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    NFS:Undercover....Your thoughts?

    I was very displeased with this game. The only thing I look forward to is listen to AC/DC while racing. Other than that, Big let down.
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    Okay Now What?

    AH I see. I downloaded VMware Server. SO once the VMware server is set, is there a client software you need for each machine you are on. Also, Do you need a very big machine to run VMware. All i have is a P4 2.4A with 2GB ram and a 250 GB HD. Is that enough?
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    Okay Now What?

    So you install the Server and then the OS's afterwards? I am brain fried reading all the VMware info. Does VMware needs separate partitions for each OS loaded? Or does it just use the same partition as the VMware server?
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    Okay Now What?

    So read the FAQ and want to try this. I mainly want it for OS testing. What do I need and where to get it? How are the OS's loaded? I love to learn so teach me your knowledge.
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    Single Channel Ram

    I am trying to run a simple 12 man ArmA server from my home. I have FIOS 20/20, So I don't think Bandwidth is an issue. My question is, I only have a small computer to use that has 1 GB of DDR PC-3200 ram and was wondering since the board is Single channel (Asus P5B533-MX) would run poorly for a...
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    FS: PC parts, traning books, Xbox360, PS3, GBA, and more

    Is this Socket 478 or 775?
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    CompUSA to close all stores after holidays

    I work at the CompUSA S. Tampa (Store 335) and a lot of us have know. This didn't suprise me at all. I just made 3 calls and will be starting a new job Next week. I loved working there due to the benefits and that we paid cost on stuff. Most of the costs were below I am just...
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    The best Vista tip I can offer and one that is sorely needed

    Great post, Loved it. I love to learn new things and this helped alot. Bumped to keep it alive.
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    Vista, Admin rights, UAC, and You

    Excellent read. Cleared up a few things for me. I cursed UAC and now have a much better appeiciation for it. Copied Pasted Saved. Great reference material.
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    Socket 939 W/ddr2 slots

    I was wondering if anyone has found a socket 939 board with both DDR and DDR2 on it. I have a MSI 915P-Combo Intel S775 board that has both. But I wonder why I can't find one for S939. If it doesn't exist, why would Intel provide that? The reason for my dilema is this, I currently have an...
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    Going to BB tonight... got ?'s

    I work at CompUSA in Tampa FL and maybe 20 people showed up for Vista. Was kind of sad.
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    Going to BB tonight... got ?'s

    1 Million Dollar fine for each copy sold before 12:01AM the 30th of Jan. I doubt it.
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    What driver to use with Vista and an 8800 GTX card?

    I loaded the drivers from and have had no troubles with my 8800gts. I think they are the 100.03 or something like that.
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    Drivers For Vista RC2

    warmace that is exactly what mine does. But it does it thru the whole screen.
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    Non-Wireless Router to Wireless Router

    I was wondering if it is pssible to hook a non wireless router to a wireless router. The router they gave me from Verizon FIOS is crap and I want to use the wireless on it but use my server and CS Source server on the non wireless one. I hope I explained this correctly.
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    Drivers For Vista RC2

    When I loaded the Vista drivers from ATI, It completely borked my system. It looked as though my video card over heated. I got some wierd cosmic screen and couldn't do anything. If there are any suggestions out there, Please Post your links and resolutions.
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    Drivers For Vista RC2

    Was wondering if anyone has any troubles with Vista RC2 and there current hardware? Anyone having troubles finding RC2 compatible drivers? I have had nothing but bad luck on this issue. Namely my ATI X800GTO card. I loaded the RC1 drivers and it went KA-Poot. SO far everything else I own works...
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    Something Strange with Steam

    I was given this POS ActionTEC router. I tried to have them give me a regular DSL modem, but since I have the TV service as well. I have to use this POS.
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    Something Strange with Steam

    I can browse the internet, Download file, and Talk on TS with blazing speeds. The minute I try to log into Steam and do a server refresh, my web broswer goes offline. The verizon guy just left and said I have amazing speed in my area. But still Steam drops my web browser. No matter what browser...
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    Bandwidth Monitoring Tool

    Thanks for the replies fellas. But seems to much effort for a home based LAN. I will just take the word of all the CS source websites out there.
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    Bandwidth Monitoring Tool

    I know this has been asked to death, but I need this program. What I am looking for, is to monitor my CSS server I have and need to know exactly how much bandwidth is being used. I have read all the "This is how much it takes" on all the CSS websites but I want to see first hand on a 12 man...
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    Need Help At Wits End

    Sorry if that moment seems confusing. I was getting very upset at the whole thing. But, I went to bios and disabled the Dynamic Overclocking and it has been running non stop for the past 3 hours. I ran 3dmark 03 and got a 10352. 05 Version gave me a 5420. So I guess everything is okay for now...
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    Need Help At Wits End

    13 Views and no one is willing or able to help.
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    Need Help At Wits End

    Lets begin, I purchased a few items for an upgrade. I have yet to find the problem and looking at the H group to help. System Specs: AMD A64 3200+ MSI K8N Neo2 Plat Sapphire X800 GTO 2x 512 Kinston Value WD 160 GB ATA 100 Lite-On DVD Burner SB X-Fi Music Extreme Enermax 350 Watt PS Here is...
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    X800GTO Final Thoughts

    I will order then. Thanks for the replies.
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    X800GTO Final Thoughts

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    X800GTO Final Thoughts

    I have searched here and other sites and for the money and what I am willing to pay. I have found this card. I am coming from a GF4 MX420 card (Had to sell 6800GT card). So this would be alot better than what I have. What...
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    Source issues:

    I fixed the problem by deleting the steam.dll and let it redownload it. That fixed my problem. Don't know if it will help you or not.
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    Looking to rent a RANKED BF2 server...

    I rent a Ranked server from It is only 16 players but the support is excellent. IP is default port to try yout ping.
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    Multiple Drives?

    The controller is just a cheap ATA133 controller that came with the 120Gig Drive. It is By maxtor. Is there a better controller I should look into? This is all greek to me. I am not really into raid since my drives are all different. I would love to have all my drives on there separate channels...
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    Multiple Drives?

    Awesome, Thanks for the links and explainations. No major data transfers will be going on. In the future, I will be making a server. But for now this will have to do. Again thanks for the explainations.
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    I have the same motherboard. I never had to load any SATA Drivers. Is your bios set for Native or Legacy Mode?
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    Multiple Drives?

    I was wondering if there was any performance problems with running more than 2 drives? I have a few drives I want to put in my system for storage. If I run 2 drives on my Primary channel on motherboard and then run 4 drives on a Controller card, Will I take a performance hit on the system? I...
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    Getting Verizon FIOS?

    I live in Tampa and they already put the lines in the ground. When I called, they say its not available in my area. I wonder what gives. The business plan is so tempting, I wonder how well a CS server would run. I am tired of paying the other people for a server. And a dedicated sounded...
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    Question for Tampa, FL residents

    I live in Tampa, I live by McDeal AFB. About the only place he is going to find anything is CompUSA. It depends on what kind of MOBO he is looking for. If it is AMD, he may be S.O.L considering they don't have them anymore. If it is A64, then they have alot but you will pay up the wazoo. If you...
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    I have a chance to pick up version 7 and 8.0cs for very cheap. Friend has them, and they upgraded all his works machines and they came with 8.0cs on them. As well he has 7.0 for a little cheaper.
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    WTB: Athlon XP 2500 or better

    I am in need of a Athlon XP 2500 Barton or better. I came accross a motherboard and need to get a processor for it. Only have about 50.00 to spend. If you have this processor and willing to let go for that price, email me. E-Mail addy is Or get me on Bat211171 on...