELP! File Server, Domain Controller, 40 Clients.

    I speced out a Dell T300 on without any coupon codes (IE: Look around and save at least another couple hundred dollars). For 1,526 pounds with a 3yr next business day warranty: Quad Core Intel® Xeon® X3323, 2.5GHz, 2x3M Cache, 1333MHz FSB 12GB Memory, DDR2, 667MHz (6x2GB Dual Ranked...
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    New Rig! HELP! File Server, Domain Controller, 40 Clients.

    Might I throw out a suggestion that you consider virtualization as an option for both servers (or just spend the money on one better redundant server). ESXi is free, HyperV is the cost of a server 2008 license, Xenserver is free, of course if you want support on ESX or Xenserver you need to...
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    WHS raid5 or Solaris Raidz?!??

    WHS does not include iSCSI target capabilities built in, the only version of windows that comes with a software iSCSI target is Windows Storage Server. iSCSI is critical if you ever plan to expand and use your file server for something like back-end disk for Vmware ESX or Xenserver for instance...
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    WHS raid5 or Solaris Raidz?!??

    I run a Solaris file server with RAIDZ and have been very satisfied with the performance and ease of setup. The main advantages to Solaris vs WHS are speed, infinite snapshots, iSCSI (in addition to CIFs/Samba fileshares) and scalability. WHS is obviously going to be more user friendly but the...
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    Low end SAN for ESX and Hyper-V

    Ahh the old DSxxxx is better/faster/cheaper than everything else debate. But really there is fairly close to price parity between manufacturers and if there isn't if you go to the vendor you want with a quote for a competing product model they will almost always match it or beat it. Right now is...
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    HP ProLiant SmartArray P400 (SAS-RAID)

    Yes, you likely do need memory in the slot on the card for it to operate. There are two types of memory modules for those cards. One is a stick of memory with a battery attached to it and one without. The one without is what the basic models ship with and usually has either 256 or 512Mb of...
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    74GDC Raptors...Flashing, Please?

    No chance flashing the drive is going to fix that. My guess is either you have corrupt firmware (which on WDs is on the control board, think accidental static discharge), a bad SATA cable or connector, or the jumpers on the drive are set to one of the many non-standard modes that the raptor...
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    Replacing HDD motor

    On the motor replacement... don't waste your time. The motor on almost all drives is press fit into the bottom of the case from the inside. This means you'd have to remove the platters and the headstack, the chances of the drive working after having it torn down that much (unless you are a data...
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    How important is ECC ram for a home file server?

    +1 for ECC... why wouldn't you for the small price difference?
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    New NAS Build...Recommendations

    I'd look at a server motherboard if I were you... if nothing else but for the ECC memory support if you are planning on using this system to store 50+ peoples files as you've stated you are asking for silent data corruption from bad memory. I'm a fan of the Asus M2N-LR for the price (and because...
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    sas specific drives

    Western digital does make enterprise drives... IBM, EMC, HP and Netapp use the RE series in their SAN and Servers (where applicable). They are enterprise 7200rpm drives but enterprise != a requirement for 15k RPM, its all about the higher MTBF, higher binning, and tuning for enterprise IO loads...
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    ZFS Recomendations

    I went with the 5050e to save power and money. The board works fine with regular Athlon x2's and supports quad-core Athlon and Opteron processors as well.
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    Recommendation for $50,000-$65,000 SAN

    I'll throw in a recommendation for Netapp, the built in snapshot capability is really nice and they are quite price competitive in that price range for iSCSI.
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    V@nill@: AreEss is right on the rebuild times, we actually forced a rebuild on a demo unit by yanking a drive and the XIV apparently can tell how full a drive is and only need to rebuild that portion of it. That being said because of the way they do raid (They actually never referred to it as...
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    ZFS Recomendations

    I would drop the Supermicro card as well and spend the savings on a slightly better motherboard. Here is my ZFS setup: - Asus M2N-LR MB w/PCI-X - Gskill 2 x 2GB...
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    New to GPT, need some advice

    Wow, must be some old games, I have yet to encounter an issue with anything published in the last 5 years or so. That and I remember finding drivers for XP64 was a nightmare last I tried it. Windows 7 is just Vista with tightened code so logic would follow that Vista would run the same software...
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    Honestly I haven't looked at them much as they appear to specialize in smaller arrays (half rack and less) from what I can see. A Dell rep called me a couple weeks ago to try and sell us on EqualLogic but frankly he seemed to know nothing about his own product so I gave up pretty quickly...
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    What kills me about Gartner is that they place Hitachi and Dell in the far left side of their magic quadrant yet HP and EMC are on the right-hand side. HP's arrays are made almost exclusively by Hitachi (as are Sun's) and Dells arrays are mostly made by EMC these days. It also makes me chuckle...
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    New to GPT, need some advice

