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    The Raspberry Pi 4 is here

    Love having more ram and 4k output
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    ASUS 1201N vs HP DM1 [Need Advice]

    correction its e-350 :D its fast compared to atom no doubt. but price wise atom wins with little slower cpu.
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    Calling Lenovo owners (and anyone else :) )

    It can be windows issue as well as driver for graphics. You might want to re-install your video drivers.
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    Looking to buy an 'Ultrabook' type laptop, need advice!

    ^^^^ This, have a look. You can't go wrong with the above zenbook, you are getting everything there which is meant for ultrabook and the price.
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    ASUS 1201N vs HP DM1 [Need Advice]

    I see you didn't mention gaming, go with 1201N you will actually get more battery life than mentioned with medium brightness and ION graphics will certainly cover you for some light gaming and your multimedia needs. Hp is nice machine too but compared to ASUS its $70 more here. I would go with...
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    Steve Jobs: Parody

    hilarious haha
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    GSM Galaxy Nexus VS HTC One S for T-mobile

    Galaxy Nexus even though its not the latest anymore after couple of new handset released but the strong point about it is having the latest version of android which clearly makes the difference. Second is its HD display which gives you more space on your screen even clear and crisp videos. Dual...
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    Wait for iPhone5 or get GS3?

    can't say enough, now this shows who copies who haha.
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    Samsung sells 20 million Galaxy S3s, adds new colors

    one of the best handset you can own in 2012.
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    128gb phone coming soon?

    We have two options i know galaxy s3 64GB is available as well and we can use 64GB card in it which will turn out around 120 GB of space. Second you can always have your OTG cable around you and get yourself a 128GB USB flash drive...
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    Galaxy S3 question

    Its easy that way but the real question is we all want flexibility and options just like OP is looking for i was in look for the same feature but ended up without any success on my S2 which has OTG and MHL same like s3. :(
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    ASUS PA238Q - Wow. Just wow.

    hmm, I overlooked it. Thanks for pointing out.
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    I am teh sadness :(

    Thanks for the kind word and very warm welcome on forum. You can't express your feelings in word, what you want me to say? When he said My fault, ah well. I said it happens bro, move on. If that's what you call attitude then sorry it wasn't and i must not have expressed my condolence correctly...
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    How much of a difference speed wise is a SSD

    have my wd blacks in raid and everything was snappy until i got myself hyperX 120. Its definitely very noticeable difference due to access time i guess. HD around 10-15ms and on ssd it is 0.* something(not sure but its that fast). And yea SSD in RAID will be awesome.
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    Ivy Bridge-E, Core i7 4900 series - Q3 2013

    Looks Like a revision to me.
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    Suggestions for partitioning a 3TB drive?

    as suggested by mwroobel, leaving a single partition will increase performance but that's with 3TB disk you can do partition of 1 TB each or so and it will speed up things bit better than leaving 3TB single partition.
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    Auria EQ276W review ($399 27" 2560x1440 IPS)

    Thanks for the review, I work on pc for around 12-14 hours, do you think glossy screen will be ok for me? because currently i am using anti glare screen and my eyes doesn't hurt working long hours.
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    ASUS PA238Q - Wow. Just wow.

    9 ms? my lcd is samsung sync master 73n and it has 5 ms :-s
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    So what is king of the SSD's in the 256 Gig size range?

    how about runcore pro V? they are on sandforce 2281 as well and have a golden firmware on them which they believe won't face any BSOD. I am getting 480GB version tomorrow. Anyone else who's using it already?
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    I am teh sadness :(

    Things happen move on bro.