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    Fractal Design Node 804 drive cooling This case has a somewhat unusual drive cage arrangement (one in front of the other, so the rear cage gets warm air blown over it from the front one). I have had trouble finding information about airflow in this area of the...
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    Recommend a cheap AGP card

    I'm helping out a friend whose mom has an old PC that is showing symptoms that look like a dying video card. I'm trying to find a good cheap AGP card to try. Something in the $20-30 range sounds about right. Looking on eBay, I see a lot of Radeon 9550 and Geforce FX 5500s in that price range...
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    OCZ is Dead

    I'm not worried about it. PCIe SSDs are only just starting to enter the consumer market. The new MacBook Airs use them, for example, and Mushkin just announced one (no info on pricing though). The SSD market doesn't have huge barriers to entry like mechanical HD's do. I'm sure in time that...
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    Fans for IBM M1015 and HP SAS Expander

    Nice find mikehunt14! I ordered the magnetic one (couldn't see spending $20 on the other one). My case has a ventilation grille above the PCIe slot area, so what I might do is remove the magnets and just bolt it on through the grille holes. That way the fan should blow down over my two LSI...
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    Fans for IBM M1015 and HP SAS Expander

    Zalman used to make a bracket that screwed into the top of the PCIe slots, using the screws that hold the PCIe cards in place. This held a 90mm fan that you could swivel around and position over card slots, chipsets, or a passive CPU cooler. I don't think they make them anymore though. Antec...
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    If you haven't tried Topre Realforce...

    One thing you might want to look into is using rubber o-rings to dampen the sound of your current board. It's too bad they charge so much for them, especially since there are three styles to try out with different Shore...
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    If you haven't tried Topre Realforce...

    Yeah, the Topres are more for when you want a quieter board with a light tactile feel. The switches barely make any noise at all. You mostly just hear the keys bottoming out. Some Cherry Blue boards, on the other hand, sound like someone went out of their way to make the board as loud as...
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    interesting tidbits about ARM CPU pricing from 2nd tier makers

    What this article is saying, in essence, is that ARM has commoditized the CPU into oblivion. In a few years, it won't even be worthwhile to hold an ARM license to make power-saving or performance tweaks. The margins will be so tiny that you will never get any ROI. This is good news for...
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    Removing redundancies in Win 8.1 My Computer, or "This PC"

    It kind of is, in the sense that all you had to do was tweak a few registry settings, as opposed to, say, binary patching some core .DLL. They just don't have a nice Control Panel widget to do it for you.
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    Microsoft is retiring the TechNet Subscription service

    Same here. The only thing I was using it for lately was experimenting with Server 2008 as domain and dhcp server on my home network. I guess I'll should start learning about Samba domains in preparation for the switchover.
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    Windows 8 Hard Drive showing as a removable disk

    I'm pretty sure I've used motherboards that allowed you to set the hotswap behavior for each drive in the BIOS, so that the drive wouldn't show up as a removable device. I can't remember if my current (Asrock), or previous (Asus) board did this, but in either case they were fairly recent UEFI...
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    ZFSonLinux 0.6.1 Released

    sub.mesa, I went ahead and tried ZoL on a new Debian 7 installation. zpool detected and imported my BSD raidz3 pool flawlessly. I'm doing a scrub right now just to give it a little exercise. So far, so good.
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    ZFSonLinux 0.6.1 Released

    Does anyone know if ZoL will import a GPT-partitioned pool created on a recent version of FreeBSD (PC-BSD 9.0 in this case)? I know the various Solaris-based implementations don't like GPT partitions.
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    Why Video Game Console Sales Are Plummeting

    I think the PS2 lasted around 10 years, but even then it overlapped with the PS3. I agree that these analysts are mostly grifters though.
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    Valve Fires Jeri Ellsworth

    I don't know, but I bet a lot of it depends on whether it's a publicly-traded company or not.
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    Storage Upgrade - WD Black Or Something Else?

    Even if power and noise aren't a concern (as the OP mentioned), you are paying a considerable price premium for the black drives ($179 vs $109 at Newegg for WD 2TB black vs green, and the green has free shipping right now). Yes they do have a longer warranty, but that doesn't necessarily mean...
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    Has anyone ever heard NTFS doesn't need defrag?

    I've always read that NTFS is "fragmentation resistant" because of the way it allocates blocks for new files. It will still get fragmented over time though. Whether the fragmentation is enough to cause noticeable performance degradation is probably application dependent.
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    How can you tell your SATA cable is rated at 6 Gb/s?

    I would write that as "All cables that actually comply to SATA specifications are good for 6gbps". I have no doubt there are cheap junk cables out there that just barely work at 3 gig, and which would have unacceptable error rates at 6 gbps (even then you probably wouldn't notice much...
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    Oh s--t, I just ran HDTune error scan on my SSD!

    Ok thanks, I was under the impression that the "full" HDTune test did some kind of non-destructive read/write/read test that would force pending sectors to be reallocated, and the Quick test would do a read-only scan, but I could be mistaken (which would be a good thing in this case). I wasn't...
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    Oh s--t, I just ran HDTune error scan on my SSD!

    Hi all, I have a system composed of a 256GB Crucial M4 as the Windows boot drive, and 1TB WD black drive as the secondary/bulk storage drive. Recently, one of my SMART diagnostic tools (SpeedFan) has been reporting some pending sectors on the mechanical drive, so I decided to try running...
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    Advice: need new typist's keyboard, old one died at 11 years old!