    Wow, XP 64bit? Ouch... nothing works game/program-wise in XP 64bit. Go to Vista 64bit if you want to actually run games and us GPT (Not that I'm suggesting you won't lose a bit of performance if you do without adding memory though).
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    I pretty much do the same work as the OP in a 450 bed hospital. We are currently running an IBM n5300 (Rebranded Netapp FAS3040) for Exchange and VMware with 10 drawers and are considering adding another 12 drawers (two drawers from max config). We've been running the config for almost two years...
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    Default HDD: Broken SATA power connector. Alternatives to data recovery?

    WD's are generally fairly easy to board swap as they don't write drive calibration to the rom on the board but rather on the platters. There is a specific set of numbers on the board (the revision code I believe its called) that you need to match up to guarantee your board swap will actually...
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    Data Storage System Build Advice Needed

    Have you considered Solaris 10 with RAIDZ and ZFS? Took about 5 minutes to configure the array and share it out via CIFs (windows fileshare) to my windows boxes. The performance is excellent (I can max out a 1Gb link no problem and for that matter probably two+ if I wanted), point in time...
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    15k rpm. scsi drive! good/bad?

    I don't think us "people" were primarily arguing if SAS is fundementally faster, obviously a 15k drive is going to outdo a 10k drive in a benchmark. The point of contention is if its worth dropping down the kind of money required to goto a SAS/SCSI drive setup rather than just getting a top end...
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    15k rpm. scsi drive! good/bad?

    Dually, valid point that WD doesn't make SAS drives at the moment but they have bought up a number of companies over the past 5 years that possessed the technology to. The main one that comes to mind is Komag which made parts for nearly all of the major drive makers (and very likely owned the...
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    15k rpm. scsi drive! good/bad?

    Huh? That sounds like an urban myth to me. The SPL on a 15k drive still falls well below the level that causes hearing loss, especially the fluid bearing models they've been selling for the last 3-5 years. You are much more likely to have permanent hearing loss from the fan noise in a datacenter...
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    15k rpm. scsi drive! good/bad?

    First off that is an ancient model of 15k Cheetah if it is still being offered in an 18GB size. Second that drive wouldn't even come close to the performance of a Raptor, SSD, or Modern SCSI/SAS drive. That would be like buying a 36GB Raptor or worse and saying it was performance competitive...
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    how to replace failed drive on my Dell server? (scsi raid 5)

    Another vote for just hot pull it and swap it, I've done hundreds of these and its simple as pie.
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    SCSI Advice Needed!

    Toss them, you have probably could raid together a couple thumb drives and get better performance than those and not have to listen to the sound of them whining and waste money on a scsi raid card and sca adapters.
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    15k rpm. scsi drive! good/bad?

    You've got to be more specific than that. They've been making 15k scsi drives for quite a few years now and a 15k scsi drive fro 7 years ago won't come close to the performance of a 10k Raptor. In fact last I checked the general concensus was to go with either the Velociraptor or an Intel X25 if...
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    2x Seagate Cheetah 15K.6 in RAID0 with a HighPoint 4320, but why so crappy slow?

    Hrmm... not bad at all. Those drives were pattern optimized for multiuser environments to maximize iops vs sustained read/write speed. There are 15k scsi drive optimized for workstation use which you would probably get better performance with. I haven't looked in a few months now but at that...
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    Best Virtualization software (free)

    ESXi is free if you ever want to dedicate a piece of hardware to run your VMs. Its definately the fastest (an pretty much the only true) baremetal hypervisor. Its 32Mb to boot and takes about 5 minutes to install and configure (no joke here, I did 4 servers at our DR datacenter in 20 minutes one...
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    New ESXi Build with Questions & Project Log

    I agree with Lizardking I've never seen someone run ESX in enterprise on independent disks without RAID. We run RAID 5, 50, RAID-DP (Netapp RAID 6) but mostly RAID-DP on our ESX clusters at work and don't have a single problem with IO scaling. RAID with parity like 50, 5, and 6 actually makes...
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    New ESXi Build with Questions & Project Log

    Oops I meant enable TLER
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    New ESXi Build with Questions & Project Log

    Pretty sure you aren't running into disk contention issues with the random lockups as thats typically not how ESX exhibits high I/O lag. If I were to guess its any issue with a faulty drive, raid controller or cable. Did you disable TLER those drives so the RAID controller correctly handles...