    As I understand it, when Lexmark stopped making those keyboards, Unicomp literally bought the machines from them. So they are indeed pretty closely related. Absolutely. I was just mentioning Topre because I like them so much, but I don't generally advocate hard for them, because the prices...
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    Advice: need new typist's keyboard, old one died at 11 years old!

    For me that's actually a plus. Have two discrete sounds on something like a Cherry Blue keyboard drives me crazy after a while. I have an older Das board, and I find the snap-CLACK on every keypress more annoying than the single, lower-pitched, more spread out clunk of a spring. Just my...
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    G645, i3-3225, or i5-3570k? I know WTF right?

    Microcenter still seems to be running an unadvertised $50-off special on motherboard/CPU combos. I just today bought an i3-3225 ($129) + Asrock H77 miniITX board ($95) for $175 + $11 tax. Paid online and picked up in-store in Cambridge, MA. It's hard to beat that price unless you really...
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    New Low Profile 7750

    Here's another option, taken from this thread: InWin BP671, plus Seasonic 300W TFX PSU EDIT: Oops, never mind, that case only has a single-width GPU slot.
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    New Low Profile 7750

    It's a bit on the large side, but the InWin BM639 is one. It uses a funky non-standard PSU form factor though. Actually, I think any case spec'ed to fit Mini-DTX motherboards should fit the bill.
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    Should I even bother with a SSD on SATA2?

    Not a waste at all. In fact in most real world use cases, you will barely notice the difference between 3Gbps and 6Gbps.
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    Was the HDD Crisis Fake?

    By the way, prices *are* dropping. Maybe not as fast as we'd like, but at least in the segments I'm interested in, there's a downward trend. For example before the crisis 2TB "green" drives were down around $80 USD or sometimes as low as $60 on sale. Then they shot up to well over $200, IIRC...
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    Was the HDD Crisis Fake?

    Not necessarily. There is probably still a lot of pent-up demand in the market, so the factories would have to actually be running at higher than normal capacity to catch up and bring the prices back down.
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    Asrock Z77 Pro4-m a good motherboard? Or Gigabyte Z77M-D3H

    Any opinions on the Atheros GbE chip on the GIgabyte vs Realtek 8111 on the Asrock? At least, the next Gigabyte model up uses Atheros, so I assume they probably use it on this lower-end one as well. Also the Gigabyte has a VIA 2021 sound chip vs Realtek on the Asrock. Again, not sure it matters.
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    asus p8z68 deluxe/gen3 residue on board

    I'm not an expert in PCB manufacturing, but as far as I know, unless it's a highly-activated (RA) rosin flux residue, it shouldn't be harmful for any reasonable service life of the board. I think water-based fluxes are the most common type in large scale manufacturing these days, so it should...
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    mATX Z77 -- Asus Maximus V Gene vs. Gigabyte Gigabyte G1.sniper M3

    The old school ports are also way less troublesome if you have to use a KVM switch for any reason.
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    Next generation of SSDs to have a shorter lifespan?

    I don't know for sure, but as long as you're doing some writes to the drive, static data should get moved around and refreshed periodically as part of the normal wear leveling algorithms. Otherwise, if you had a drive that was 90% full of static data, the remaining 10% would get written over...
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    ZFS, OpenIndiana and 4K Issue: Seagate Barracuda Green 2TB

    Personally I would just go ahead and manually 4K align them, especially if you are mixing Seagates and WD's. Even if the SmartAlign thing works great, the WD's don't have it anyway. From what little I've read about SmartAlign it tries to do some kind of caching or reordering to try to hide the...
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    SSD Secure Erase or Windows 7 Quick Format?

    I don't think TRIM is entirely instantaneous. The drive still has to run its garbage collection routines to actually act upon the information supplied by the TRIM command(s). I don't know enough about SSD firmware to say whether this step typically takes milliseconds or minutes. However even...
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    A/V Receiver that can pass 1920x1200 over HDMI

    That's definitely an option. I could connect the PC directly to the monitor using the monitor's DVI input or even DisplayPort, and then connect audio to the receiver via SPDIF. However, I'm also using the receiver to switch between the HTPC and other components (game console, Blu-ray player)...
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    A/V Receiver that can pass 1920x1200 over HDMI

    I currently have a Win7 HTPC/XBMC setup that is hooked to a 16:10 monitor through a Marantz NR1501 AV receiver. The PC is driving the monitor at 1920x1200. This mostly works well, except that I can occasionally see pixel shimmering in certain colors that appear to be somewhere around middle...
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    Need to get rid of dust!!!

    BlueAir makes a good, high-end air cleaner. I have a Blueair 203 in my bedroom and am impressed with the performance and build quality. The filters are expensive but last 6 months. From what I've read, the most efficient cleaners are the ones that use conventional HEPA filtration media. The...
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    Need A Mouse for Big Hands

    I agree. I have largish hands too (about 8" from middle finger to that some kind of standard measurement?) and I've found almost no correlation between the size of the mouse and comfort over the years. I currently have a g500, which is a good solid mouse, but I find that the the...
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    IBM ServeRAID M1015 Solaris JBOD?

    Thanks, I updated my post to fix the link.
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    IBM ServeRAID M1015 Solaris JBOD?

    Okay just to make this clear: Option 1: No Flash Works fine with OpenIndiana, Solaris Works fine with JBOD drives Requires installation of 9240 driver from LSI website May have had a problem with some ESXi installations but now this is fixed? (Confirmation?) Option 2: Flash to IT mode Works...